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10 Best Video Hosting Sites for 2024: Free to Premium Platforms

By Amir Shahzeidi
10 Min Read

Learn About Launching a Membership

A content creator records a video of herself to post on video hosting sites.

As a video content creator, delivering your videos with speed and ease is as important as the content in it. After all, you want to get your message across without lagging.

That’s why you need to choose one of the most reliable video hosting sites to house your content. 

We’re talking about a third-party website that holds all your video content on its servers, allowing you to upload, manage, and share videos with your audience.  

And no, we’re not just talking about YouTube  — or Uscreen, of course.

We’re going beyond the bias to walk you through the top video hosting solutions and sites today so you can find the right solution for your needs and achieve your goals.

Better yet, we’ve included breakdowns of features and pricing to help make the decision-making process as easy as possible.

Best video hosting sites we’ll be reviewing

  1. Uscreen
  2. YouTube
  3. Vimeo
  4. Wistia
  5. Dailymotion
  6. SproutVideo
  7. Spotlightr
  8. Brightcove
  9. Jetpack
  10. Vidyard

Now, enough with the teasers. Action!

So, Why Do You Need a Video Hosting Site?

best video hosting platforms

First, let’s jump into some of the reasons why you might need a video hosting site. 

If you’ve already created a website for your videos, you’ll know that your server is where all your website’s data is held. When someone goes to your site, they’re accessing the information from that server.

Having a super speedy server means your website loads fast, which search engines like. This means that when someone searches on Google, your site should appear higher on the list.

Since video content uses a lot of storage — one hour of 1080p video is about 1.5GB — it could end up cluttering your server.

Enter: video hosting sites.

Using a video hosting site rather than your own server:

  • Keeps your video content running smoothly.
  • Makes your videos accessible outside of your website.
  • Allows you to place your videos on video sharing platforms.
  • Takes away a lot of technical headaches and complications.

Sounds handy, right? 

Now that you know why you need a video hosting site, we’re going to explore all the different options and what they’re good for.

Top 10 Video Hosting Platforms (Free & Paid)

1. Uscreen

Best For: Premium Video Hosting & Monetization

Uscreen is more than a video hosting site. It’s an all-in-one membership platform that helps video creators sell, market, and manage content while growing their businesses.

We’ll help you create branded mobile and TV OTT apps as well as customized websites and landing pages to distribute your content.

What’s more, we let you do more than just host videos. We’ve got the tools to help you market them and make money, including offering discounts to new members and features that help you keep the ones you’ve already got.

You’ll also have full ownership of your audience, including their email addresses, allowing you to do your email marketing wizardry with integrations like Mailchimp and Drip.

Uscreen in Action: The MeansTV Success Story

This comprehensive approach to video hosting and monetization shines in the success story of MeansTV. Transitioning from a simple content platform to a full-fledged community-centric entertainment service, MeansTV exemplifies the transformative power of Uscreen. Utilizing our platform, they launched branded apps across various devices, creating an engaging, multi-channel viewing experience for their audience.

Means TV VOD

MeansTV’s strategy capitalized on Uscreen’s ability to offer more than just a place to host videos. By embracing the built-in tools for marketing and monetization, they fostered a loyal community and significantly boosted their revenue, with monthly earnings surpassing $40k. The key to their success was making their content easily accessible and interactive, with over 65% of their audience engaging through the apps developed and launched by Uscreen.

This case study showcases Uscreen’s prowess in video hosting and its potential to empower creators to monetize their content and cultivate vibrant, engaged communities. For those looking to elevate their content beyond traditional hosting, Uscreen presents a compelling, proven solution.

So what exactly do we provide for you?

That’s coming right up.


When you choose Uscreen to host your video content, you get:

  • A full-feature video player.
  • Offline viewing of your content.
  • Brandable mobile and TV apps.
  • A customizable website.
  • Tiered membership options.
  • Payment integrations including Stripe and PayPal.
  • A full suite of marketing and retention tools.
  • Complete ownership of your members’ data.
  • 50 to 150+ hours of video storage.


Looking to learn more about the plans and pricing that Uscreen offers? Check out our pricing page to find a plan that works for you!

It’s simple with Uscreen.

Build, launch and manage your membership, all in one place.

Let’s take a look at another popular website video hosting service.

2. YouTube

Best For: Free Hosting & Reach

A screenshot of a video hosting site called YouTube.

YouTube is widely recognized as the biggest video hosting platform on the internet.

Based on our YouTube statistics, there are over 2 billion active users on YouTube, and over 500 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute.

It’s second only to Google when it comes to the number of search queries it handles.

As a creator and business, what does YouTube offer you? Let’s check it out.


When you use YouTube for your video hosting needs, you’ll get:

  • Unlimited free video hosting in up to 4K quality.
  • Access to live streaming and content premieres.
  • Content monetization through ad revenue.
  • Easily embeddable videos.
  • Advanced video analytics.

With everything you can do on YouTube, what’s the cost?


YouTube’s business model relies on advertising revenue and user subscriptions to make money.

Because of this, creators can utilize their video hosting services for free.

But, YouTube does offer a paid service called YouTube Premium.

