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Unleashing Community Power: The Best Mighty Networks Alternatives for Extraordinary Engagement

By Amir Shahzeidi
12 Min Read

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Mighty Networks Alternatives

Creating an online community is important to build your audience’s trust and engagement. But what if you’re stuck with the wrong platform? 

Sometimes the platform you choose…

  • might be missing the tools you need
  • is difficult to use and find what you’re looking for
  • has a price that’s over your budget

… and it could affect your online community. 

If you’re still considering whether you should go for Mighty Networks, or if you’re trying to switch to a better platform, you came to the right place.

Let’s jump straight into it and take a look at what we’ve unearthed as the best Mighty Networks alternatives.

What is Mighty Networks?

mighty networks dashboard

Mighty Networks is a website builder that’s focused on creating and building online communities. With their platform, you get a chance to create membership sites, online courses, or create a community under your own brand.

mighty networks community features

If you’re already a Mighty Networks customer and want to find a better platform, you can skip straight into our list of alternatives to Mighty Networks.

Now, if you’re still considering which platform to pick, we’ll give you a rundown of the Mighty Networks platform to kick things off. Mighty Networks offers plenty of features in its community platform — but too many options can get overwhelming.

mighty networks mobile app

Let’s take a look at their features:

  • Create your own website and community.
  • Build landing pages to promote your content.
  • Choose between free or paid community access.
  • Get member-level analytics and activity reports.
  • Use a personalized activity feed to engage with members.
  • Increase tool options with integrations.

And how much do they charge you?

Mighty Networks offers three plans:

  • Community: $33 per month. This plan gives you everything you need to build a community with custom branding.
  • Business: $99 per month. This plan gives you the tools to scale a community and integrate it with other tech.
  • Pro: Custom pricing. 

Although Mighty Networks’ pricing is similar to the other platforms, there are some reasons to pick a different platform. Their platform can be a little overwhelming to use. 

Here are some drawbacks of the Mighty Networks platform:

  • Setup is not intuitive
  • 2GB video upload limit
  • Limited sharing mechanisms that require embedded links
  • Limited and non-intuitive developer integrations
  • Only one topic per post in the community
  • No coupon options for paid courses

The best Mighty Networks alternatives 

When making our list of Mighty Networks alternatives, here is the criteria we looked at: 

  • Features: if they offer features to help you through the whole process.
  • Pricing: if the platform is affordable or if they have different pricing options.
  • Usability: if the platform is easy to use and has customer support.
  • Customization: if you’re able to customize your community according to your brand.

Now let’s go over some of Mighty Networks’ alternatives.

1. Uscreen

Best for: Creators with an established audience

best mighty networks alternative uscreen dashboard

Uscreen is a leading video membership platform. It’s ideal for community builders and course creators looking to build a close-knit community alongside their video content. If you have a ton of video content and want to unify your catalog with a community space, Uscreen is your go-to platform. 

Uscreen helps creators make money from movies, TV shows, live events, and video courses. It provides everything you need inside an intuitive dashboard to set up membership plans without any coding. You can stream your content anywhere and leverage many different monetization methods, something Mighty Networks cannot do. 

With Uscreen, you can:

  • Empower members by letting them publish their own 1-minute videos and posts within your community, driving collaboration and support.
  • Increase video views by attaching videos from your catalog in community posts and comments. 
  • Keep members motivated through interactive, goal-oriented challenges. 
  • Write content faster with our AI assistant that generates post ideas, titles, and streamlines editing.
  • Provide exclusive experiences for members with private channels. 

Creators from all walks of life use Uscreen to monetize their community and content. Take Your Saltwater Guide, a community aimed at deep-sea fishing enthusiasts, for example. 

screenshot of your saltwater guide website

The founders Dave and Elliott used their fishing expertise to create a fun, educational, and engaging service. To scale their business, they faced a key challenge: maintaining and enhancing customer connections. That’s why they run the community playbook on Uscreen.

The community became an exclusive hub where members could interact with each other and with the founders. Organized into three separate channels with enhanced thread capabilities, it was designed for ease of use and accessibility across devices, including mobile apps. This forum quickly became a cornerstone of the platform, transforming Your Saltwater Guide into a genuine membership community, fostering recurring revenue and growth.

Dave and Elliot continued to promote the community as its main selling point. The community today plays a critical role in converting free trial users to paid memberships. The personal connections and shared successes also encourage members to stay part of the community longer.

👉Read the full case study

What’s more, we’re always improving our community tools so we can bring the best tools to you and your members. 

