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Be Inspired How to Make Money as an Artist – Trending 2018

This year, in 2018, the ultimate best way to make money as an artist online has been revealed. It’s consistent, reliable, and can be really lucrative when done right. Learn everything about it in this guide.

Be Inspired How Bawn TV is Changing the Game for Black LGBTQ Viewers

In the 2017–18 TV season, GLAAD counted 77 LGBTQ characters on original streaming media. Almost 80% of them were white. “Racial diversity of LGBTQ characters,” says the report, “remains an area of concern.” Anthony Bawn set out to change that in 2017.

Sell Videos 10 Really Good Reasons To Start An Online Video Business [Infographic]

There are reasons why this online business trend is picking up - 10, to be exact. Imagine: You’re the proud owner of a wildly successful online video business, passively earning at least $10,000 a month for videos you're inspired to create. Here's 10 reasons why you should launch an online video business.

Be Inspired Are Online Yoga Classes as Good as the Real Thing? The Pros and Cons of Virtual Instructors

Having trouble staying consistent with your yoga classes? Maybe its time you considered bringing your yoga classes to you. Online yoga is becoming a huge trend these days because of how convenient and significantly cheaper they are. Of course, there's not a perfect solution — virtual yoga courses present their own challenges. Here are pros and cons of online yoga, as well as how to enjoy all only the pros.

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