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Magic Stream eLearning Service

Magic Stream

The Netflix of magic proving the future of learning is online. Available for streaming on any device.

FaderPro Music eLearning VOD Service


First-hand view into the studios of today’s top music producers showing how hits are made, start to finish.

Signature TV VOD Service

Signature TV

Online makeup learning from the UK’s biggest makeup artists to everyone around the world.

Horse TV eLearning Streaming Service

Horse TV

For the love of horses! A haven for horse-lovers to watch movies, TV shows, documentaries, and premium horse training videos.

Max Maxwell TV

Teaching you how to grow wealthy with Real Estate Investing as your financial vehicle, any time, any where.

AwesomeSciTV VOD service


Take your family on an adventure into God’s creation, exploring science from a Biblical worldview.

Sqadia Medical eLearning service


Medical V-Learning and a gateway to 1000+ online medical lectures revolutionizing the world of medical training.

My IELTS Classroom Video subscription service

My IELTS Classroom

Real lessons from a true IELTS expert helping thousands of students each year improve their writing scores with engaging video courses.

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