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The Top 9 Membership Site Platforms for 2024: Guide for Creators

By Peri Elmokadem
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Got an audience you’re itching to engage more deeply and monetize more effectively? 

Setting up a membership site platform could be your golden ticket, allowing you to monetize access, share exclusive content, and create personal connections that turn your fans into a thriving community.

The challenge? With a sea of options out there, picking just one of the best membership site platforms can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

Don’t sweat it, though! Our guide is here to walk you through the best membership site platforms. We offer top recommendations tailored to your specific needs—whether you’re looking to distribute exclusive content or build a stronger community with your membership

The best membership site platforms at a glance

G2 ratingBest forPricing
4.8 out of 5
Video content creators looking to scale a community-driven membership business efficiently.Starting at $149 / month.
4 out of 5
Nonprofits, clubs, and associations seeking membership management and event organization.Starting at $60 / month.
4.3 out of 5
Course creators and coaches looking to build a membership community.Starting at $119 / month. 
4.6 out of 5
Entrepreneurs and creators looking to build and monetize a highly interactive, community-driven platform.Starting at $41 / month.
4.7 out of 5
Creators and businesses seeking an easy way to turn their website into a membership site without extensive technical skills.Starting at $39 / month. 
4.0 out of 5
Educators seeking to sell online courses with comprehensive engagement and marketing.Free plan with a transaction fee of $1 plus 10% of the sale price. 
4.6 out of 5
Solo entrepreneurs looking to easily create online courses, memberships, and digital products without complex setup.Free option available. 
4.1 out of 5
Artists looking for a simple subscription model that offers exclusive access to their work.Starting at 5% of your monthly income through the platform.
3.9 out of 5
Small to medium-sized businesses looking for an all-in-one platform to efficiently manage and grow their membership site.Starting at $99 / month. 

What to look for in a membership site platform

I know what I’m looking for, take me to the list of membership platforms.

Picking the perfect membership site platform can feel like trying to find your way through a digital jungle—so many options, so little time! To make your decision a bit easier, start by zeroing in on the key factors that align with what you need now and what you’ll want down the road.

To kick things off, we’ve boiled down the crucial points below to help you slice through the clutter and find the ideal membership platform for your subscription-based business.

  • Monetization: First up, how do you want to make money from your membership site? Whether it’s VIP behind-the-scenes access or just a simple newsletter subscription, make sure your chosen membership platform lets you mix and match to capture every kind of fan.

  • Streamlined payments: Nobody likes a complicated checkout! Look for a platform that makes payments as painless as possible. Support for multiple currencies? Low fees? Check and check! Make sure they’re clear about costs too, so you’re not left guessing.

  • Content delivery: Whether you’re a podcaster, video guru, or master of the written word, ensure your membership platform can handle your media smoothly. High-quality streaming? Secure content access? Make a list of your must-haves and check them off!

  • Build a community: This is where the magic happens. Forums, chat rooms, and live Q&A sessions not only add value but also keep your members coming back for more. Choose a platform that helps you turn your followers into a thriving community.

  • Easy integrations: If you’re juggling various tools like social media, email services, and a website builder, integrations are your best friend. Opt for a membership platform that plays well with the tools you already love, saving you from tech headaches.

  • Analytics: Ever wonder what’s working and what’s not? A good platform offers analytics that are easy to understand and act on. From growth trends to revenue insights, make sure you have the data you need to succeed.

  • User-friendly design: Your membership platform should be a joy to use, not just for you but for your members too. Look for sleek, customizable designs that align with your brand and make navigation a breeze.

  • Support: Especially when you’re just getting started, having robust support can make all the difference. From a helpful customer service team to a community of fellow creators, ensure you’re supported as you build your empire.

  • Scalability: Dream big! Your chosen membership platform should grow with you, handling everything from a surge in members to an expansion of your content types without skipping a beat.

The best membership site platforms for 2024


The image showcases a digital interface for "Crochet with Tiffany," displayed across a tablet and a smartphone. The tablet screen features a community message board where users interact, with comments thanking others for helpful advice. The main content on the tablet highlights a post celebrating "Happy International Crochet Day" with a photo of someone crocheting. The smartphone displays various community tabs such as videos, community interactions, and subscriptions. It also features a user post expressing gratitude for the community and a poll for daily activities, enhancing the sense of an active, engaging online membership platform.

Best for: Video creators looking to scale a community-driven membership business efficiently.

G2 rating: ⭐️ 4.8 out of 5

Why choose Uscreen?