Build an engaging online community

An engaging community can reduce churn by as much as 2x. That’s why Uscreen helps you build an interactive community that lets members connect with others who share similar goals.

This connection is built through the community section of the app, where members can actively participate by sharing their own content, including images, videos, and polls. 

uscreen community features

As the leader of the community, you can interact with members in the content feed where all interactions take place. Comment on posts, share links to your video catalog and help members discover related content easily without leaving the community space.

uscreen community dashboard

In the Uscreen dashboard, you can organize Community Challenges to motivate your members. Participants can join the challenge and share their progress. Challenges pop up in the general channels section, encouraging members to join.

screenshot of uscreen community challenge

As you can see above, it provides information about the challenge, like the number of videos and participants, and a call to action button labeled ‘Join’. Members can watch videos within the challenge and access the necessary resources from the app. Then, see their progress and share it with the group. The integration of social features like these creates a sense of camaraderie and accountability, motivates members, and reduces churn. 

Stream videos to any platform

Over-the-top (OTT) apps are critical to running any creator business these days, especially if you’re video-heavy. Video creators with OTT apps generate 10x more subscription monthly recurring revenue than those without. And, 70% of Uscreen customers get new subscribers from OTT apps.

Members can engage with content on the device of their choice, whether it’s a mobile device for on-the-go access or a smart TV for a more immersive experience with OTT apps.

uscreen OTT apps | best mighty network alternative

OTT apps are not just a convenience but a significant revenue driver for video creators. The ability to distribute content on popular platforms like Amazon, Apple TV, and Roku opens up additional income streams, like ad-supported content and rentals.

Connect with members via live stream

These days, people seek a more personal connection with the creators and educators they learn from. They value the chance to engage directly with you, beyond just watching your pre-recorded content. Uscreen bridges this gap by offering built-in live streaming capabilities. 

With Uscreen Studio, you can broadcast in HD to your community without encoding software or third-party streaming services. That way, you can focus on content delivery rather than the technical setup. 

uscreen livestream setup

Live events like monthly Q&A calls give members the chance to ask you questions and get answers in real-time. You can also offer 1 on 1 coaching sessions to give members more guidance and support or run live podcasts discussing topics related to your videos.

uscreen live steam engagement

📚Learn: Introducing Uscreen’s Community Tools That’ll Level-Up Your Membership

Key features

  • Create free or subscriber-only communities.
  • Engage members with challenges and achievements.
  • Send push notifications to keep people coming back.
  • Share your community with potential new members.
  • Make posts easy to find with clickable tags.
  • Learn more about your members with rich profiles.
  • Live stream with advanced live chats.
  • Customize your community to match your brand.
  • Marketing tools to attract and retain members.


  • Superior video quality.
  • Various monetization options. 
  • Highly customizable platform and app.
  • Easy to set up and manage.
  • Excellent customer support. 


  • Growth Plan: Priced at $149 per month plus $1.99 per paid member per month. It’s designed for creators focusing on growing a small video membership online. Key features include a Netflix-style video catalog, live streaming up to 1 hour, community features up to 5 channels, a mobile app, 100 hours of video storage, and one admin user.
  • Pro Plan: Costs $499 per month with an additional $0.99 per paid member per month. This plan is for serious creators to grow a robust community on mobile and web. It includes everything in the Growth plan plus extended live streaming up to 10 hours, 150 hours of video storage, three admin users, and additional features like member and content migrations, shoppable videos, and integrations.
  • Plus Plan: This plan offers custom pricing and is intended for established creators needing full brand control on all devices. It includes everything in the Pro plan plus full-featured mobile and TV streaming apps, white-labeled branding, and API access.

G2 rating ⭐: 4.8 out of 5 

2. Disciple

Best for: Brands looking to create their own branded social networks

disciple website

Disciple is a community building app based out of the UK. It offers a fully-branded platform that lets you create and sell communities around your topic of choice. It offers a ton of customization and member management features, as well as a premium branded app. 

disciple dashboard

A lot of community building features come with Disciple. You can share multimedia posts, livestream (from the app only), and even create courses. 

Whether you’re on desktop or mobile, you can email and notify members of new content launches and view an interactive activity feed, so you stay on top of everything that’s happening in your community. 

disciple media notifications screenshot

In comparison, Mighty Networks gives you a bit more flexibility. You can live stream from your app or desktop. It also has way more interactive options, like polls, embedded videos, and adding courses to dedicated subcommunities. 

