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Don’t force your fans to use Facebook or jump to a different platform to find your community. Having a community space integrated with your content means more focused discussions, deeper connections and a more valuable and sustainable member experience.

Online community platform 'Crochet with Tiffany' interface displaying a conversation thread, a 'Happy International Crochet Day!' post by Tiffany Hansen, and member engagement with user comments and reactions

Our Community feature gets proven results

Customers have seen 50% higher member retention when including a community as part of their membership, with community often described as the most valuable aspect.

Build authentic interactions between you and your fans

Between user-generated videos, social profiles and community challenges, you will have everything you need to develop a thriving and highly valued community space for your members.

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Set up your community the way you want it

Set up public and private channels for creating a safe environment for different groups. Limit your community access to a specific membership plan or open it to everyone - you have complete control.

Your own community on your own mobile app

Your community will be fully integrated with your app, allowing you to reach members directly with push notifications and giving your fans easy access, 24/7.

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Explore communities already thriving on Uscreen

Learn how our customers have used community as an integral part of their six and seven figure membership businesses.

Man in professional attire with Adjuster TV Plus logo, conveying expertise in the insurance adjustment field, standing against a dark background for an educational video presentation
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These days, a lot of people are consuming content on their phones. And they want to be able to access that content and watch it anywhere. [...] The Community feature works better on the native app compared with a phone browser.

Matt Allen

Founder of Adjusters TV


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When we launched Abundance Plus with Uscreen, right away it exceeded my expectations. Our business doubled. Our YouTube views doubled. It was a great time to launch. People were ready for an app.

Justin Rhodes

Founder of Abundance+


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Forge a strong bond with your audience using community features.

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How do I create my Community?

We're excited that you're interested in creating your very own Community. This feature is available on Uscreen Pro and Plus plans, as well as for customers who have Uscreen mobile iOS and Android apps. To get started, visit our plans and pricing page and select our Pro or Plus plan, or request a demo!

Can I customize my Community channels?

Yes! With a Uscreen Community, you can create custom public and private channels where you and your members can discuss different topics. Public channels are available for all users that have access to the community while private channels are only visible to the users that were added there by the admins. Members in private channels can be either added manually, or through subscription gating.

Additionally, you can have up to 5 public and up to 10 private channels at the same time.

How do Community Social Profiles work?

Each user within your Community can create a public social profile, that has basic info about them - such as name, profile picture, location, and their Community history. You can view the social profile of any user simply by clicking on their name within the Community or in the video comments. Social Profiles allow you to engage with and follow other users, and like (or see who likes) posts in your community.

What are Community Challenges?

Community challenges are an excellent strategy for fostering commitment and engagement among members in fitness, business, motivation, or any other genre-focused community. These challenges serve as a powerful tool to motivate individuals and empower their progress. We now make it EASY for you to launch a new challenge for your community.

Participants in community challenges can complete challenges at their own pace from the start to the end date.

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