Uscreen is a standout choice for creators aiming to scale their video membership and provide their members with a premium, community-driven experience

More than just a video hosting platform, Uscreen is a full-blown ecosystem designed to boost engagement and maximize revenue. It supports a variety of monetization strategies including membership subscriptions, pay-per-view, donations, and one-time purchases to make sure every piece of content you produce pays off big time.

Uscreen offers branded membership apps which seamlessly connect a premium streaming experience with convenient community access, allowing your members to engage with your content across their favorite devices.

Uscreen is a fantastic tool for hosting memberships, a community, and premium video content. Their team helped me transition away from a different membership tool and made the process so seamless. I love the live streaming capabilities within Uscreen, the ability to organize my videos into collections, and how marketing features like email and lead magnets (giveaway funnels) are integrated right within the tool.

Verified user in E-Learning.

Key benefits

abundance pricing for their membership tiers including features
Abundance+ setting membership pricing tiers using Uscreen.
  • Dynamic community building: Offers a dedicated space and community tools for members to interact with you, your content, and each other – fostering a loyal community and keeping your audience engaged.
  • Enhanced live streaming: Amplifies live streams with real-time chats, interactive calendars, and pre-registration tools, enriching viewer experience.
  • ✅ Multiple monetization options: Flexible revenue models support recurring and one-time payments, ensuring you get the most out of every piece of content.
  • ✅ Optimized video streaming: Delivers a seamless viewing and community experience as one of the top OTT platforms across all devices, from smartphones to TVs.
  • ✅ Powerful analytics and marketing: Uscreen comes equipped with detailed analytics and built-in marketing tools like a no-code website builder and email marketing, helping you expand your audience effectively.

Cons to consider

  • ❌ Video-centric: Primarily tailored for video content, Uscreen may not suit creators looking to offer a broader range of content types.
  • ❌ Lack of LMS features: No capabilities for assessments, progress tracking, or certifications.
  • ❌ Cost: Pricing structures could be prohibitive for smaller creators or businesses on tight budgets.

Screenshot showing Abundance+ video library in the backend of Uscreen

Is Uscreen right for you?

Uscreen is ideal if you’re passionate about building a scalable membership site business centered around video and community. It’s the go-to for creators who are serious about using their video content to cultivate a thriving community.

Image showing Jazzercise's membership platform where members can chat and follow along workout videos

But, heads up—Uscreen isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. If video isn’t the star of your content show, or if you’re itching for more intricate website customization or structured learning assessments, Uscreen might feel a bit restrictive. 

And if your game plan includes deep dives into social media integrations or you need a beefier content management system, you might want to pair Uscreen with other tools to bridge any gaps and tailor your tech stack perfectly to your ambitions.

Uscreen pricing:

  • Growth: $149/month + $1.99 per paid member, per month. Ideal for creators aiming to expand a small video membership online.
  • Pro: $499/month + $0.99 per paid member, per month. Tailored for serious creators looking to grow a substantial community on mobile and web.
  • Plus: Custom pricing for established creators who need full brand control across all platforms.

It’s simple with Uscreen.

Build, launch and manage your membership, all in one place.


Wild Apricot's admin panel

Best for: nonprofits, clubs, and associations seeking a robust membership management and event organization platform.

G2 rating: ⭐️ 4 out of 5

Why choose WildApricot?

WildApricot is the ultimate sidekick for clubs, nonprofits, and associations keen on sharpening their membership management game. 

As an all-in-one platform, it smooths out the nitty-gritty of handling applications, renewals, and various membership tiers. The result? A big boost in both interaction and administrative slickness. So, if you’re looking to get your membership site platform working seamlessly, WildApricot has your back!

What I like best about WildApricot is that it is like a one stop shop where you can manage memberships, events, booking system, online payment & donations and sending out flyers and newsletters at the same time. There are also templates we can choose on and we can do something and schedule it to go out anytime.

Verified User in Non-Profit Organization Management.

Key benefits

  • ✅ Comprehensive management: Automate and streamline your administrative tasks effortlessly, from renewals to tiered memberships.
  • ✅ Integrated event management: Robust tools help you create, manage, and promote events, enhancing member engagement with easy registration and attendance tracking.
  • ✅ Professional websites: Build responsive, professional-looking membership websites with forums and blogs using WildApricot’s intuitive website builder.
  • ✅ Detailed reporting: Keep tabs on engagement and financials with comprehensive reporting tools.