Disciple lets you brand your platform and app with your colors and logo. But to remove the Disciple logo, you’ll have to upgrade to the more expensive Pro plan. 

disciple media screenshot

Mighty Networks has more customization options with its Spaces features, which are used to organize the community. 

Spaces allow you to create subcommunities within a larger community. Base them on whatever you want, like different interests, geographical regions, or coaching groups.

Pricing is another big difference between these two online community platforms. With Disciple, you’re paying a minimum of $633 per month, when paid annually, for 500 members. You can customize your plan with add-ons, which adds to the price as you grow. 

Mighty plans start at $49 per month, which gives you everything you need to start a community, or move one over from a social media group like Facebook. If you move up to the Courses plan ($119 per month) you can add courses, access the Zapier API, get native live streaming, and more. 

Key features:

  • iOS and Android app.
  • Courses and programs.
  • Cohort-based groups.
  • In-person and online events.
  • Live streams.
  • Direct messaging.
  • Post management and moderation.
  • Dedicated customer success manager.
  • Integrations with Zapier, Mailchimp, and Thinkific.


  • Easy to use.
  • Multiple monetization options.
  • High-quality live streaming.
  • Comprehensive feature set.


  • Limited customization options.
  • No free trial.


  • Grow Plan: Suitable for communities with up to 500 members. Includes 500GB content capacity, live streaming, groups, push notifications, courses, an activity feed, member badges, and a custom domain. Priced at $633 when paid annually. 
  • Pro Plan: Targeted at community-led businesses with up to 5,000 members. Offers a white-label mobile app with advanced features and integrations. Priced at $999 annually.
  • Enterprise Plan: Designed for large or enterprise-level communities with custom requirements. Offers fully custom packages with pricing based on your needs.

G2 rating ⭐: 4.7 out of 5 

3. Podia

Best for: New course creators. 

podia products screenshot

If you’ve read any of my other reviews on the blog about Podia, you’ll know how I feel about it. We used Podia for my community, Peak Freelance, for a long time and it left a lot to be desired. Podia is regularly touted for selling digital products, memberships, and coaching packages, and having a simple UX and low learning curve—which is all true.

Community building is only a feature on Podia, whereas with Mighty Networks, it’s the main focus. Podia’s community feature lets you build around your content. People can leave comments on your videos or posts, and you can respond to them. You can also define the access level for each member, if need be. 

podia community dashboard

This is where the big difference comes in. If you are new and a course creator first, Podia might be a better fit. Podia gives you a lot of flexibility to create courses the way you want. It also gives you the tools to market and sell your courses online (everyone loves the Stripe and PayPal integrations). If you’re less worried about courses, and more on making a cool community experience, Mighty is the way to go. 

Mighty Networks offers course creation, but it’s more an afterthought compared to its community building features. Mighty also makes it easy to engage and interact with your customers, plus it offers a mix of social media marketing that can bring more visibility to your brand. 

Mighty also has more analytics features, so you can keep track of membership rates and numbers. Podia doesn’t offer as many detailed numbers, but you can integrate with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to get the insights you want. 

Both platforms are easy to use. Overall, Mighty feels more like a social media platform, whereas Podia feels like an online course platform, because that’s what it was really built for. 

Key features:

  • Free and paid communities
  • Posts and comments
  • Community badges
  • Diverse content types
  • Home feed for members 


  • All-in-one platform for community and courses. 
  • Payouts through Stripe or PayPal.
  • Easy to navigate for creators. 
  • Affordable entry-level plan.


  • Limited community building features. 
  • Worthless free plan with high transaction fees.
  • Lacks email personalization. 


  • Free Plan: $0/month with 10% transaction fees. Includes basic features like a full website, community, and limited product offerings.
  • Starter Plan: $9/month billed monthly or $4/month billed yearly. Transaction fees are 8%. Offers a full website, community, and basic product offerings.
  • Mover Plan: $39/month billed monthly or $33/month billed yearly. This plan has 5% transaction fees and includes unlimited downloads, courses, coaching products, and more.
  • Shaker Plan: $89/month for the first year, then $75/month billed monthly or $59/month billed yearly. This plan has no transaction fees and includes advanced marketing features.

Optional email and team add-ons are available for all plans.

G2 rating ⭐: 4.6 out of 5

4. Bettermode

Best for: Large scale companies wanting to improve customer relations.

bettermode website

Bettermode (formerly Tribe) is an all-in-one community platform that has been used by brands like Asus and IBM. It lets you customize every part of the platform to match your brand. It supports a ton of content types, like blogs, podcasts, PDFs, and chat tools to improve engagement among your community. 

bettermode dashboard

Bettermode makes building a community easy with its block-based system. You can choose customizable blocks that support content like landing pages, guidelines, discussions, events, and more. 

