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8 Best Online Coaching Platforms Used by Today’s Top Coaches

By Mike Keenan
10 Min Read
Woman discussing with her clients through her online coaching platform.

There are hundreds of coaching platforms you could use. But which one should you use? That’s the big question.

Choosing the best online coaching platform for your brand depends on many factors. It feels like there are many ways it could go wrong. Maybe you’ll pay for features you’ll never use, or choose the wrong tool for the job.

When it comes down to it, what you’re looking for is a platform that will help you reach more people, live a balanced lifestyle, and establish yourself as a recognized name in your industry. 

This guide compares top online coaching platforms, their features, and how to choose the right one.

What is an online coaching platform?

Coaching platforms let coaches manage client interactions online. It helps coaches organize client information, schedule appointments, market services, and earn sales. 

Many coaching platforms today also offer AI features to streamline administrative tasks and automate marketing. That way, you can focus more on developing your client base.

Why the traditional coaching model is flawed

Before jumping into the platforms, let’s briefly review the coaching model. As a freelance coach, I say with confidence that the current approach is flawed. 

If you want to make more money, you have 2 options: 

  1. Raise the fees for your coaching sessions.
  2. Take on more clients.

In both cases, you’ll face problems. When you continuously raise fees, you eventually price out the very people you want to help. If you take on more and more clients, you’ll reach a point where you can’t accommodate any more appointments. 

Neither of these are scalable, and they both limit your income. There are only so many hours in the day. That’s why many coaches are adopting the membership business model, where you spend less time coaching and make way more money. 

Not only that, but you can take your coaching brand to the next level and stand out among your competitors by taking your coaching membership mobile. Data shows that membership businesses with their own branded mobile and TV apps earn:

  • 10x more subscription revenue.
  • 8x more paying customers. 
  • 2x more watch time.

Not to mention, a membership allows you to host a dedicated space for your community alongside your coaching content. That’s great for your members, and for your business. When we look at the businesses who run their coaching memberships on Uscreen, members who are engaged in a community are 2x less likely to churn compared to non-engaged members. 

With a membership, you can share your expertise with unlimited clients at once for a monthly fee. Rather than doing 15 one-on-one coaching sessions a day talking about the same stuff, hundreds of clients can come to your content library and watch one video on the same topic. They can take your courses and access your extra materials at their own pace. 

A great example is Tom Gellie’s membership, Big Picture Skiing. Before creating a membership website, Tom used to travel internationally to coach clients on how to ski. He also sold one-off videos online, but that only made up a fraction of his income.

Today, Tom shares his catalog of coaching videos and resources through his membership community

Image showing BigPictureSkiing video membership site built on Uscreen's online coaching platform.

Redefining what a successful coaching business looks like, he reaches hundreds of paying members every month. If members still want one-to-one guidance, they can still buy it from Tom as a one-off purchase. 

Overall, a membership is a great way to monetize your expertise as a coach. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in, the membership model has a ton of upside and very little downside.

It’s simple with Uscreen.

Build, launch and manage your membership, all in one place.

How to choose the best online coaching platform for you

The good news is that you don’t have to be tech-savvy to buy an online coaching or course platform. There are many tools available, and you can find the right coaching platform for any skill level or type of coaching method. 

All prior knowledge and skills aside, here’s what you should look for in an online coaching platform. 

