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Take full control of your video monetization. Set your
prices and keep 100% of the revenue.

Monetize your videos online with Uscreen

Set your price

Pick the pricing model that’s best for you. Charge for recurring subscriptions, rent your video content for a chosen time range, or set a fixed price for bundled content. You can also have it available for free or create a combination of different pricing models for different video content.

Different video monetization strategies

Hassle free checkout & payments


Connect directly to your Stripe account for instant payouts.


Speed up the purchase process for your users with PayPal.

Credit Cards

Accept any credit card, regardless of the origin and currency.

Uscreen Gateway

No Stripe? No worries – just request the Uscreen Payment gateway.

Accept payment from anywhere in the world

Accept international payments

Take payments from 130+ international currencies through Paypal, Stripe or Uscreen gateway credit card processing. You can even accept multiple currencies for a single course.

Track royalties & payouts

Easily gain detailed insight into your customer behavior, precisely track content consumption (seconds played) and distribute payouts to affiliates and content creators.

Track your royalties
build your own affiliate program

Build your own affiliate program

Create a network of partners and reward them for taking a part in growing your paid subscriber base. Automate the entire process with our Rewardful integration.

High converting
checkout pages

Fully optimized, ready to use pages created specifically to convert your leads into paying subscribers.

Freemium & Free Trials

Start off with a free trial, or create a freemium video-on-demand model to grow and nurture your audience. When ready, convert your audience into paying subscribers.

Coupons & Promotions

Create special offer, create discount coupons and set special promotions, quickly and easily. Uscreen enables you to to do it right from your dashboard.

Upsells & Cross-sells

Cross-sell or upsell to your existing subscribers: easily move them from monthly to annual subscriptions, or cross-sell related video content bundles.

Customizable checkout pages

Easily customize the checkout page high-converting templates to reflect your brand.

Seamless payment process

Provide your subscribers with a hassle-free payment process with out complete video monetization system.

Secured SSL checkout

Enable your subscribers to submit payment with confidence, thanks to our SSL-secured checkout process.

Keep 100% of your sales

We take no commissions, there’s no revshare and you keep 100% of your revenue.

*Payment gateway processing fees may apply

Flexible payout system

Get paid directly into your bank account, use Stripe, Paypal or our very own Uscreen Payment Gateway

Keep track of your sales

Use our robust reporting system to identify the best performing tactics and make constant improvement to your sales funnel.

Use our robust sales analytics to…

Monitor lifetime value

Track your lifetime value and other key metrics. Find opportunities to optimize for success.

Increase your sales

Leverage our advanced analytics to extend your reach, gain traction and boost sales.

Decrease churn

Tweak your offer based on our in-depth insights. Retain your audience and create a loyal following.

Powerful video monetization analytics

Uscreen makes it simple.

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