The sheer amount of content you can share with Bettermode is what sets it apart from Mighty Networks. If you’re an enterprise with a big customer community and a lot of content to share, Bettermode might be a good fit for you. 

bettermode events dashboard

Both platforms let you host live events. But, Mighty gives you more event type options, like Zoom, local, webinar, and live chat. It also offers an AI assistant to help you create descriptions and supporting messages for your products. 

Because Bettermode is built more for large organizations, the reporting is robust. You can get deep insights into people, posts, reach, and engagement. But that’s not all! Bettermode also gives admins access to audit and email logs to help understand member behavior and remain compliant. 

Bettermode also has a leaderboard system so you can identify and reward active members. You can create badges like VIP or top contributor, or use Bettermode’s pre-made badges, and award them to members to acknowledge and delight them. 

At its core, Mighty Networks is more for creators, and Bettermode is more for companies that sell products and services. If you want a community to nurture customer relationships and answer product questions, Bettermode is your platform. 

bettermode community screenshot

Your customer support reps can act as administrators and engage with the community, collecting feedback and insights to better improve products and services. 

Key features:

  • Extensive customization available. 
  • Omnichannel notifications.
  • Easy block-based building system. 
  • Gamification.
  • Custom domain name.
  • SEO-friendly pages.
  • API for workflow automation. 
  • Embeddable community elements.
  • Modular apps. 


  • Useful integrations for enterprise. 
  • Modern platform design. 
  • Straightforward setup.
  • Fully white-label.
  • Responsive account managers. 


  • No mobile app. 
  • No events app.
  • Minor bugs.


  • Advanced plan: $599 per month. Includes platform and apps, API and webhooks, customer success manager, fully-white label. 
  • Enterprise plan: Custom pricing for large businesses or those in regulated industries. Includes enterprise-grade security, data residency, uptime SLA, SAML authentication.

G2 rating ⭐: 4.6 out of 5

5. ToucanTech

Best for: Education brands and nonprofits

toucan tech website

ToucanTech is a cloud-based community platform that’s focused on institutions like schools, non-profits, and companies. These institutions can manage all communications and data through their platform to bring their communities together. It combines community, CRM, and fundraising capabilities into one place. 

If you’re running an alumni or school community, ToucanTech is a great option. Say you want to build a digital home for all your events and news, you can build a branded membership site with the platform. Choose from hundreds of web page designs, process payments and membership fees, and display content from your social channels, all using the platform’s website builder.

Many nonprofits are used to sharing updates and photos via email, but with ToucanTech, it’s easy to house your photo and video galleries so members can search for anything on their own.

As noted, MightyNetworks lets you build subcommunities. ToucanTech takes that one step further by letting members create and manage groups on their own. It’s an excellent way to build a close-knit community and let members network. 

If you’re brand new to community building, no sweat. ToucanTech’s customer service and training materials are second to none. The team can help you integrate all your community assets (payments, forms, portals, and content) into one system, which reduces administrative load, so you can spend more time meeting donors and creating fundraising campaigns. 

Key features:

  • Public and private communities.
  • Email, event, and website engagement database record.
  • Fundraising campaigns.
  • Track communication between members.
  • Financial reports.
  • Email opens, unsubscribes, and sign-up tracking.
  • Social media integration.
  • Customizable layout.


  • Exclusive for nonprofits and schools.
  • Excellent fundraising capabilities.
  • Good member management tools. 


  • No free trial.
  • Outdated UI. 
  • No transparent pricing. 

Pricing: No public pricing available. You’ll have to contact ToucanTech’s sales team for more information.

G2 rating ⭐: 5 out of 5

6. Hivebrite

Best for: Organizations and alumni networks. 

hivebrite screenshot

Hivebrite is another popular community platform that’s normally compared to Mighty Networks. The two platforms are both backed by established brands and offer a variety of features to build and grow a community. 

Hivebrite comes with all the standard stuff. You can create discussion forums for members, store all their data in a native CRM, and even send emails to your people from the platform. You can adjust the modular platform to meet your community’s needs, and give them a branded portal to engage with your content and each other. 

hivebrite dashboard

Hivebrite does offer excellent features to manage and interact with your members. For example, you can apply targeting filters, so when you send out messages or promotions, they go to a specific group of members, not just everyone. 

hivebrite segmentation feature

You can also schedule and market events, create different tiers of tickets, collect payments online, and invite both internal and external folks to join your events. 

