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An image of a yoga video catalog featuring a variety of yoga sessions including prenatal yoga, kids yoga, and yoga with pets, available on a tv application.

Netflix’s catalog meets YouTube’s engagement

Showcase your on-demand content in a Netflix-inspired layout for easy discovery. Drive interactions with each video and ongoing viewing, just like the YouTube experience you love.

OMBE online educational platform interface displayed on a tablet and smartphone, featuring tutorial videos on surfing techniques.

A flawless video experience on every device

Uscreen’s powerful video catalog lets you customize how you organize, sell and stream content in a beautiful interface across web, mobile and TV apps.

Binge-watching made easy

Organize your content however you want and let your fans delight in endless viewing with our auto-play feature. Your members can even curate their own playlists.

Yoga With Adriene video membership information
Yoga with Adriene online platform interface displayed on a smartphone, featuring a yoga video playlist and a mobile live streaming class.

Stream freely anytime, anywhere.

Your own app ensures your content is always within reach. Members can download for offline enjoyment or cast to larger screens for immersive watching.

MK9 Pro video membership information
An image showcasing the ability to chrome cast and air play content from a phone to a tv device. The content displays a sleeping dog with the caption,  'The Science Behind Sleep'.

Simplify your content discovery

Direct your members using customizable filters - by author, topic, or any category you choose. Plus, a fast, direct search option is always available.

Film Makers Academy video membership information
An image of 'Film Makers Academy' video experience, showcasing their catalog's content discover system, filters, and videos.

Comments and community integrated into your video experience

Place videos at the core of your community. Allow comments, embed your videos into community posts or launch video-based Challenges to enhance engagement and viewership.

mockup example of how an oil painter's branded app might look, featuring community channels and challenges feed

Make a splash with new content

Hype up releases through Calendar feature and App push notifications. Keep your members excited about what’s new!

Estudio Neverland video membership information
Interface of the 'Estudios Neverland'  entertainment app on a smartphone, featuring colorful lesson thumbnails and a calendar, designed to engaging and entertain users of within their video membership.

Join the ranks of successful video content creators utilizing Uscreen.

Explore success stories of Uscreen customers who built thriving six and seven-figure businesses by fostering engaged viewership communities with a premium video experience.

Filming my classes is low overhead with maximum impact. I love teaching and filming, and with this platform, I feel like I can reach way more people in the same amount of time.

Meegan Gregg

Founder of Backbody Project


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Man in professional attire with Adjuster TV Plus logo, conveying expertise in the insurance adjustment field, standing against a dark background for an educational video presentation
Adjuster TV Plus logo

I was already a consumer of other Uscreen platforms, and they were great to use. When I looked through those other sites, [...] and saw what the experience was like, I realized subscribing is super simple and the content’s right there - that was the answer.

Matt Allen

Founder of Adjusters TV


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What Is the Video Catalog?

The catalog is essentially your content gateway. Every storefront has a catalog where your content is purchasable by your customers. There are a few ways to customize your catalog, you can have featured content, a library for customers to see what they've purchased, and of course the content itself which can be organized in a few different ways.

Simply upload a video, assign a category to a video, and then publish the video. That's it!

How can my customers find the content they're looking for on my Uscreen Catalog page?

Powerful search features make it easy! Customers can use keywords in titles, descriptions, and tags to find relevant videos or collections. Help them navigate further by creating custom filters, like categories or authors. Remember, filters are single-select, so customers can choose one at a time.

How can I bring my community to life with video?

Unleash the power of user-generated videos! This feature lets your community members share their own short (up to 60 seconds) videos directly in posts. It's a great way to boost engagement, encourage participation, and create a more dynamic and connected environment.

User-generated videos don't count towards your storage quota, so let the creativity flow!

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