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Take your online presence to a whole new level with Uscreen’s powerful live streaming platform.

Live stream to any device across web, mobile or OTT in full HD. Stream without worries thanks to multi-bitrate adaptive technology to ensure a seamless and consistent experience.

Race on Texas online video membership interface displaying live streaming countdown timer and calendar on desktop computer and smartphone.

Live streaming is proven to bolster your membership revenue

Hosting regular live streaming events over time can result in a 2x increase in monthly recurring revenue based on Uscreen customer data

Hassle-free, native live streaming across all devices

Go live directly from your membership on your web browser or phone; no 3rd party software needed! With Live Studio you can start and manage your stream, easily.

Jazzercise video membership information
Multi-device display of Jazzercize with a live workout session along with other fitness tutorials and exercise demonstrations for engaging home workouts.

Real-time chat to engage viewers

Create a vibrant and interactive streaming experience between you and your members with integrated live chat.

Fly With Greg video membership information
Smartphone screen displaying 'Fly with Greg' education and entertainment app with a variety of flying videos like 'mountain flying for beginners' and 'ten simple safety rules', along with user testimonials and reminders for upcoming live classes.

Easily customize how you monetize your live streamed content

Offer exclusive membership only, free, or pay-per-view live streams for your audience. Enjoy a built-in donation tool for additional revenue from your streams.

Etchr Studio video membership information
Smartphone screen displaying 'Etchr Studio' educational app with a variety of live streaming videos like 'watercolor painting for beginners' and 'sketching with color', along with user payments and donation options.

Market your live stream content with calendar

Keep your streams visible and members informed about upcoming events.  with our built-in calendar feature.

Tint Yoga video membership information
TINT Yoga online video membership interface displaying live streaming countdown timer and calendar on desktop computer and smartphone.

Hear From Thriving Creators Who Leverage Live Streaming

Explore success stories of Uscreen customers who built thriving six and seven-figure businesses by fostering engaged viewership communities with Live Streaming.

An image of prodigies founder 'Rob Young' along side a logo of his kids entertainment video membership app.
Prodigies App Logo

The free live streams are like community events - even our paying members show up to say hi. Everyone else who’s considering enrolling gets a feel for the community, and they can see people praising it in real time.

Rob Young

Founder of Prodigies


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Viewer Growth (past 3 months)


Paid Subscribers

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An image of M/ Body founder 'Marnie Alton' along side a logo of her yoga and fitness video membership app.
M/BODY Membership App Logo

From feedback we get, people still prefer to watch the live class versus the polished produced video. People feel closer to us because they’re seeing real things happening in real time.

Marnie Alton

Founder of M/Body


Monthly Revenue


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3 Month Viewer Growth

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How can I start Live Streaming today?

We're so excited you're interested in connecting with your community! The Live Streaming feature is offered across our Growth, Pro, and Plus package. Simply signup with one of these plans via our plans and pricing page, or request a demo, and take your first steps towards live streaming your content today!

Can I add recorded live streams to my catalog?

Absolutely! One of the key benefits of our Live Stream feature is the ability to add your recorded streams directly to your catalog. This saves you time while helping build out your catalog with content your audience cares about.

Does Live Streaming support chat and donations?

Yes! Live chat can be enabled for each Live Event you create and is exclusively available for logged-in users who have access to the Live Event. If your Live Event is Free for Everyone, users won't see the live chat unless logged in.

Not only does Live support chat, you can also capture donations during your live events by enabling donations. Donations, much like Live Chat are enabled on a per event basis.

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