  1. Ease of use. Your ideal platform should be easy for you, sure. But it should also be easy for your clients to navigate through. You don’t want clients fumbling around your portal trying to find their coaching sessions or sign up for an event. 
  2. Customization and branding. Look for a platform that lets you add your logo, colors, and themes. Clients should feel like they are interacting directly with your brand rather than a generalized coaching software platform. 
  3. Client management tools. Setting and keeping track of clients’ goals is important for maintaining good relationships. A good platform should let you customize plans, monitor progress, and track metrics all in one place. 
  4. Communication features. Coaches who regularly host remote sessions need reliable communication tools. Platforms that let you livestream and engage in community discussions encourage better coach-client interactions. 
  5. Content sharing and storage. Are you regularly sharing videos and other coaching materials? Find a platform with ample storage and easy sharing options. Make sure clients can easily download or view materials without needing much know-how. 
  6. Payment processing. A good coaching platform helps you get paid on time, whether you’re selling coaching packages or charging per session. Look for tools that offer secure and hassle-free payment solutions. For example, if you run a membership app, clients can pay for services without leaving it. 
  7. Monetization. How do you plan to monetize your premium content? Your video monetization platform should allow you to sell however you want, be it memberships, one-off purchases, or both.
  8. Community building tools. Building a community around your brand creates a stronger bond with your audience. Guarantee your coaching platform lets you create a space to fuel discussions, respond to comments, and chat with members in real time. 
  9. Networking opportunities. For a coach interested in professional development and networking, a platform with a community that allows them to connect with peers, share experiences, and gain new insights, is important. Uscreen, for example, has a community called Membership+ where coaches can connect with like-minded entrepreneurs. 

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Top 8 online coaching platforms

1. Uscreen

Best for: Video-based coaches with an existing audience.

A screenshot of an actual creator using Uscreen, a Kajabi alternative and competitor.

Uscreen is a video membership platform that makes it easy for you scale your online coaching business. The platform makes it possible to sell coaching programs to hundreds of clients at once. Video helps you serve more diverse learning needs and support more clients in achieving their goals. 

In contrast to selling one-off services, Uscreen specializes in helping monetize your knowledge through video memberships. Coaching clients pay a monthly fee to access your content, and in return, you get a stable income stream as you grow. 

What makes Uscreen different from many online coaching platforms is its offerings. Uscreen is an all-in-one solution that combines video streaming, monetization, community building, and OTT apps

Membership apps

Apps are the backbone of your coaching business with Uscreen. They help grow membership revenue by providing immersive mobile experiences for viewers. By streaming through an app, you are connecting with members’ where they live all day, every day… on their phones.

An original screenshot of Uscreen's OTT platform solutions ranging from TV, Tablet, mobile apps and more.

Your own coaching app built on our OTT platform allows members to access your content and community area across multiple devices, including Apple TV and smartphones. They can create playlists and calendars, and download videos to watch offline. 


Livestreaming and real-time chat is a massive win for coaches. In fact, creators who host regular livestreaming events generate 2.5 times more monthly revenue than those who don’t. 

Through a top live streaming platform, you can connect with members in real time, giving prospects even more reasons to join your coaching program. With Uscreen, streaming live is a breeze. Chat with your audience and stream in HD from the Uscreen Studio. No third-party encoding is required.

Image showing how Uscreen users can start a live stream right from their browser with a simple setup.

Built-in community space 

With Uscreen, you can create an online community space for clients to connect with others who share similar goals and challenges. This sense of belonging is highly motivating and can reduce churn by 2x, according to our data. 

Members can share their own content within the community. They can post images, videos, or even interactive polls. 

An image of community engagement and apps.

As a coach, you can post direct links to your video catalog in the comments section. This drives more members to your content and can stimulate conversations. 

An image shows how video creators can directly link to their video catalog on community posts.

Want to motivate and inspire members? With Community Challenges, you can create a challenge page with specific goals to achieve. Participants can sign up for the challenge and share their progress with others. 

An image shows how video creators using Uscreen's new community feature can motivate their members with Community Challenges.

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Marketing tools 

Get the word out about your new coaching membership with automated marketing tools. Uscreen offers a deep feature set that helps grow your coaching business and attract new clients. 

Your website is the starting point. Uscreen offers several templates you can quickly setup and launch without coding skills. These templates are fully brandable, so you can add logos and adjust colors to match your signature style. 

In your admin area, you can set up various marketing campaigns once your website is up and running: 

  • Run giveaways.
  • Create landing pages.
  • Set up referral programs.
  • Create email campaigns.
  • Make coupons and gift cards. 
  • Send push notifications.
A screenshot of Uscreen's marketing tools ranging from giveaway funnels, landing pages, email, subscription upsells, gift cards to coupons and push notifications.

