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Uscreen offers the all-in-one solution for building your own VOD platform and we’ll never charge you commissions.

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Get everything you need—and complete control—to quickly build a profit-generating subscription VOD service.

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Satisfy every subscriber’s access needs by delivering your service via all the popular ott apps on all the popular devices.

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Select the Uscreen plan that works for you, pay a flat monthly subscription fee, with zero revenue share.

Provide the ultimate customer experience

Uscreen makes it easy for you to build a beautiful VOD website and OTT apps without a steep learning curve or any coding knowledge.

Create a community

Inspire your customers to become active members of your community with individual profiles, avatars, and discussion groups.

Own your brand

You’ll find it’s easy to customize everything about your site and OTT apps to present customers with a consistent, branded look and feel.

Set up and start selling in 4 easy steps


Upload any content


Make it beautiful


Set your price


Earn revenues fast

Upload any content

It’s easy to upload videos and any type of digital media you want to offer with a bulk web uploader, via FTP, or shared drives such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

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Make it beautiful

Our template approach makes it easy to get started and super simple to apply the look and feel of your brand.  

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Set your price

You can sell videos via svod model or video on demand. Set your own price and keep and keep 100% of the revenues.

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Earn revenues fast

Uscreen’s designed to empower you to launch your VOD quickly with no technical headaches and start selling immediately.

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Total Immersion @Total Immersion

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Impress your audience with OTT branded apps

Offer your viewers a custom OTT app made just for you that matches your brand’s look and feel.

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