Cons to consider

  • ❌ Limited customization: While it offers some customization, WildApricot may fall short for those needing deeper branding options.
  • ❌ No built-in LMS: If you’re looking to offer online courses, you’ll find the platform lacks dedicated learning management features.
  • ❌ Basic blogging and SEO tools: The platform’s blogging and membership site SEO functionalities are quite basic, which might not suffice for content-heavy strategies.
  • ❌ E-commerce limitations: Although there is an online store feature, it’s quite basic and may not meet the needs of those requiring more sophisticated e-commerce functions.
  • ❌ Additional payment processing fees: Using non-native payment processors in the US and Canada incurs extra fees, which could increase operational costs.

Is WildApricot right for you?

WildApricot is a gem for organizations that want a no-fuss membership site platform and event management. It shines for those in need of basic financial tracking and straightforward tools to keep members engaged and happy.

example of a wild apricot customers' event calendar

But here’s the scoop—if you’re diving into the deep end with advanced e-learning, killer SEO, or heavy-duty e-commerce, WildApricot might not be your best bet. Its slightly dated user interface and the not-so-flexible customization options could cramp your style if you’re shooting for a modern, slick online vibe.

Basically, WildApricot is top-notch when it comes to the basics of membership services and event wrangling, but if you’re after more advanced tools for crafting content and marketing strategies, you might want to shop around. Ideal for small to medium-sized groups with simple needs, it could be a bit of a tight fit for those dreaming big and aiming to broaden their digital horizons.

WildApricot pricing

WildApricot shines with a diverse array of pricing plans to fit any size organization. Here’s a quick overview on what they offer:

Wild Apricot's pricing tiers
  • Personal: $60/month for up to 100 contacts. Great for small orgs or solo entrepreneurs kicking off their membership journey.
  • Group: $75/month for up to 250 contacts. Ideal for small to medium groups needing efficient membership management.
  • Community: $140/month for up to 500 contacts. Perfect for expanding communities seeking enhanced features and support.
  • Professional: $240/month for up to 2,000 contacts. Tailored for larger organizations needing advanced engagement and administrative tools.
  • Network: $440/month for up to 5,000 contacts. Suits large networks looking for extensive management tools and integration capabilities.
  • Enterprise: $530/month for up to 15,000 contacts. Designed for major organizations requiring enterprise-level management.
  • Global: $900/month for up to 50,000 contacts. The ultimate plan for managing a global community with all the necessary tools.

Each plan starts with a free trial, letting you test drive features before committing. 


Kajabi learning platform lesson

Best for: Kajabi is best for creators looking to build a community alongside selling online courses and coaching.

G2 rating: ⭐️ 4.3 out of 5

Why choose Kajabi?  

Kajabi is the perfect toolkit for content creators aiming to turn their expertise into income through 

Kajabi is your go-to for crafting online courses and sparking vibrant communities, rolling marketing, sales, and content delivery into one sleek platform.

This platform is a star at building engaging online communities with its suite of interactive tools, live events, and challenges that not only enhance learning but also ramp up customer loyalty. 

screenshot showing Kajabi's events and community management on the front end

Thanks to its advanced automation and personalization options, you can save heaps of time on the daily grind and pour your energy into creating content that packs a punch.

And with Kajabi’s razor-sharp analytics, you’ll have a clear picture of how your courses and marketing moves are performing, ensuring that every effort you make fosters deep, meaningful engagement.

As a coach, having this system for hosting my online courses while also being able to utilize the landing pages for selling and along with the email marketing made everything more functional and simple for my customers and truly gave me peace of mind not having 10 different softwares I had to use. Setting up the checkout pages and adding in upsells also gives you the potential to be a lot more profitable, and I really appreciate this feature.

Rachel S. Verified user. 

Key benefits

Screenshot showing Kajabi's community space in action
  • ✅ Integrated community platform: Engage and retain your audience with interactive community tools, all housed within Kajabi.
  • ✅ Automated efficiency: Streamline content delivery and member interactions with Kajabi’s built-in automation, enhancing user experience.
  • ✅ All-in-one management: From site and course creation to email marketing and analytics, Kajabi integrates all aspects of membership management.
  • ✅ Mobile accessibility: Ensure members can connect and learn on-the-go with a user-friendly mobile app.
  • ✅ Diverse content options: Deliver your content in various formats within a secure, easy-to-navigate environment, meeting the needs of a diverse audience.

Cons to consider

  • ❌ Cost: Kajabi’s premium pricing may be a barrier for newcomers or those with limited budgets.
  • ❌ Customization limits: Despite its range of options, Kajabi’s customization capabilities may not satisfy those seeking highly unique designs or specific functionalities.
  • ❌ No native forum support: The platform lacks traditional forum tools, essential for detailed, threaded discussions.
  • ❌ Complex features: The breadth of Kajabi’s features might overwhelm those needing only basic site functionalities.
  • ❌ Specialized focus: Primarily tailored for courses and coaching, Kajabi might not suit those looking to develop different types of membership sites.