Uscreen is one of the best coaching platforms for video-first online coaches. Getting set up with a membership website and app on Uscreen is quick and easy. With a predictable monthly fee and the ability to reach unlimited clients, you can scale your coaching business and transform your revenue forever. 

Uscreen Pros: 

  • Easy to set up and manage a coaching membership website. 
  • Superior video quality and delivery. 
  • Extensive customization options. 
  • Various monetization options.

Price: $$

2. Paperbell

Best for: Coaches seeking less admin work.

Image showing how appointments look within Paperbell, the online coaching platform.
Source: Paperbell

Paperbell is a coaching management platform for coaches who want to minimize admin time in their practice. You can easily schedule sessions, manage client information, handle payments, and even send out automated reminders. 

You can send clients right to your portal where they can find everything you offer in one spot. It’s like having a personal assistant to keep your business running smoothly.  

The founder, Laura Roeder, created Paperbell for coaching businesses based on her own experience as a business coach. You can start with a free account to understand the features and benefits of Paperbell. The platform paid out over $5.8 million to coaches in 2022.


  • Client appointment scheduling tool: Much like Calendly, Paperbell lets clients put time on your calendar based on your availability. It coordinates schedules according to different time zones and syncs with Outlook and Google Calendar. 
  • Contract signing tool: Speed up the signing process for coaching agreements with electronic signatures and web-based contracts. 
  • Client management dashboard: Provides a complete overview of each client, allowing you to track client progress, history, and payments. 
  • Online payments: Supports payment plans and various methods, including Stripe and PayPal.
  • Group coaching tool: Easily offer group coaching sessions and packages with automatic landing page creation, participant limit settings, and custom questionnaires for data collection. 


  • Simplicity and ease of use.
  • Great customer support.
  • All-in-one coaching hub. 


  • Lacks customization and integration options.
  • Falls short on advanced course creation tools.

Price: $

It’s simple with Uscreen.

Build, launch and manage your membership, all in one place.

3. Kajabi

Best for: Coaches selling digital products 

A screenshot of Mike Keenan's, Peak Freelance founder, user dashboard on Kajabi.

Kajabi is an online course platform that many online coaches have adopted as a coaching platform for creating, marketing, and selling online courses and other digital products. It has everything in one place: email marketing tools, sales funnel builders, and marketing automation. 

If you’re looking to sell courses as a part of your online coaching business, Kajabi also provides intuitive tools to build and customize courses to match your brand. Plus, chat tools to engage customers and various payment options like Stripe and PayPal. 

One of Kajabi’s standout features is its AI course and lesson creation. In just a few clicks, you can generate a course lesson on your desired topic. The lessons and quizzes are fully customizable, so you can edit and add more information as needed. 

From there, Kajabi has AI tools to help you create tons of assets for your course, such as landing pages, video scripts, social media posts, and more. 


  • Robust course editor: Kajabi’s course editor allows you to drip content over time and lock specific sections of the course to control how students progress through it.
  • Built-in community features: Offer live calls, challenges, leaderboards, and accountability tools to members. 
  • Integrated coaching programs: Host, create, market, and sell any type of digital coaching product, including courses, one-to-one programs, and subscriptions. 
  • Podcast hosting and syndication: Import an existing podcast to Kajabi and distribute it to Apple Podcasts and Spotify. 
  • Event management and webinars: Schedule events, create automated email campaigns, and integrate with third-party tools for live video streaming.


  • Makes it easy to sell courses.
  • User-friendly templates and intuitive interface.
  • Deep sales and marketing feature set. 
  • Extensive training resources and AI assistance. 
  • 14-day free trial.


  • Learning curve for page builder. 
  • Lacks sophisticated assessment features.
  • Limited customization options. 

Price: $$

4. CoachAccountable 

Best for: Group coaching specialists

Image showing the CoachAccountable user dashboard for appointments and more.
Source: CoachAccountable

Life coaches are often juggling multiple clients, appointments, and admin tasks every day. CoachAccountable is an online coaching platform built to streamline these tasks and bring them into one place. With a sleek, web-based interface, CoachAccountable’s coaching tools help you manage everything for your coaching practice, from onboarding to contracts and invoicing. 