But here’s the kicker: Hivebrite doesn’t offer live streaming. So, to put on these events, you’ll need to connect a 3rd party Learning Management System (LMS) or video platform, and host the actual event there. Mighty Networks, on the other hand, offer native live streaming and a native LMS. 

This is something to keep in mind if you don’t like jumping from tool to tool to manage your community business. You can even mix cohort courses and other shared learning opportunities inside the Mighty Networks platform, which is a popular feature for course creators and coaches. 

Where Hivebrite makes up for it is in membership management. It’s got an excellent CRM built right into the platforms, which is great for keeping track of membership lists and touchpoints. You can organize members, donors, alumni, and any other group you want inside the Hivebrite CRM. 

While MightyNetworks doesn’t have a native CRM, you can use Zapier to integrate your CRM to the platform and create triggers that do the heavy lifting for you. Mighty also relies on app and email notifications to alert members about new activity in the community, whether it’s for virtual events, live streams, new content, or more. 

Hivebrite lets you brand your website and app, but it’s not the best for making your brand shine. The designs are a bit dated, giving the platform a little more corporate feel. MightyNetworks lets you go more in-depth with building a white-label app. You get endless control of your branding, like customizable Spaces and light or dark mode, and can make the community truly yours. 

Hivebrites cost is a turn-off for many customers. One person shares that after talking to a rep, he learned that pricing potentially starts at $7,000 per year, with a 1.5% commission for each paid member on your platform. 


  • Different membership plans.
  • Email campaigns.
  • Event and payment management.
  • Moderation tools.
  • Profile and campaign trackers.
  • Integrated CMS.
  • Mobile app.
  • Member directory.


  • Customizable interface.
  • All-in-one platform.
  • Strong community engagement tools. 


  • No transparent pricing.
  • Reportedly very expensive.

Pricing: Hivebrite doesn’t share specific prices. They need to pre-qualify and create an account for you first. 

G2 rating ⭐: 4.4 out of 5

7. Circle

Best for: Entrepreneurs building a private community around their products.

circle community dashboard

Circle is a newer alternative to Mighty Networks with a pretty interesting backstory. It was started by three colleagues (Sid Yadav, Andrew Guttormsen, and Rudy Santino) who left Teachable at the same time. While much newer than Mighty Networks, Circle brands itself as the “modern community platform for creators”. And it holds true, as a Circle user myself, it tracks that Circle nails down the community engagement element, and seamlessly integrates with the rest of your platforms. 

Cofounder Sid Yadav stated on the SPI podcast, “We’re not trying to do all of it. Our approach is a little more modular: we’re trying to nail the community piece, and specifically the engagement piece. Our approach is to integrate with everyone else, so we have a partnership with Teachable, with Memberstack, with Memberspace, Memberfull.”

So, who is Circle for? If you have a website or existing online courses, and you’re using a few different platforms, Circle can fit into your stack. It’s super customizable. For example, you can create spaces and customize who has access to each one. You can adjust how the spaces are displayed, change the way topics are ordered, let members create new topics and more.

circle announcements

If you have a free community with upgraded plans, you can mix the two and create private spaces where people must pay to enter. The beauty of Circle’s modular set up is that you make the community look however you want. You even get your own custom subdomain so it feels like your brand built the space from scratch.  

The members area in Circle is also simple. You can choose who is allowed in which space, kind of like a Slack channel, and from there, members can have conversations, check out your content, and message other members (or you!). It has a familiar feel for people who’ve been part of a Facebook or Slack community. 

circle community features

Mighty Network, in comparison, is more an all-in-one community builder. For example, if you’re a new entrepreneur, you can build a website, courses, and payment platform all through Mighty Network. Circle is more if you just need a flexible community platform that integrates with the rest of your tools. 

Key features

  • Event live streaming.
  • Rich member profiles.
  • Group chats.
  • Advanced analytics.
  • Custom domains.
  • Customizable platform.
  • Embeddable spaces.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • Custom domain.
  • Course builder.


  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Easy to use and setup.
  • Regularly updated.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Lacks good analytics.


