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Uscreen gave us the best deal, gave us the best options, gave our customers tons of variety and really cool options that didn’t exist on some of the bigger platforms!

Tony Horton

Founder of Power Nation Fitness

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If you’re considering launching your own streaming service, Uscreen is easily the best platform out to do that for you, it’s not even close.

Alex Ferrari

Founder of Indie Film Hustle

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I think the Uscreen site itself is pretty handy. There's a lot of help on there. I must say, that was a really big drawcard.

Tom Gellie

Founder of Big Picture Skiing

The Uscreen team is here to help

Whether planning your business model, navigating the platform or testing new ideas, you won’t be on your own

Tailored guidance from your dedicated support team

Recognizing that every creator's journey is unique, we provide personalized support at every step. Whether it's strategy, onboarding, or continuous growth, our team – your consultant, confidant, and cheerleader – is always there for you.

Kula Collective's Uscreen Membership Start Date of May 2021
An image of the Collective Kula's mobile app experience along side a testimonial from Nicole Wild, the founder of Collective Kula, talking about her positive experience with the Uscreen support team.

Free, seamless migrations handled
with expert care

Don’t let your current platform be an obstacle our expert Migration team will craft your migration plan and ensure a smooth and easy transfer of your content and subscribers to Uscreen.

Your Saltwater Guide's Uscreen Membership Start Date of August 2019
An image of Your Saltwater Guide's mobile app experience along side a testimonial from Capt. Dave Hansen, the founder of Your Saltwater Guide, talking about his positive experience with migrating to Uscreen.

24/7 tech support for you and your users.

Enjoy quick, efficient resolution and responsive support with Uscreen. Trust us to handle the complex technical and billing aspects, so you can focus on your content and community.

Backbody Project's Uscreen Membership Start Date of Feb 2021
An image of Backbody Project's mobile app experience along side a testimonial from Meegan Gregg, the founder of Backbody Project, talking about her positive experience with Uscreen Support Team.

The market’s first community for Uscreen membership operators

We created Membership+ app to support your journey: on-demand educational content, exclusive conversations with industry leaders, and a supportive community of peers.

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Learn why creators choose Uscreen

Explore success stories of Uscreen customers who built thriving six and seven-figure businesses by fostering engaged communities.

Man in professional attire with Adjuster TV Plus logo, conveying expertise in the insurance adjustment field, standing against a dark background for an educational video presentation
Adjuster TV Plus logo

I was already a consumer of other Uscreen platforms, and they were great to use. When I looked through those other sites, [...] and saw what the experience was like, I realized subscribing is super simple and the content’s right there - that was the answer.

Matt Allen

Founder of Adjusters TV


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An image of Justin Rhodes, the founder of Abundance Plus
Abundance Plus Logo

When we launched Abundance Plus with Uscreen, right away it exceeded my expectations. Our business doubled. Our YouTube views doubled. It was a great time to launch. People were ready for an app.

Justin Rhodes

Founder of Abundance+


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The five-star live viewing experience your audience deserves.

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Upload, organize and distribute your videos all in one place.

Video Monetization

Earn recurring revenue from your content.

Membership Tools

Unlock the true potential of your videos.


Forge a strong bond with your audience using community features.

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Power features and resources to elevate your brand and membership to the next level. Let us help you on your way.

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Get answers, troubleshoot issues and master the Uscreen platform.

Frequently asked questions

Got questions or queries about starting your own Uscreen memberships. Check out the FAQ’s for answers.

Does Uscreen outsource its Support?

The answer is no. Uscreen's Support team is all in house, which means you're getting guidance from team members who have been apart of Uscreen's development and can offer deeper, more immediate insights to any of your questions or potential concerns.

My Membership's on another platform. Now what?

Worried about switching platforms? Don't be. Our experienced Migration Team has successfully moved hundreds of users from various platforms (such as Vimeo OTT and Kajabi) to Uscreen with no interruption to their business and with flawless results.

Focus on what you do best, we've got your migration covered.

How do I know I'm maximizing my Membership?

With a Uscreen membership you get both a dedicated support representative along with access to Membership Plus, a community and online media platform for creators & business owners to connect, get new ideas, and have their questions answered with actionable advice.

We want you to succeed and will do everything in our power to make that a reality.

Is my Uscreen storefront secure?

Your default storefront URL is secured by SSL, and customers checking out on your store are subject to the same securities they would have when logging into their bank.

In the digital age, where data security is paramount, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates play a crucial role in safeguarding information online. At Uscreen, we understand the importance of security, especially when it comes to hosting content and engaging with your audience. That’s why we provide a complimentary SSL certificate for every domain added to Uscreen, ensuring your online presence is not just powerful, but also protected.

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