One area CoachAccountable stands out is group coaching. You can assign group-level tasks, turn programs into friendly competitions, and access group metrics to see how everyone is doing. The platform also has a Zoom integration, which is a big help for scheduling and hosting video calls with your group sessions. 

CoachAccountable’s pricing is based on the number of clients you have. It starts at $20 per month for two clients, then jumps to $40 per month for five clients, and goes up from there. The highest plan is called ‘Level 8’, where you’ll pay $4,000 per month for 1,000 clients. 


  • Journaling and whiteboards: Each client gets their own Whiteboard where you can document key information and tasks. 
  • Templates for agreements: Offers a range of document templates that are easy to edit and share with clients. 
  • Appointment setting: Sync appointments to your calendar and your client’s calendar, with automated reminders via email or text. 
  • Coaching programs and course creation: Create your own individual and group programs and courses within the platform.
  • Invoicing: Get paid faster with online payments with no additional process fees via Square, Stripe, or PayPal. 


  • Mobile features for on-the-go coaches. 
  • Uncluttered interface. 
  • Fully-featured system for every plan. 


  • No website builder.
  • Limited branding options.
  • No marketing features.

Pricing: $$

5. Nudge Coach

Best for: New fitness coaches

Image showing the NudgeCoach dashboard for coaches and their clients
Source: Nudge Coach

Nudge Coach is an affordable coaching platform for newer fitness coaches. It offers a set of tools to interact and sell coaching services at scale, with a focus on automation. You can set up customizable tracking systems for clients with health metrics like steps, sleep, nutrition, and hydration. 

As suggested by its name, you can also send automated ‘nudges’ or reminders to clients to encourage behaviors. This could be to drink water, take a walk, or practice mindfulness. The platform also lets you create interactive health plans through its mobile app, which can be completely customized for clients,  


  • Content sharing: Distribute videos, PDFs, and other web-hosted materials via links and attachments.
  • Messaging options: Directly message individual clients or multiple clients at once through your app. You can also schedule messages to send at a later day and time.
  • Program cards: Customize and assign lessons to clients on their phones.
  • Social forum: Let clients interact with each other in a forum. 
  • Custom notifications. Set up notifications to bring clients back into your app and keep them on track. 


  • Great free plan.
  • White-labeled mobile app.
  • Doesn’t require technical knowledge. 


  • Lacks advanced features.
  • No integrated payment system. 
  • Some users report design and usability issues. 

Price: $

6. Delenta 

Best for: Coaches looking to automate processes

Image showing Delenta's online coaching platform dashboard.

Delenta is another all-in-one online coaching platform that focuses on automating different processes of a coaching business. 

If you’re constantly emailing clients back and forth to schedule appointments, Delenta’s integrated calendar lets clients book appointments without ever interacting with you or a VA. 

Welcome messages, reschedule messages, and payment requests are also handled by Delenta, so you reduce the number of no-shows. Simply add a personal touch to your email template, then set and forget it. 

As a coach, your landing pages need to make a good first impression. That’s why Delenta’s Edit and Update builder helps you quickly create and publish a professional site, completely personalized with your own graphics, coaching programs, and videos. 

An added bonus: Right when you sign up for a free account, you’ll receive an in-app message from the founder to help you with setup.


  • Custom branding: Offers white-label client portals that can be customized with your logo, brand colors, and email templates.
  • Courses: Create and sell online courses across various formats like video, audio, and documents, and embed media from YouTube or Vimeo​​.
  • Client and project management: Acts as a CRM and helps manage clients, track appointments, and automate communications.
  • Calendar and bookings: Integrates with Google and Outlook calendars, supporting automatic session reminders to reduce no-shows​​.
  • Automated messaging: Interact with clients at scale with personalized, timed messages. 


  • Easy set up
  • Exhaustive feature set
  • Mobile app
  • 30-day free trial


  • Lacks customization options. 
  • Buggy integrations. 
  • Doesn’t adjust meetings for time zones.