I wanted to love Kajabi but in the end, I began dreading interacting with the platform. I never did launch this side hustle because I began to feel so bogged down just getting the thing up and running.

Stone C. Verified user.

Is Kajabi right for you?

Kajabi is a powerhouse platform, perfect for creators who need a beefy, all-encompassing solution to churn out top-notch online courses and digital products. It packs everything you need to handle content, sales, and marketing with ease.

But, be warned—if you’re looking to foster a vibrant community or crave more diverse membership interactions beyond the classroom, you might want to consider some alternatives to Kajabi

Also, its steeper price tag and complex features might intimidate smaller creators or beginners who aren’t looking for all the bells and whistles just yet.

Kajabi pricing:

  • Basic: $119/month for 1 admin user, includes 3 products and 1,000 active customers.
  • Growth: $159/month for 10 admin users, upscales to 15 products and 10,000 active customers, with additional support options.
  • Pro: $319/month for 25 admin users, expands to 3 websites and 100 products, catering to up to 20,000 active customers.

Uscreen Vs Kajabi

Find out if your needs are better met by Uscreen, or Kajabi.

upsells and annual subscriptions

Mighty Networks

mock up of mighty networks community platform

Best for: entrepreneurs and creators looking to build and monetize a highly interactive, community-driven platform.

G2 rating: ⭐️ 4.6 out of 5

Why choose Mighty Networks?

Mighty Networks stands out for those who put community and engagement first, packing all the essential tools you need to create a buzzing and interactive online presence. 

It delivers a seamless user experience across devices and really shines with its mobile-first approach, boasting robust iOS and Android apps that keep the conversation lively and connected on the go.

After a ton of research, I concluded that Mighty Networks was one of the best solutions for my paid drawing community, and I still feel I made the right decision. The overall functionality, tech integrations, organization and mobile app have helped maintain a high level of engagement among my members.

Brian C. Verified user.

Key benefits

Might Networks mobile apps
  • ✅ Mobile integration: Engage with your community on-the-go with robust mobile apps.
  • ✅ Community building: Live streams, events, and interactive features enrich community interaction and boost retention.
  • ✅ Customizable content spaces: Organize and tailor content into specific ‘Spaces’ and ‘Collections’ for easy navigation.
  • ✅ Diverse monetization options: From one-time payments to members only content sales, Mighty Networks offers various ways to monetize.
  • ✅ Full branding control: Customize everything from the community’s appearance to the domain name, reinforcing your brand identity.

It allows us to easily interact with members through a multitude of ways. Direct chats, courses, groups (public and private), polls, events and more. Plus the metrics available for review make it easy to see where we are getting the most activity and how our growth is moving along.

Joshua R. Verified user.

Cons to consider

  • ❌ Basic educational tools: Lacks advanced course features like detailed quizzes and certificates, making it less suitable for complex educational content.
  • ❌ Limited landing page customization: While customization is generally robust, landing page options are somewhat restricted.
  • ❌ Exclusive stripe support: Mighty Networks only supports Stripe for payments, not PayPal, which could limit your audience.
  • ❌ Transaction fees: Be aware of the transaction fees on all plans, which could affect your profitability.
  • ❌ Complex interface: The platform’s interface may require a learning curve, which could be a challenge for less tech-savvy users.

Is Mighty Networks right for you?

Mighty Networks is a fantastic choice for creators who are all about building tight-knit communities, packing the perfect toolkit for orchestrating events and sparking lively discussions. It’s a real gem for those who put community vibes before complex course mechanics.

But heads up—if your heart is set on delivering sophisticated online courses packed with top-notch educational tools, or if you’re hunting for payment flexibility that includes PayPal, Mighty Networks might not hit the mark. 

The platform’s limited landing page customization and somewhat intricate interface could nudge creators towards simpler, more adaptable platforms.

Mighty Networks pricing:

  • Community: $41/month, billed annually. Includes basic community features like live streaming, chat, and events with Zoom integration.
  • Courses: $99/month, billed annually. Expands to include course creation and enhanced marketing integrations like ConvertKit.
  • Business: $179/month, billed annually. Offers advanced customization, increased storage, and detailed analytics.
  • Path-to-Pro: $360/month, billed annually. Provides extensive support and branding services for growing businesses.
  • Mighty Pro: Custom pricing. Includes all features above plus a custom branded mobile app and dedicated strategic support.


