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Abundance Plus built a seven figure membership business on Uscreen
Chris Downing has over 25,000 subscribers on YouTube, and hosts his membership on Uscreen.
Crochet with Tiffany host their membership on Uscreen
Successful online school, recipe kick is powered by Uscreen.
Jazzercise membership on Uscreen.
Jump Rope Dudes have over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and host their membership on Uscreen.
The Collective Kula has built a seven figure membership business on Uscreen.
Means TV is Powered by Uscreen.
Only Paige has over 350K subscribers on YouTube and host their membership on Uscreen.
Prodigies membership is powered by Uscreen.
Your Saltwater Guide powered by Uscreen
Xuan Lan has over a million subscribers on YouTube and hosts their membership on Uscreen.

Take control of your audience & brand to earn recurring revenue easily.

The only platform that combines video, livestreaming and community features across all devices.

Find What Feels Good yoga membership by Adriene Mishler. The platform, community and apps all powered by Uscreen.

Uscreen has helped over 4,000+ creators succeed







Uscreen is perfect for...

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Fitness & Yoga Instructors

Launch a full-fledged digital studio your community will love and use every day, and become the next big brand out there.

Media Companies

Take full control of your content distribution and monetization. Deliver a seamless, Netflix-style experience across mobile and TV.

Coaches & Educators

Build memberships that are more engaging and accessible than online courses. Strengthen your income stream while fostering a tight-knit community.

Event Broadcasting

Manage and stream your events across all devices with our all-in-one platform. Unlock more revenue from one-off and recurring sales.

YouTubers & Influencers

End revenue roller coaster and own real customers. Create a consistent revenue stream and break free from social media platform constraints.

membership apps built and launched with Uscreen. Launch your own branded apps with Uscreen.

Boost retention and engagement with Mobile & TV apps

Your fans love their phones. Keep your brand within reach at all times with your own apps — no coding needed. Your full membership experience with push notifications to keep them engaged. You could have your own apps in 30 days.

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The only membership platform where content and community seamlessly unite

Our platform is built around what is proven to engage, retains and grow your audience. Imagine a Netflix-style video library, a safe community space, and direct livestreams, all under your white-labeled apps and website.

Abundance Plus is a successful membership platform powered by Uscreen. They have generated over $100K in MRR and have grown by 2X. The membership website, app and community all hosted on Uscreen.


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Engage with a video experience inspired by Netflix & YouTube

Showcase your content through our user-friendly interface designed for easy discovery and binge-watching. As members enjoy your videos, they can effortlessly comment, download, and curate their own playlists.

Build a supportive community and create a self-sustaining ecosystem

Draw in and keep members with a safe space, right next to your video library, always within their reach. Sustain your community as you enable members to engage, inspire, and connect with each other.

Connect with direct and easy live streaming

No other tools needed and no technical hurdles. Spark excitement and interaction by allowing members to join from any device and chat live. Boost attendance with our calendar tool which auto-reminds members to show up.

Make your community
a key part of your membership

Let your fans connect with each other with our Community feature built right into your membership. With public and private channels and interactive community features, a community will make your membership even more valuable for your fans.

We could be gigantic - we haven’t even touched the surface of it, and we’re not slowing down. And it's the personal touch and the community that's going to drive this thing.

Captain Dave Hansen, Founder

Your Saltwater Guide

How much do creators really earn with Uscreen?

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Everything you need for an amazing membership

Manage your membership with ease. Uscreen gives you all the tools you need to manage and market your membership business.

1:1 support every step of the way

You won’t be alone on your membership journey - we will walk you through setting up your business model, content strategy, pricing and everything else you need to make your membership a huge success.

Flexible monetization tools

Design your subscription offering however you want, including free trials, one-off courses and a variety of payment options. Your membership will have all the best practices built right in.

Marketing tools & analytics

Marketing tools and automations pre-built to easily optimize the performance of your membership well, including insightful analytics on your payments, user engagement, video performance, and more.

We partner with you every step of the way

We go beyond being a technology platform. We’ll help design your membership and provide dedicated expert onboarding and account managers. We make your success our success.

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Free, fast and easy migrations

Thousands of creators have had seamless transitions to Uscreen thanks to our expert Migrations team. We’ll take care of all the hard work, free of charge.

A team of memberships experts has your back

Work with your very own Success Manager for a worry-free journey. Launch and manage your membership effortlessly with Uscreen’s friendly, responsive team in your back pocket.

24/7 support for you and your members

Seamless issue resolution and instant answers to all your inquiries with our speedy customer support, for both you and your end users. Leave the boring, painful stuff to us so you can focus on what you do best—creating content.

The market’s first community for membership operators

Get strategies, tips, and case studies specifically for membership success. Connect with top creators and exchange best practices in our community.

Trusted by 4,000+ Video Creators

Unlike other platforms that support various content formats and monetization options, Uscreen is built around what is proven to work for video content memberships.

Don't just take our word for it

Explore authentic reviews from customers subscribed to membership platforms powered by Uscreen.

Abundance Plus Logo

A little something for everyone

This app is a great educator, laugh supplier, information feeder, worth every penny.

Art Hub Membership App Logo

Awesome App!

Art Hub is such an awesome app! Easy to search and the concept is genius. My 6-year-old son loves learning new ways to draw.

JRD membership app logo

Fun and organized

Great, easy to use app. Fun workouts. Can’t wait to see what JRD nation will release in the future.

Studio Bloom App Logo

So much more than a pregnancy workout!

I really don’t have words for how much I love Studio Bloom!

Prodigies membership app logo

Best program out there!

As a professional musician, music educator and as a parent, I am truly impressed with everything this company is creating.

Practice with Clara's membership app logo

Love so much!

This app makes yoga doable and accessible for everyone. Clara’s classes are dynamic, restorative, and delightful.

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