Pricing: $

7. Practice

Best for: Beginner coaches

Image showing the coaching dashboard for coaches using Practice.
Source: Practice

With a user-friendly interface and built-in forms and templates, Practice is an online coaching platform that streamlines your coaching business. Using the platform, you can manage a client roster, regardless of size, in one place, with unlimited storage and contacts, as well as a robust CRM that lets you track clients’ interactions with you.  

Among the platform’s business management tools, a key feature of Practice is its shared client portals. These are seamless spaces where you can share documents with clients, handle billing inquiries, and communicate directly with them. It’s like having a virtual office where your clients can drop by any time for updates, ensuring that communication is always open and flowing.

Practice offers a 7-day free trial for all plans. 


  • Integrated scheduling: Emeddable schedules, events, and appointments. 
  • CRM: Robust client records with every interaction, email, invoice, payment, and session notes. 
  • Client portal: A dedicated space for clients to access services and communicate with you.
  • Package creation and customization: You can create and tailor packages for different client needs.
  • Mobile app integrations: Includes a mobile app that integrates with Google, Stripe, and Zoom.


  • User-friendly interface for clients.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • All-in-one platform. 


  • Lacks integration with other business tools. 
  • Newer product with potential bugs. 
  • Advanced features require more expensive plans. 

Price: $

8. HoneyBook

Best for: Coaches looking for advanced client management 

Image showing Honeybook's dashboard.
Source: HoneyBook

HoneyBook is a popular client management software for service businesses. Many coaches also use it because it addresses key needs like scheduling, engagement, contracts, and invoicing. 

If you’re tired of the tedious, manual tasks related to your online coaching business, HoneyBook also has plenty of workflow automation tools. For example, you can create custom flows for sending invoices, files, and questionnaires. Plus, it offers a tracking dashboard where you can see each project’s status at any given time. 

The HoneyBook mobile app lets you manage your coaching business no matter where you are. You can access your task list, share session links, use your time tracker tool and switch between multiple companies if you have them. 


  • Advanced AI tools: Honeybook employs AI to generate personalized client responses, predict leads more likely to book, and create images for business documents and marketing materials​​​​.
  • Proposal feature: Streamlines deal closures by consolidating invoices, contracts, and payments into a single document, making the review and approval process easier for clients​​.
  • Integrations: Offers integration with several platforms like Google Calendar, Zoom, Gmail, and QuickBooks, which enhances its scheduling and management capabilities​​.
  • Image studio: A unique feature for visual content creation, not available in some competing platforms​​.
  • Client portal: This feature facilitates communication and document sharing between coaches and their clients, contributing to a more streamlined workflow​​.


  • Professional interface.
  • Efficient workflow automation.
  • Variety of templates for email, contracts, and questionnaires. 


  • Learning curve for less tech-savvy coaches.
  • Reported poor tech support. 
  • Doesn’t sync to iCal.

Price: $

Find the best coaching platform for your business today

The coaching industry is spoiled for choice with online coaching tools and platforms. So when choosing your coaching platform, go ahead and be picky! The right platform will be the home for your entire business, ensuring your coaching services foster transformation in your clients and provide excellent coaching experiences. Once set up, it should do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on high-level strategy. 

By building your coaching membership in Uscreen, you can stand out in any market and sell your services successfully online. From building community to marketing, Uscreen has everything you need. 

It’s simple with Uscreen.

Build, launch and manage your membership, all in one place.

Best online coaching platforms FAQ

What is the best platform for a life coach?

The best platform for a life coach depends on their specific needs. A popular choice is Uscreen, which offers tools for client management, payment processing, content sharing, and payment processing. 

How do I choose a coaching platform?

When choosing a coaching platform, consider factors like ease of use, client management features, integration with other tools, cost, and the needs of your coaching practice. It’s also important to seek platforms that are secure and respect client confidentiality.

Which social media platform is best for coaches?

The best social media platform for a coach depends on where their audience hangs out. LinkedIn is good for professional coaches trying to reach corporate clients, while platforms like Instagram and Facebook are better for connecting with everyday people.