Memberspace's membership site platform

Best for: creators and businesses seeking a straightforward membership plugin to transform their existing website into a membership site without needing extensive technical skills.

G2 rating: ⭐️ 4.7 out of 5

Why choose MemberSpace?

MemberSpace is the ideal sidekick for content creators itching to turn their existing websites into exclusive, members-only clubs. It plays nice with any CMS—be it WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace—and offers a straightforward, no-code solution that keeps your site’s style intact. 

It’s a top pick for anyone valuing content security and simplicity. Plus, with its flexible pricing and feature set, MemberSpace fits snugly into businesses of all sizes.

MemberSpace is an easy-to-use, secure platform that we were able to integrate with our existing web site. Over the course of the last four years, we haven’t had one problem. The best part of MemberSpace is their customer support. Great response times. They always provide solutions and/or answers.

Christopher L. Verified user.

Key benefits

Screenshot showing memberspace's customer ladies of real estate's membership website
Ladies of Real Estate’s membership website, built with MemberSpace
  • ✅ Universal CMS compatibility: Works flawlessly with any CMS, providing flexibility across different website platforms.
  • ✅ Easy setup: No coding needed, making it ideal for creators focused on content rather than technical details.
  • ✅ Content security: Offers robust protection for your content, ensuring it remains safe and secure.
  • ✅ Content dripping: Enables scheduled content releases, keeping members engaged with regular updates.
  • ✅ Community integration: Integrates smoothly with platforms like Circle to foster lively community interactions within your membership site platform.

Cons to consider

  • ❌ Transaction fees: A fee on each sale might pile up, particularly affecting high-revenue businesses.
  • ❌ Limited payment options: Only supports Stripe, which could be limiting if Stripe isn’t available in your region or if you prefer using multiple payment methods.
  • ❌ Customization constraints: Limited customization options for checkouts and user interfaces might impact your branding and user experience.
  • ❌ Focus on content protection: While great for securing content, MemberSpace doesn’t offer advanced LMS features like in-depth quizzes or lesson tracking.
  • ❌ No native affiliate system: Lacks a built-in affiliate system, requiring third-party integrations that could complicate setup and increase costs.

Is MemberSpace right for you?

MemberSpace is a top solution for creators and businesses ready to transform parts of their websites into secure, members-only zones without getting tangled in tech-speak. 

It’s a perfect fit for small to medium-sized enterprises aiming to boost their membership numbers while keeping their site looking sharp.

But keep this in mind: if you’re after advanced course management, intricate quizzes, or a wide array of payment options, MemberSpace might leave you hanging. Plus, its reliance on Stripe and transaction-based pricing might not jive well with larger businesses or those in areas where Stripe isn’t on the menu.

MemberSpace pricing:

  • Professional: $39 per month with a 5% transaction fee. Features include unlimited members, both single and recurring payments, revenue recovery, VIP support, and unlimited team admins across unlimited websites.

For those requiring additional support or enterprise solutions, direct contact with MemberSpace is necessary to explore further options.


A user interface from the Teachable website builder showing the design customization for 'mike keenan's School'. On the left side, there are content editing tools for the 'Banner', including options to upload a 'Background Image' and edit the 'Image Alt Text'. The right side displays a preview of the school's landing page banner with the background image of a hand holding a camera, overlaid with the text 'Lakeview Photography School' and the subheading 'Become a pro photographer with these expert-led courses.'

Best for: educators seeking to create and sell online courses with comprehensive engagement and marketing.

G2 rating: ⭐️ 4.0 out of 5

Why choose Teachable?

Teachable is a go-to platform for educators eager to cash in on their smarts with captivating online courses. Its intuitive drag and drop editor lets you whip up interactive courses in no time, no coding necessary. 

With TeachablePay, you can manage membership subscriptions and payments directly, ensuring a streamlined revenue process.

But the platform isn’t just about courses—it’s also about connection. With support for live sessions and webinars, Teachable ramps up learner engagement and keeps the community buzzing. 

Its drip content features are perfect for keeping subscribers hooked, letting you schedule fresh content drops along a structured learning path. 

To top it all off, Teachable amplifies the value of your courses by offering completion certificates and packs a punch with powerhouse marketing tools like email campaigns, coupon codes, and an affiliate program to broaden your audience.

I appreciate the ability to easily create and customize courses, add multimedia elements like videos and quizzes, and brand their course websites.I also like Teachable’s marketing and sales features, which make it easier to promote and sell courses directly through the platform. The ability to offer discounts and promotions, create custom landing pages, and track conversions and sales data can be particularly useful for course creators who are looking to increase their reach and revenue.

