Posted on February 18, 2017 by David Vines

How to Sell Your Videos Online

In the past decade, the internet has redefined entertainment.

Think about it. By simply hopping onto your phone or tablet to watch a video, we have the power to connect with global concepts, movements, and news like never before. At any time, (almost) any place, we can go online to catch up with current events, enjoy the latest viral videos, or learn a new skill – all on a device that fits snugly into your hand.

By 2021, video is expected to account for a staggering 70 percent of all mobile traffic – a 55 percent rise over the coming five years. This remarkable statistic may not seem like such a big deal at first, but let it settle for a moment:

Someday soon, far more than half of all searches and browsing activity generated by the world’s mobile internet users will consist of consuming videos.

Not articles. Not blogs. Not even playing games. Watching videos.

This is fantastic news for anyone looking to create and upload their own, of course, as it means the audience is set to grow and grow. However, it’s something of a double-edged sword: with a seemingly endless parade of videos streaming across the web, competition will continue to be fierce. In order to actually make an impact, you need a specific hook.


This is where a business-minded approach works wonders for even the most casual, not-for-profit video channel: the more seriously you take the media you produce, the more seriously your audience will too.

Still, what if you’re not just making videos for your own amusement? What if you want to start selling them online and generate enough revenue to make a living?

Here at Uscreen, we provide the ultimate personalized video-distribution platform, offering anyone the opportunity to build a professional site and start making money, regardless of your videos’ goal.

One question may spring to mind: in a world where so many of us are used to finding almost everything we need on YouTube for free, can you earn a living selling your own videos?

Yes, you can. However, like many worthwhile things, this demands hard work, determination, and a belief in what you’re doing.

Let’s take a closer look at our service…

Choosing Your Mission

That title may sound a little grandiose, but it’s essential to decide what you want your videos to do. Uscreen has helped a wide and diverse range of people launch online video-distribution careers, encompassing various different themes. There are three different types of people who can make a powerful contribution to people’s lives and flourish online:

Specialists have invaluable academic qualifications, backgrounds in passing their knowledge on, and experience of working in a specific field for some time.

Knowledge Transferrers have a wealth of expertise in a single field which can be applied to another, bringing unique skills to a totally different area. For example, someone with a history in the military may be able to create a course on team-building, no-frills fitness, or self-defense.

Survivors, on the other hand, have endured adversity of one kind or another and can use their experience to help ease others through their own troubles. People with these skills can make a monumental difference to viewers’ lives, equipping them with the knowledge they need to face dark times.

Uscreen is the ideal platform for all three types to utilize their unique skills. To start with, you need to think about how your personal abilities, knowledge, and experience will contribute to people’s lives. Can you teach them to be more confident? Can you educate them on taking up a new artistic pursuit? Can you show them how to launch a business? Can you teach a foreign language?


Decide who you want to target, how you can improve their lives, and what you will offer to make yourself stand out. Creators using Uscreen come from all walks of life, and sell their videos with a distinctive angle – not just as entertainment, but as a professional, enriching educational course.

Uscreen clients cover diverse areas, including education, fitness, faith, films, kids’ entertainment, and more. Our video distribution platform is the perfect channel to reach niche markets with your own brand of video, engaging your target demographic with a variety of media. Your users have the freedom to download your content for offline use, allowing them to carry your message, tips, or entertainment with them wherever they go.

Most Popular Types of Content Sold on Uscreen

Uscreen now works with over 1100 customers; here are some of the most popular audiences leveraging Uscreen:

 fittnessFitness Experts – This counts for a large number of Uscreen customers, as fitness and healthy living is taking off. More and more fitness experts are streaming content and launching profitable fitness subscription streaming services, including websites such as Zumba Front Row, WanderLust and famous trainer Christine Bullock from Evolution20.
 faithFaith-Based Content – Everyone knows faith-based content is very popular and innovators in the industry are launching streaming services and winning lots of business. This includes companies such as Marriage Today and Messenger International.
 eduOnline Training & Online Courses – One of Uscreen’s biggest audiences is online training. Anything you can think of is being sold on Uscreen as training content, and the trainers are doing a really good job streaming it and bringing in lots of revenue. Sites such as Thomas Andrew Art, Magic Stream, GBMP, and Tawzer dog sell all types of content, including dog training videos, corporate training content, teaching artists how to sell art and much more.
 entertamentEntertainment Content – Entertainment streaming (sort of like launching your own Netflix) is taking off quickly for our customers. Customers such as CinePlay, FamplexTV, and Films of Norway are killing it by providing their end users with a Netflix-like streaming service using the Uscreen platform.

Uscreen’s platform suits experts, entrepreneurs, and trainers of all kinds. For example, Magic Stream is an incredibly successful online training center for aspiring magicians. A quick look at the site will reveal a beautifully-designed, sleek, professional layout, with a wealth of content for you to enjoy. Magic Stream educates viewers on different magic techniques, covering sleight of hand, mentalism, visual magic, coin magic, and more.


More than 1000 people have subscribed to Magic Stream, and receive regular updates to improve their skills at their own pace. This is a modern, fun, dynamic approach to learning magic, and unlike a live course, subscribers can watch videos back again and again to perfect their tricks without having to worry about being observed. After all, we all know how intimidating trying to learn a new skill can be when surrounded by peers and a seasoned professional.

Zumba Front Row is Zumba’s first-ever membership program, featuring monthly classes hosted by Beto (who actually created the world’s first Zumba fitness program) and various other famous faces. These are all live-streamed to create a real community feel and encourage participation, bringing the fun and dynamism of the Zumba room into your home.


Members can also take advantage of exclusive discounts on clothing, Zumba Cruise, and get access to the yearly Zumba Front Row Fest. This is an ideal option for dedicated Zumba-lovers.

