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Create a beautiful VOD website fast

Launch your video on demand service in just a few simple steps, using any of the stunning Uscreen video website themes and templates. No coding required.

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Get your own native apps for mobile & TV

Deliver your VOD service wherever your viewers want it. Launch OTT apps on any mobile device or smart TV. We make launching video streaming apps a breeze!

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Create your unique pricing model

Set up subscriptions, rentals or one-time buys for access to your VOD. You can also use coupons and promotions to create exclusive experiences for your subscribers.

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Set up and start selling in 4 easy steps

Upload your content
Make it beautiful
Set your price
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Upload your content

You can upload any type of content file, including videos, documents, PDFs, text, images, presentations, webinars, live streaming content and much more. You can also save time uploading by using the bulk web uploader, or by connecting to using FTP, Dropbox, or even Google Drive.

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Make it beautiful

Uscreen makes it easy to create a video website that perfectly reflects your brand. Just pick a template, apply your brand colors, logo and assets, and voila! Your very own, individually-branded VOD website.

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Set your price

Your content, your rules: set your pricing any way you like. You can set up subscriptions, fixed-price, or rental models at any rate you want. And of course, you keep 100% of the revenues.

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Start earning fast

And that’s it! Uscreen was designed to get you up and running in a matter of hours. We’ve made it especially easy to start selling immediately–no technical headaches, no coding required.

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Launch your own apps to grow your audience


Take your VOD service to a whole new level by offering your audience alternative ways to watch your videos. Launch mobile and TV apps like iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV, so they can enjoy your content in more ways than just one.

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Build and manage your ideal VOD service with ease

Uscreen is the most dynamic and intuitive VOD platform out there because we built with you in mind. The admin area was designed with a flow that prioritizes ease and comfort, and sets you up for VOD success. 

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Grow an online community around your content

Use Uscreen’s native community tools to build a strong community around your content. Each of your users will have their very own profile and avatar, so they can be encouraged and inspired to engage in the discussion forums and built-in commenting sections of your VOD website.

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Own your brand

Customize your online VOD service to fit the aesthetics you want. Using any of our themes, create a consistent, branded look and feel your subscribers will love. Customize everything with ease, from your VOD website to your OTT apps.

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Keep your content safe

Enjoy a higher level of security. Uscreen provides enhanced privacy and safety features to keep your videos and your client data secured.

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Uscreen's privacy and security

“I 10x’ed my business when I launched my membership site. It changed the game. Uscreen had the things that I wanted and needed. I felt like they understood me as the creator. I definitely recommend Uscreen.”

Sarah Beth, Founder of @SarahBethYoga

“We needed a premium VOD platform to deliver our premium instructional yoga content. Uscreen offers us a powerful set of core tools, topped off with amazing, fully brandable OTT apps. It’s great that our community can now practice yoga anytime, anywhere.”

Jake Laub, VP of Instructional Content @Wanderlust

“Uscreen was the only VOD platform we found that includes a payment system, video hosting, OTT apps, and video site hosting, enabling me to sell my fitness videos and build a profitable video one demand streaming service using just one platform .”

Sassy @Ballet Blast

“Leveraging Uscreen’s VOD platforms it has enabled us to sell our videos on-demand globally to our loyal audience and build a profitable video on demand streaming service.”

Total Immersion @Total Immersion

More than 5,000 brands love Uscreen

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We’re often asked…

Are there any hidden fees or revenue share?

Definitely not. We charge no hidden fees or revenue share, rather a simple monthly fee so you can know what to expect to pay every month to your VOD platform. You keep 100% of your revenue.

Do I need a web host or video host to use Uscreen?

Nope. We take care of all of that for you. We do all the hosting of your website and videos at no additional cost.

Is Uscreen here to stay?

You bet! Uscreen was founded in 2015 in Washington, D.C., and is now a 30-person-strong company of incredibly talented and caring individuals. We’re joining forces from around the world to help you become and stay successful in the video-monitization space. So yes, Uscreen is definitely here to stay.

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Do I own all of my audience, content and data?

Yes! In addition to owning your audience, you also own all your 100% of your assets, content, and data. Uscreen is simply a means to your end of monetizing your video content.

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