Yevstakhii B. Verified user.

Key benefits

  • ✅ User-friendly course builder: Drag and drop editor let you design interactive and engaging courses without needing coding skills.
  • Multi-device compatibility: Ensures your courses look great on any device, from laptops to smartphones.
  • ✅ Live interaction: Supports live sessions and webinars, enhancing learner engagement and community connection.
  • ✅ On-demand content: Archive and sell your course content and live sessions as on-demand materials to maximize long-term value.
  • ✅ Powerful analytics: Get deep insights into subscriber behaviors and course performance to refine your strategies and offerings.
  • ✅ EU VAT automation: Simplifies the administrative burden of EU VAT compliance, ideal for creators selling in Europe.

Cons to consider

  • ❌ Payment flexibility: Mainly uses its own processor, TeachablePay, which might limit flexibility compared to platforms with broader gateway integrations.
  • ❌ Community engagement: Lacks built-in forums or extensive social features, which could limit member interaction.
  • ❌ Fees on free plan: The free plan comes with transaction fees, potentially costly for new or high-volume creators.
  • ❌ Customization limits: While customization is available, it might not meet the needs of those requiring very specific branding or functionality.
  • ❌ No SCORM support: Does not support SCORM, limiting its usefulness in formal education or certain professional training environments.

Is Teachable right for you?

Teachable is a great option for educators and creators ready to dive into creating rich multimedia courses and making the most of hefty marketing tools like promotions and affiliate programs. 

Its slick, intuitive platform is a breeze for both rookies and seasoned pros to navigate.

But, heads up—if you’re hunting for advanced community features or a wide range of payment options, Teachable might not make the grade. Plus, the absence of SCORM support could throw a wrench in the works for those in need of specific professional training functionalities.

Teachable pricing:

  • Free: Offers basic membership features for one course; includes a transaction fee of $1 plus 10% per sale.
  • Basic: $39/month billed annually. Includes bundled products, templates, and a 5% transaction fee.
  • Pro: $119/month billed annually. No transaction fees, advanced reports, unbranded sites, and includes course completion certificates.
  • Pro+: $199/month billed annually. Expands up to 200 courses with additional features.
  • Business: $499/month billed annually. Offers unlimited courses, advanced customization, bulk enrollments, and priority support.


Screenshot showing Patrick Willem's patreon membership site

Best for: artists looking for a simple, easy-to-use subscription model that offers exclusive member only access to their work.

G2 rating: ⭐️ 4.1 out of 5

Why choose Patreon?

Patreon stands out as a crowdfunding platform that lets content creators directly earn from their audience. Kick off a Patreon page, and watch your fans transform into patrons, eagerly swapping their support for exclusive content and cool perks. 

Whether you’re all about pay-per-project or prefer the steady rhythm of monthly subscriptions, Patreon offers possibilities to fit your needs.

The advantages of Patreon are it’s well-known, and I can upload text or images in seconds.

Linda S. Verified User.

Key benefits

  • ✅ Direct monetization: Patreon empowers you to gain steady financial backing directly from your fans through subscription-based support.
  • ✅ Flexible memberships: Set up multiple membership tiers to provide tailored perks and keep your community engaged.
  • ✅ User-friendly: Even if you’re not tech-savvy, setting up and managing your Patreon page is very accessible.
  • ✅ Creative control: You run the show when it comes to your content and how it’s distributed, keeping your brand’s unique voice intact.
  • ✅ Community building: Essential tools are at your disposal to foster closer relationships with your supporters, even if the features are basic.

Cons to consider

  • ​​❌ Fees: Be aware that Patreon takes a cut ranging from 5% to 12% of your earnings, plus payment processing fees.
  • ❌ Limited features: If you need advanced community tools or sophisticated marketing integrations, Patreon might fall short.
  • ❌ Discovery: Without an existing audience, it can be tough to gain visibility on Patreon due to its weak discovery tools.
  • ❌ Content restrictions: Managing dynamic or extensive content types like interactive courses or large video libraries? Patreon’s capabilities might not be enough.
  • ❌ Customer support: Some creators report slow and unsatisfactory responses from Patreon’s customer service, which could be a hurdle if you require quick help.

Is Patreon right for you?

Many creators ask: is Patreon worth it? 

If you’re an artist, writer, musician, or any creator who is looking to get support straight from your fans, Patreon is your ticket to securing that steady backing. 

Its super user-friendly setup means you can jump right in without needing to be a tech whiz.