Another successful channel built using Uscreen is Thomas Andrew’s paint school. Thomas is a highly-skilled artist, and has created a stunning portfolio of paintings depicting the American landscape in all its diversity and beauty.


His website has a clean, colorful design, and is an ideal educational environment in which to develop painting skills. Thomas also aims to help users make money off of their own creations, with step-by-step videos taking you from the earliest stages (picking brushes, preparing a canvas) to actually watching Thomas craft some of his most beautiful and distinctive works.

These sites, and many others, have been built using the Uscreen platform. Take a look at the below examples:


Each of these has its own unique look and feel. You may also have noticed that our name doesn’t appear anywhere on any of these sites – go ahead, look for it!

That’s right: every Uscreen customer has the freedom to create their own unique online video-distribution platform, without having to advertise our brand anywhere on their site. Our service is totally white label, meaning you get to use our software and make it your own. This is in stark contrast to, say, YouTube, on which creators are forced to operate under the YouTube banner.

While that platform may allow you to build your own page, add your own images and create your own little niche, you are still ultimately just another creator on a site filled with them.

With Uscreen, your videos run on your site.

Uscreen is easy to use, designed for maximum satisfaction every step of the way, from setting up your channel to organizing your videos.

Here’s the process in full:

1. Plan Your Course

Subscribers will want to know what they’re investing in right from the start. You have to make sure you know how many videos make up your course, how each installment will expand viewers’ skills or knowledge, and where they will end.

Be sure to ask yourself the important questions before you commit and start asking people for money:

Who are you aiming for? Do they need to bring a specific range of knowledge or skills with them (is it for beginners, intermediates, etc.)?

Once you can answer these, you’re good to start creating your content. This may consist of videos, eBooks, podcasts, articles, and more, for a comprehensive portfolio. After all, the more high-value content you can offer, the more likely you are to tempt people to invest.

2. Upload Your Videos

When you have actually created enough videos to start selling, you need to upload them to Uscreen.


Now, our site is designed to be as easy to use as possible. You can upload your videos quickly and securely from any browser (Chrome, Firefox etc.), and all will be optimized for mobile sites automatically. Why do we do this? Mobile is overtaking desktop searches in many countries, and any site which fails to cater to this is liable to shoot itself in the proverbial foot.

Navigation is simple, and our team is on hand to answer any questions you may have during the upload phase.

3. Organize Your Content

To ensure maximum engagement with users, your site has to be organized neatly and professionally: if subscribers have no idea how to find that video they want to watch, why should they bother paying you in the future?


You can create a menu similar to those on a DVD or Blu-Ray, featuring helpful links to chapters and other digital content you have uploaded (such as PDFs, documents, audio clips), and even timestamps for videos’ starting points.

All of this minimizes the risk of users becoming confused or frustrated. Keeping your library well-organized is key to quality of experience, so separate content into relevant categories: courses; e-books; full-length videos; samples; introductions; and more. You can even schedule content to automatically be added or removed from subscribers’ libraries, add subtitles in various languages, and accept numerous currencies for international reach.

4. Set Up Your Payment Options

You can choose how your videos are monetized.


Subscription-based businesses are incredibly popular today, with Netflix and Amazon Prime charging monthly or annual fees for unlimited streaming. With Uscreen, you can offer users the chance to subscribe in a variety of ways according to their preferred billing terms: weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or even tri-annually.

You have the power to set payment options, and the more freedom subscribers have, the more valued and respected they will feel.

You can also access vital subscription data from your dashboard, allowing you to assess such details as average subscription length, average revenue per user, and more. All of this helps you to identify your strongest and weakest aspects, leading to improvements in the future.

Alternatively, one-time purchases ask users to pay a single fee for ongoing access to materials, while rentals and pay-per-view allow users access to content for a specific period, such as 24 hours, seven days, a month etc.

These are easy to browse and choose in your own admin area.

To maintain that Netflix feel, Uscreen’s platform enables users to rate and review your content for the benefit of others. This improves customer engagement by ensuring they have a voice and can share their opinion after consuming your videos, and also makes valuable feedback for yourself.

5. Customize Your Site

Every single aspect of your white label site is free to customize: choose your player-type, your chapters, and your color scheme. On top of all this, you can add a unique logo, video banner, and more to reinforce your brand.


Do you need special technical knowledge to do this?

Of course not.

Uscreen offers a simple, user-friendly WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface, so you can see how the finished design will look as you build it. No coding. No complex technical jargon. No worries.

6. Create Branded Native Apps

Apps are an essential part of running an online business today. With Uscreen, you can add your logo, branding, and distinctive design to various platforms across Android, iOS, Roku, Chromecast, and more.


We publish and maintain these to ensure your content is always on sale with the latest updates and features, and can customize an app to suit your exact requirements – just ask.

Money Matters

Once your money starts rolling in, Uscreen is bound to swoop in and demand a huge chunk of it, right?


Uscreen is 100% Royalty & Commissions free, which means you get to keep 100 percent of your profits.

All you have to do is pay a monthly fee, and we’ll be here to support you along the way. This is a chance to build a true online presence outside of video-distribution platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, establishing your own brand and carving your own niche.

Reach the people you want to reach. Spread the message you want to spread.

And make the money you want to make.

Feeling inspired? We hope so. As you can see, using Uscreen is quick and easy, even if you’re just discovering the joys of the internet. Our team will talk you through any stage you find even a little too complex. Trust us to help you get where you need to be.

So, what are you waiting for?

David Vines

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Posted on February 18, 2017 by David Vines

David is in charge of partnerships at Uscreen, he also contributes to the Uscreen Video Distribution blog. He holds a B.S. in Information Systems and is well versed in technology and marketing. He strives on building relationships & long term connections. David also holds a passion for flying single proper airplanes.

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