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We’ve partnered with the best tools, apps and service providers on the market to help you grow your vides streaming business & maximize your use of the Uscreen platform.

Meet Uscreen Partners

Our partner network provides the most innovative niche solutions to supercharge your video business:


Uscreen offers a number of native integrations, as well as 2000+ zaps available through Zapier. These integrations include some of the most popular email marketing tools, analytics services and affiliate platforms.

Third-party Solutions

We have some amazing deals for you. From video editing tools to music licencing, as a Uscreen customer, you’re eligible for special rates and other benefits with our third-party partners.

*Some links on this page are affiliate links. We may receive commissions if you purchase through these links.

Service Providers

Uscreen is an all-in-one tool, but sometimes, you need a helping hand. We’re constantly working on vetting service providers to help you set up, launch and grow your service.

Music Licensing Platforms

Uscreen’s music licensing partners offer thousands of high-quality tracks for your videos:

Epidemic Sounds

Now available for Uscreen users: Royalty free music that takes your videos to the next level. Epidemic Sound gives you access to over 32.000 high-quality tracks by emerging artists in a wide variety of genres to use in your video content.

Epidemic Sound extends the coverage of its Commercial Plan for Uscreen users – VOD, live streaming, OTT apps included.


Artlist music licensing for video covers everything from YouTube monetization to commercial use worldwide — just pick a track, download it, and you’re fully licensed.

Get two extra months added to your annual Artlist music subscription when purchasing through our partner link.



HookSounds royalty free music service is focused on original production and exclusive music. Aside from their music and sound effects libraries, HookSounds offers custom track requests, which allows you to ask for a song composed just for your VOD.

All HookSounds subscriptions are 25% off for Uscreen users. Use code USCREEN25 at checkout and make your content sound more special!

Live Streaming Tools

Uscreen integrates with the leading live streaming tools so entrepreneurs and video creators can run professional streams:


Get advantage of an exclusive discount for the Uscreen community – 35% off on any premium Restream plan and a 7-day trial.

ecamm live


Get two month for free with Ecamm Live annual packages. Contact our customer support for a promo code!


As a Uscreen user, you will receive $10 in credit on your StreamYard account once you’ve signed up with our link.

Video Editing & Design

Our partners offer a broad range of video editing and design services to help creators edit videos, add stunning effects, and create breathtaking designs:

Wave Video Editing tool lets you make and repurpose videos for every channel. Create captivating videos for your VOD service, promo pages, social media, and email campaigns.

All plans are 60% off for Uscreen customers. Use WXX_Uscreen60 coupon code at checkout.

Mevvo logo


MEVVO is an awesome design solution for Health & Fitness professionals. A reliable on-demand service for receiving top-quality design for branding and everyday marketing materials.

Get advantage of an exclusive discount for the Uscreen community. 25% off on your first month on any plan when using the code USCREEN.

Marketing and Automation

Check out this rich collection of integrations and marketing and automation tools from our partners to help grow your video business with:

ActiveCampaign logo

ActiveCampaign helps you reach the right contacts with the right message at the right time with hundreds of pre-built automation.

Special offer for Uscreen users – 25% off the first 3 months when signing up for an ActiveCampaign Plus.


Zapier allows you to instantly connect Uscreen with 2,000+ tools and apps video creators use daily. Check out hundreds of ready to use Zap templates!


Our integration with Drip syncs customer data points from your Uscreen account directly to Drip, allowing you to build more targeted and personalized email campaigns around them.


Uscreen integration with Mailchimp automatically syncs your customers’ data from Uscreen into a Mailchimp audience, so you can segment and send targeted emails to your customers.

Affiliate Marketing and Rewards

Uscreen partners with leading affiliate marketing platforms to offer you the ability to launch instant affiliate and referral programs for your Video on Demand website:


Integrating Rewardful with your Uscreen account is a quick way to set up affiliates and referral programs with Stripe. Turn your biggest fans
into your best marketers!


Refersion is an intuitive, easy-to-use platform that manages, tracks, and helps grow affiliate marketing programs. Refersion offers a 30-day free trial for all Uscreen customers.

Other tools and apps you’ll love

Looking for creative ways to scale your video business? Check out these powerful tools offered by our partners:

Papercup logo

Papercup translates human speech using machine learning algorithms retaining the vocal characteristics of the original speaker in the translated language.

Free onboarding and Uscreen channel set up in the target language for all Uscreen customers. Go to Papercup website to get started and just reference Uscreen, when you get in touch.

Quicc logo

Quicc helps entrepreneurs repurpose videos like a global heavyweight, without needing a media empire: upload and transcribe up to 100 hours of video content each month; search your library by a keyword or phrase, clip any section of long-form content, and brand each clip. Plus, Quicc offers free burned in captions on all videos.

Use the promo code USCREEN50 at checkout and get $50 off per month.

We’re often asked…

What is Uscreen Partner Page?

Uscreen Partner Page is where you can find tools and apps from our partners that complement the Uscreen video distribution and monetization platform.

Why is the promo code or offer link not working?

Offer activation issues are dependent on each individual partner and could be caused by: expired code, expired partnership, existing subscription with the selected partner.

I am not a paid Uscreen customer, can I still benefit from Uscreen partner offers?

Many offers posted on our Partner Page are available to the whole Uscreen community and can be activated through the link in the offer description. Some of the offers posted on our Partner Page are available exclusively to paid Uscreen users and can be activated only through our customer support. Please check the offer description for more details.

I have questions or need help with one or more tools listed on the Partner Page. Who should I contact?

We have documented the setup process for some of the tools in our Help Center. However, if you have questions about a tool or an app listed on the Partner Page, their features, pricing plans, and terms of use, please contact the vendor directly. 

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