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Manage your content, community, and subscriptions with our intuitive platform. Our tools are built to make it easy for anyone to run their membership business.

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Cross-platform display of a video catalog and analytics featuring a variety of cooking images and charts showing growth trendlines.

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Uscreen was built with memberships in mind. You will have all the powerful features needed to grow and manage your membership at your fingertips.

A laptop displaying analytical charts showing growing 'revenue', 'watch time', and 'subscribers'. A social profile display and marketing tools that specifically highlight 'giveaway funnels', 'email broadcasts', 'gift cards' and 'push notifications'.

Marketing tools that actually work

Our data shows that users who embrace Uscreen marketing tools can see a remarkable 2.5x increase in monthly earnings -- our tools are designed to drive revenue

Build stunning landing page effortlessly

Need a website? No problem. Build an effective website tailored to your brand or high-converting landing pages with zero technical stress.

A web browser displaying a visual CMS landing page building tool, with three copy callouts that say, 'All-in-one video CMS', 'Personalized Landing Pages', and 'No Coding Required'.

Powerful marketing tools to convert & retain

We’ve designed and tested tools that make a difference at every stage, from lead gen to nurturing and reducing churn. Set up automation once and sit back as they go to work for you.

A mobile phone showing a woman performing a yoga pose, with a push notification that encourages audience to view live streaming. A list of marketing features that includes 'Push Notifications', 'Gift Cards', 'Email Broadcast' and more.

Recurring revenue made easy

Craft varied subscription plans, offer single courses, or start with free trials. Enjoy optimized, high-conversion checkouts and payments, web and app-ready.

A mobile phone showing three woman wearing fitness clothing, a large order cta, and four payment processors including 'Stripe', 'Apple Pay', 'Paypal', and 'Google Pay'.

Smarter decisions made with analytics

Gain insights into revenue trends, subscriber growth and video performance. All member data and billing information are securely stored, for easy export anytime.

A mobile phone showing a woman live streaming a cooking class, and three charts that show including 'revenue growth', 'growth rate', and 'watch time'.

Integrations with your favorite tools

Connect with Zapier, Stripe, Mailchimp and many more. We make workflows more smooth with any tech stack.

A mobile phone showing a woman on the golf course, a large signup button, and five marketing tool integration options including 'Hotjar', 'Mail Chimp', 'Zapier', 'Facebook' and 'Google Analytics'.

Hear From Thriving Creators Building with Membership Tools

Explore success stories of Uscreen customers who built thriving six and seven-figure businesses by utilizing Uscreen Membership Tools.

Man in professional attire with Adjuster TV Plus logo, conveying expertise in the insurance adjustment field, standing against a dark background for an educational video presentation
An image of Adjuster's TV Membership App Logo

I was already a consumer of other Uscreen platforms, and they were great to use. When I looked through those other sites, [...] and saw what the experience was like, I realized subscribing is super simple and the content’s right there - that was the answer.

Matt Allen

Founder of Adjusters TV


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An image of M/ Body founder 'Marnie Alton' along side a logo of her yoga and fitness video membership app.
M/BODY Membership App Logo

We can expand and scale the business without expanding our workload - plus, we can touch more people, be a part of more lives, and have a more profitable business.

Marnie Alton

Founder of M/Body


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Unlock the power of efficiency with our all-inclusive feature suite, tailored to expedite your journey and help your business launch in mere minutes.

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Launch your own Mobile + TV Apps, no coding skills required.

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The five-star live viewing experience your audience deserves.

Video Experience

Upload, organize and distribute your videos all in one place.

Video Monetization

Earn recurring revenue from your content.

Membership Tools

Unlock the true potential of your videos.


Forge a strong bond with your audience using community features.

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Frequently asked questions

Got questions or queries about starting your own Uscreen memberships. Check out the FAQ’s for answers.

How will Marketing Tools help me grow my business?

Uscreen's marketing tools help you conquer every stage of the customer journey, from attracting new leads to nurturing loyal fans and winning back lapsed customers.

Generate leads with captivating giveaways, landing pages, and referral programs. Cultivate relationships through personalized emails, upsells, and abandoned cart reminders. Re-engage lapsed customers with win-back offers and free trials. It's all here, waiting to transform your business. Dive into the Marketing tab and watch your sales soar!

What are Giveaway funnels and why should I use them?

Giveaway funnels help you build your email list and capture lead information for potential customers. Through a landing page and a series of automated emails, you can give free access to a piece of your premium content in exchange for leads giving you their email.

When you use Giveaway funnels, you'll be able to drive more users to your site and once these leads have enjoyed your content, they'll be much more likely to become paying subscribers—especially with a discounted offer! When creating an offer, the discount given will only be applied to the first month of the subscription.

Where can I find detailed insights about my viewers and their activity

Dive into the Analytics tab! It offers a comprehensive overview, including total watch time across web and mobile, unique video views, and performance breakdowns for individual videos, live events, collections, authors, countries, and devices.

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