But heads up—if you’re hunting for more advanced bells and whistles or get jittery about the high fees, Patreon’s limitations might nudge you to look at other membership software for more complex membership management or fancier engagement tools.

Patreon pricing:

  • Lite: 5% of monthly income for a basic creator page and communication tools.
  • Pro: 8% of monthly income, adding multiple membership tiers, analytics, and promotional tools.
  • Premium: 12% of monthly income for established creators, including a dedicated manager and merchandising options.

Additional payment processing fees vary by patron location and payment method. This tiered pricing allows you to pick a plan that fits your needs and budget, but keep an eye on the total costs, especially if you’re earning a lot.


image showing podia's community platform

Best for: solo entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to easily create and sell online courses, memberships, and digital products without complex setup.

G2 rating: ⭐️ 4.6 out of 5

Why choose Podia?

Podia shines with its straightforward, all-in-one style, making it super easy for content creators to manage everything from online courses to digital downloads, memberships, and webinars all from one nifty platform. 

With integrated tools for email marketing and live chat, Podia helps streamline your operations and reduce costs, positioning itself as a prime pick for creators focused on digital products.

I began using Podia to have a way to sell my courses. As time progressed I created my website and moved my dedicated domain name to Podia. I then moved my email marketing to Podia. From that point on I continued to use Podia features exclusively. If Podia doesn’t have a feature, I don’t need it! I need simplicity and everything I do in one place. That’s what I have with Podia.

Maureen B. Verified user.

Key benefits

  • ✅ All-In-One platform: Combines course creation, digital downloads, membership site, and webinar hosting, eliminating the need for multiple services.
  • ✅ Community engagement: Enhances user interaction through built-in community spaces and integrations with platforms like Zoom and YouTube Live for live sessions.
  • ✅ Flexible content delivery: Offers easy setup of membership tiers and content delivery, catering to various subscriber needs with different subscription levels.
  • ✅ Brand consistency: Provides customization features that help maintain your brand’s look and feel across your digital storefront.

Cons to consider

  • ❌ Limited customization: While Podia offers some customization, it might not suffice for those seeking full control over their site’s design and course layout.
  • ❌ Basic email marketing: Lacks advanced automation and segmentation features found in specialized email marketing platforms.
  • ❌ Simplified quizzes and assessments: Supports basic educational tools, which may not meet the needs of creators looking for sophisticated assessments.
  • ❌ Digital-only focus: Primarily supports digital products and lacks functionality for selling physical goods like inventory management or shipping options.
  • ❌ Fewer integrations: Although it includes essential integrations like PayPal and Stripe, Podia has limited third-party support, which might require workarounds for some needs.

Is Podia right for you?

Podia is ideal for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for a no-fuss, wallet-friendly platform to kickstart their journey into monetizing digital content. 

With its user-friendly interface and zero transaction fees, Podia is a total win for those dipping their toes into the digital sales waters for the first time.

But hold up—if you’re in the market for high-level goodies like in-depth analytics, fancy email marketing, or intricate educational assessments, Podia might not hit the mark. Its laser focus on digital products and somewhat limited customization options might send those with grander visions or those dealing in physical goods searching for a more beefed-up platform.

Podia pricing

Podia offers a range of pricing plans, including a Free option. Here’s a quick rundown of their plans:

Podia's pricing options
  • Free: $0/month with 10% fees; start with a full website, blog, and basic product offerings including 1 download and 1 coaching product, plus community access and optional add-ons.
  • Starter: $4/month with 8% fees; includes everything in the Free plan plus a custom domain and chat support for personalized site presence.
  • Mover: $33/month with 5% transaction fees; expands to unlimited downloads, coaching, courses, webinars, and product bundles, with full website features, custom domain, chat support, and third-party code integration.
  • Shaker: $59/month with no transaction fees; builds on the Mover plan with unlimited capabilities and advanced marketing tools like affiliates for scaling your business.


Best for: small to medium-sized businesses looking for an all-in-one platform to efficiently manage and grow their online services, courses, and membership sites.

G2 rating: ⭐️ 3.9 out of 5

Why choose Kartra?

Kartra is an all-in-one platform geared up to boost businesses aiming to supercharge their online presence with a slick integrated membership model. 

More than just a content host, Kartra is a master at automating and scaling your marketing moves—essential for growing that all-important subscriber base. 

Ultimately, Kartra simplifies the management of membership sites, offering the ability to efficiently distribute members only content across various membership tiers and keep your community engaged.