  • Basic: $49 per month with 4% transaction fee. Manage up to 100 members, get one admin seat and 10 spaces. Includes discussions, events, paid memberships, custom domain, and member profiles.
  • Professional: $89 per month billed annually with 2% transaction fee. Unlimited members, 3 admin seats, and 20 spaces. Includes everything in the Basic plan, plus courses, live streams, live rooms, custom branding, and conversion tracking.
  • Business: $199 per month billed annually with 1% transaction fee. Unlimited members, 5 admin seats, and 30 spaces. Includes everything in professional plan, plus workflows, email white-labeling, content co-pilot, activity scores, and migration services. 
  • Enterprise: $360 per month billed annually with 0.5% transaction fee. Unlimited members, 10 admin seats, 100 moderators, and 100 spaces. Includes everything in the Business plan, plus custom single sign-on (SSO), priority support, sandbox community, and unlimited workflows. 

8. Kajabi

Best for: Experts and influencers who want to sell sources, coaching, and digital products. 

kajabi dashboard

Kajabi is a popular all-in-one platform focused on online courses and coaching. It also sports a community feature, but they are much less robust than Mighty Networks. They both overlap in feature sets, but at the end of the day, you’re choosing Kajabi for course creation or Mighty Networks community building. But if you want both, that’s what we’ll break down right now.

Both platforms assist with website creation and customization. Kajabi has a big library of pre-built website design, each of which you can make your own with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. You can also create landing pages, a blog, and marketing funnels, which sets Kajabi apart from Mighty Networks. Mighty Networks lets you build customized Spaces with chat features and the like, but Kajabi offers a more customizable website in the end. 

Kajabi focuses on four main products: courses, coaching, community, and podcasts. All in one place, you can set up video courses with quizzes, 1 to 1 calls for your coaching business, and create challenges and meetups for your community. Part of what makes Kajabi special is that it’s super creator-friendly. You can build a community with ease and even get live chat support when you need help. 

kajabi support screenshot

In 2022, Kajabi acquired Vibely to build out its community feature, Kajabi Communities. Now, you can build engaging spaces for members to interact, learn, and collaborate. For example, you can now run live events and stream via Kajabi — excellent for demos, webinars, or masterclasses. The UI is familiar and feels similar to a Facebook Group, which most folks have seen or been a part of at least once in their lives. 

kajabi events screenshot

With Community circle, you can create chat rooms where members can talk with each other. You can create as many circles as you need, and give special members access to each one. Your circles appear in a newsfeed chat box where people can type responses, add images, or react with emojis. 

When creating your community, you can choose how to price it. You can create a free community, or charge members a one-time payment, a series of payments, or a recurring subscription. To promote your community, simply create a sales funnel right in the Kajabi dashboard and push your campaigns live quickly and easily. 

Key features

  • Paid and free community options.
  • Payment integration with Stripe and PayPal.
  • Fully-integrated website.
  • Customizable theme to match your brand.
  • Discussion topics.
  • Announcements and direct messages.
  • Q&A capabilities.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Mobile app.


  • Everything in one place
  • Saves time and money
  • Helps you scale faster
  • High-conversion templates
  • Thriving community of creators
  • Multiple products available to sell


  • Not intuitive for beginners.


  • Basic Plan: $149/month, or $119/month if billed annually.
  • Growth Plan: $199/month, or $159/month if billed annually. A promotional offer includes the first 3 months for $99.
  • Pro Plan: $399/month, or $319/month if billed annually.

Choosing the best Mighty Networks alternative for your own online community

There you go! All of the best Might Networks alternatives for you to choose from. We know there are plenty of options, but picking the right online community platform is important for your community to grow and feel connected. 

Want to create a community for your non-profit organization? ToucanTech has the features for you. Need an easy-to-use platform to host your community and online courses? Circle is the place to be. 

Now, if you want to go beyond online communities and host videos on your own video-on-demand platform while monetizing your content (shameless plug alert) go for Uscreen.

It’s simple with Uscreen.

Build, launch and manage your membership, all in one place.

Mighty Networks alternative FAQ

Do you own your own content on Mighty Networks?

Yes, Mighty Networks has confirmed that you keep ownership of all content, member data, and activity in the platform. It’s a key reason people choose online community platforms over Facebook or Discord, where you get no member data. 

How do I cancel my Mighty Networks?

Canceling your Mighty Networks plan is easy. Simply go to Network Settings, then click Your Plan. You can downgrade to a free plan, in case you ever want to retrieve your data. Or, you can head to General Settings and click the ‘Delete it here’ hyperlink to permanently delete your account.

Is Mighty Networks worth it?

Mighty Networks is worth it if you are a new creator looking for an all-in-one platform. For only $33 per month, you get access to chat, videos, polls, events, live streaming, group interactions, and more.