Straight forward

Want to split your revenues? We didn’t think so, so Uscreen simply
charges reasonable subscription fees and stays out of your video subscription service.

Try for free for 14 days


Everything you need to get started


Basic includes all of our base features and:

  • 1TB video storage Store up to 200 hours of video with 1TB of video storage. Overages are billed at 0.10 cents per GB, or you can simply upgrade to Plus for unlimited storage.
  • 1TB streaming With an average video length of 30 minutes, you can stream to up to 250 active viewers per month with 1TB of streaming bandwidth. Overages are billed at 0.10 cents per GB, or you can simply upgrade to Plus for unlimited streaming.
  • Up to 100 users Up to 100 users at anytime can purchase & view your content per month.
  • Basic customization Modify colours, branding, banners within the website templates easily using a WSYWIG editor. No code access.
  • Email support


Our most popular plan


Plus Includes all features in Basic and:

  • Unlimited video storage No limits on video, file or website pages.
  • Unlimited streaming No limits on streaming or bandwidth.
  • Unlimited users No limits on users or admins or viewers.
  • Advanced customization Get full access to the theme templates and modify everything with HTML/CSS & Liquid templates.
  • 3rd party integrations Access over 100 integrations with software such as MailChimp, ConstantContact, Zapier and many more.
  • Royalty tracking Track royalties easily using the royalty tracking feature within Uscreen.
  • Affiliate marketing You can create affiliates to track sales generated from other sites and pay them out commissions.
  • Group subscriptions Setup the ability to sell team/group subscriptions, allowing 1 admin to purchase a subscription and manage access for his/her team.
  • Migration assistance We can help you migrate your users, billing, videos and more, contact for more info.


Get your own apps


Pioneer Includes All features in Plus and:

  • Branded mobile apps Get your own mobile ott apps, for both iOS & Android. TV apps are sold at $199/mo per app. We fully launch, maintain & update them for you in the app stores, so your users can download these apps on their mobile devices built just for you & your brand.
  • • iOS
  • • Android
  • + $199/mo for TV Apps Add any TV app to this package for $199/mo per app. You can add these TV apps AppleTV, FireTV, AndroidTV, Roku, Chromecast.
  • Phone support
  • API access Get access to a well-documented API in order to build your own apps and much more.

Base features included in all plans

4K video

Unlimited programs

Marketing integrations

Playback on any device By default everything will play on all devices.

Website & CMS A full website & hosting is included.

Coupons & discounts

Marketing pixels Add marketing pixels such as Facebook pixels and others.

99.99% uptime

Set your own domain

Secure payment processing

Google analytics integration Integrate GA to track detailed website analytics.

Set your own language

“I am a fitness expert, I produce lots of content, I wanted a simple platform to use in order to launch my video subscription service, Uscreen has enabled me to do just that.”

“Uscreen has made our lives easier, it’s a go-to platform for anyone looking to teach anything online.”

Need a more robust customized solution?

Checkout our enterprise page

Well, what about…

Do I need a credit card to get setup?

Yes a credit card is required, but you will not be charged for the first 14 days & you can cancel at anytime.

Are there any hidden fees or revenue share?

No we charge a no hidden fees or revenue shares, you keep 100% of your revenue, we charge a simple monthly fee.

Do I need a web host or video host to use Uscreen?

No we do all the hosting for your website & videos, and bandwidth at no additional cost, it’s all included and unlimited.

How do transaction fees work for payments?

If you use Stripe payments, you get paid instantly and 100% of your revenue goes to you with no transaction fees by Uscreen, but Stripe does charge its own transaction fee of 2.9% & .30 cents per transaction.

Can I accept all credit cards?

Yes accept credit cards from anywhere in the world.

Do you protect against piracy?

Yes all streams are protected via encryption delivery so theft is not so easy.


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Keep 100% of your revenue, no
revenue share or hidden fees

Try Uscreen for free for 14 days
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