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Case Study: How AdjusterTV Plus Grew Their Revenue 409% with Uscreen

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Meet AdjusterTV Plus

In 2019, Matt Allen was working full-time as an independent adjuster. The job paid well, but he was always on call, always traveling, and it was tough to plan for life and keep a normal schedule. As a 20-year veteran in the field, he was ready to monetize his skills in a different way.

Matt had always enjoyed video, so in 2017 he created an adjuster-focused YouTube channel, followed by an eBook and a video course. His content took off and was quickly so successful that he realized the demand for educational content in this niche industry – so in 2020, he partnered with Uscreen to launch the premium membership platform AdjusterTV Plus.

Once I got AdjusterTV Plus going with Uscreen, it’s been huge and a massive help.

Matt Allen, Founder of AdjusterTV Plus

Pre-launch prep: checking all the boxes

1. Choosing a business model

To start, Matt had to choose how he was going to make money and what products AdjusterTV Plus would offer.

He opted for a hybrid approach, offering membership access plans and individual courses.

Slowly building that monthly recurring membership revenue has been the core of my business. Then, I use the launches and one-time purchases to fill in the gaps with big cash windfalls.

With the ability to create 2 different revenue streams on one Uscreen platform, Matt has more stability and more opportunities to build his income. It’s the best of both worlds.

2. Creating a pricing strategy based on audience feedback

Matt knew that pricing his offer too high for his unique niche would make it hard to get subscribers in the door and build steady revenue, but pricing too low would result in lower profits, lower-quality customers and higher churn rates.

In order to find the right cost, he went straight to the source and asked his target customers for input.

Based on their feedback, he settled on a fair price that subscribers were more than happy to pay. Now, he’s steadily growing his revenue – all because he did the right research and involved his potential customers in the process.

3. Increasing satisfaction and retention with purpose-driven content organization

Matt created guided tutorials using Uscreen’s category and collection capabilities.

One of the cool things is that, because of the way I can organize the content in my Uscreeen catalog, I can tell people ‘Here’s the step-by-step process you need to take, and this is the relevant content to watch.

This helps people easily navigate his platform and get the most value out of his educational content by showing them clear goals, what he can help them achieve, and how to get there.

4. Starting strong by generating pre-launch buzz

To build interest ahead of time and make sure he had people ready to sign up right away, Matt advertised the launch on his YouTube channel.

He offered platform previews and teasers with his official launch date, and afterwards kept promoting AdjusterTV+ in YouTube videos and email campaigns.

Post-launch and Beyond: Keeping Up Momentum

Making smart marketing choices: how Matt uses free content on YouTube as a sales funnel

Matt knew that in order to grow, consistently marketing his platform was important. So he uses his YouTube channel as the main way to promote AdjusterTV Plus and any course launches he has coming up.

Doing big promotions on YouTube boosts my overall revenue.

To reel viewers in, he posts valuable free video content to help viewers understand the platform and how it can help them achieve their adjusting goals. Then he funnels that YouTube traffic back to his website where discounts help them make the easy decision to convert.

The Results

Matt has grown AdjusterTV Plus to over $16k/month, with a 409% increase in the past year alone. His wife was even able to quit her job, and now they run the platform together full-time.

Membership revenue has become like a salary – reliable and steady, with huge long-term potential. He’s making the kind of money that pays for his overhead and easily supports his lifestyle.

Matt used Uscreen to build a user-focused business based on his specific skills and cater to members who are willing to pay for the full experience.

And by strategically combining YouTube Uscreen’s versatile built-in marketing tools, he can continue to build his audience and increase revenue every year.

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