I like that Kartra is a most in one platform and most of my business needs can be housed in one platform. This saves me time, and money every month. I like that the team is improving and adding new features to the platform at least a few time a year.

Jessica S. Verified user.

Key benefits

  • ✅ Integrated marketing tools: Combines powerful email automation with sophisticated landing pages to streamline marketing efforts and member management.
  • ✅ Behavioral adaptive marketing (BAM): Enhances personalization and user satisfaction by automatically adjusting content and offers based on subscriber behavior.
  • ✅ Robust membership management: Automates content delivery for different membership levels and provides deep insights into member engagement through comprehensive analytics.
  • ✅ Pre-built marketing funnels and templates: Offers a range of customizable, professionally designed templates and funnels that simplify the setup and management of membership sites.

Cons to consider

  • ❌ Design flexibility: Kartra’s templates offer limited customization, which might restrict your ability to fully tailor the site’s design to your brand.
  • ❌ Complexity for beginners: The extensive array of features and tools can be overwhelming for newcomers or those who prefer a basic membership site.
  • ❌ Lack of native blogging tool: Requires integration with external platforms like WordPress for blogging, adding complexity to the setup.
  • ❌ Cost: The pricing structure, particularly for full functionality and unlimited leads, may be steep for smaller businesses or solo entrepreneurs.

Is Kartra right for you?

Kartra is a powerhouse platform, perfect for entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses hunting for an all-in-one solution to run their membership sites, nail those marketing campaigns, and smooth out their sales funnels. 

If you’re all about having top-notch integrated marketing tools at your fingertips and can live without super deep customization or a heavy-duty blogging engine, Kartra might just be your match made in digital heaven.

On the flip side, if you’re steering a larger enterprise that needs fancy CRM features or you’re a content marketer whose life revolves around blogging, Kartra’s limited blogging capabilities might leave you wanting more. 

Plus, its feature set comes with a price tag and complexity that might scare off those on a tight budget or with simpler tastes, who might find their happy place with other membership site platforms.

Kartra pricing:

  • Starter: $99/month annually; includes 2,500 leads, 15,000 emails/month, 100 pages, 50 videos, and one helpdesk.
  • Silver: $199/month annually; expands significantly to include unlimited emails, pages, videos, products, and membership sites, with three custom domains.
  • Gold: $299/month annually; suitable for larger businesses with up to 25,000 leads and five custom domains.
  • Platinum: $499/month annually; designed for extensive operations, supporting up to 50,000 leads and ten custom domains.

Wrapping things up: 

And that wraps up our roundup of the top membership site platform suited for all flavors of online businesses! 

Make sure to keep an eye on those G2 ratings and feature updates for each platform—they’re always on the move and can guide your choice.

And, if you’re a video-focused creator looking to upgrade your membership site while building a community, you’re in the right place to get started.

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Membership site platforms FAQs

What is a membership site platform?

A membership site is an online platform where users pay recurring payments to access exclusive content and benefits. It’s distinguished by its focus on community and engagement, offering features like forums, webinars, and live events that foster a sense of belonging among members. This model prioritizes long-term relationships and retention, providing value through both the content and the community experience.

What is the difference between membership and subscription?

To structure a membership site, begin by organizing your content into logical categories, tiers, or modules that cater to your target audience’s different skill levels or interests. Next, ensure easy navigation and an engaging user experience by creating a visually appealing layout, incorporating clear headings, and offering intuitive menus or content directories.The key difference between a membership and a subscription is all about the vibe of community and belonging. Think of a subscription as your standard pay-to-play scenario where you shell out a regular fee to get your hands on exclusive goodies—like bingeing shows on Netflix. It’s pretty much transactional, based mainly on the content you get.

On the flip side, a membership takes everything cool about a subscription and kicks it up a notch with some serious community spirit. Memberships aren’t just about accessing exclusive content; they’re about building connections and feeling part of a special crew. This sense of belonging not only boosts engagement but also keeps people sticking around longer, turning what could be just another transaction into a meaningful relationship.

Why create a membership site?

Launching a membership site is a stellar move if you’re aiming to boost user engagement and keep your subscribers coming back. With a community-centric approach, you not only stabilize your income with those sweet recurring payments but also get to weave deeper, more meaningful connections with your audience. This deeper dive lets you tailor your content more effectively and even opens the door to upselling through various membership levels and exclusive goodies.

What’s more, a membership site can be a real game-changer in maintaining your creative spark. It shifts your focus to quality over quantity—no more burning the midnight oil to churn out content non-stop. Plus, happy members tend to spread the word, boosting your growth organically and slicing those hefty marketing costs.