YouTube Premium offers viewers ad-free content and other benefits for $11.99 per month, with some of that revenue going to creators.

Next on our list of video uploading sites is…

3. Vimeo

Best For: Video Collaborations

A screenshot of a video hosting site called Vimeo.

Vimeo is a direct competitor to YouTube, helping users create, manage, and share videos. You may be interested in our post about Vimeo OTT alternatives.

According to Vimeo, there are over 260 million users on the site. 

Here’s what those creators get with Vimeo.


As a creator or brand hosting videos on the site, you’ll get:

  • Video hosting in up to 8K quality.
  • Access to video editing templates.
  • Detailed content analytics.
  • Custom calls to action (CTAs).
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) integrations.
  • Video sharing to social media.

Now, let’s break down their pricing options.


A screenshot of the pricing plans a video hosting site called Vimeo has to offer.

Vimeo offers 5 different pricing options for content creators:

  • Basic: gives you 500MB of upload space per week, basic analytics, and embedding features. Price: free.
  • Plus: adds 5GB of upload space per week, video player customization, and unlimited screen recording. Price: $7 per month.
  • Pro: provides you with 20GB of upload space per week, private team projects, unlimited stock photos, videos, music, and more. Price: $20 per month.
  • Business: adds custom branding and CTAs, plus no weekly upload limits. Price: $50 per month.
  • Premium: includes no weekly upload limits, unlimited live streaming, webinars, and more. Price: $75 per month.

Jumping over to fourth on our list of video hosting websites.

4. Wistia

Best For: Marketing Teams

A screenshot of a video hosting site called Wistia.

Wistia is made with marketing in mind.

It’s a place designed to create, host, and market your video rather than to build a community or directly monetize it.

So, what exactly can Wistia do for you?


With Wistia, you get all the essential video marketing tools:

  • A customizable video player.
  • Video hosting up to 4K quality.
  • Access to viewer data.
  • Detailed video analytics.
  • Marketing integrations.
  • Embeddable videos.
  • Customizable CTAs.

There’s a price for all of these features, so let’s take a look.


A screenshot of the pricing plans a video hosting site called Wistia has to offer.

Wistia has 4 plans for you to choose from, depending on your video hosting needs:

  • Free: includes one user, 10 videos, a customizable video player, and basic analytics. Price: free.
  • Plus: gets you 3 users, 20 videos, the use of lead capture forms, and analytics. Price: $19 per month.
  • Pro: in this tier, you’ll get 5 users, 50 videos, video heatmaps, and analytics. Price: $79 per month.
  • Advanced: adds access for 20 users, 250 videos, marketing integrations, and more. Price: $319 per month.

We’re now hitting the halfway point with our next place to host and share videos.

5. Dailymotion

Best For: Media Companies

A screenshot of a video hosting site called Dailymotion.

Dailymotion calls itself “the home for videos that matter” and is used as a place to host video content by the likes of CNN and the MLB.

The company’s homepage showcases various featured content, including top videos and news stories.

In 2021, the company had a 10% share of the advertising video-on-demand (AVOD) market (excluding YouTube) across North America. So, how does it work for you as a creator?


There’s a range of features available to creators using Dailymotion, including:

  • Video hosting in up to 4K UHD quality.
  • Password protection for your videos.
  • Easily embeddable videos.
  • Video sharing to social media.

Moving on to the money situation.


As a creator, you can upload videos on Dailymotion for free, as their nearly $20 million annual revenue is generated by advertising.

To get a share of the advertising revenue on your videos — both from content on the Dailymotion site and from the content that’s embedded on other sites — you need to become a partner.

You’ll get paid through PayPal or Payoneer, although Dailymotion doesn’t disclose the exact revenue share that you’ll get from your content.

Another place to store your online videos is coming right up.

6. SproutVideo

Best For: Business-Oriented Videos

A screenshot of a video hosting site called SproutVideo.

SproutVideo describes themselves as a place to host your product- and business-oriented video files.

How does that translate into the features they offer? 

You know the drill by now — that’s the next section.


Using SproutVideo offers creators:

  • Video hosting in up to 4K UHD quality.
  • Video-on-demand and live streaming.
  • A customizable website.
  • Brandable video players.
  • Embeddable videos.
  • Video analytics.
  • Customizable CTAs.

Now, let’s take a look at the cost.


Sproutvideo's pricing

SproutVideo offers tailored pricing plans for a range of video hosting needs:

  • Seed: Essential for beginners, with white-label hosting, analytics, and 100 GB storage/bandwidth. $10/mo.
  • Sprout: Enhanced security, customizable video website, 350 GB storage/bandwidth, and live streaming support. $35/mo.
  • Tree: For teams needing more security and site customization, 1 TB storage/bandwidth, and advanced live streaming. $75/mo.
  • Forest: Enterprise-level features, top-tier security, 2 TB storage/bandwidth, and premium support. $295/mo.

Each plan comes with a free trial.

Progressing to number 7 on our list of best video hosting solutions.

7. Spotlightr

Best For: Small Businesses

A screenshot of a video hosting site called Spotlightr.

Rebranded from vooPlayer, Spotlightr is a video hosting site that helps small businesses and content creators.

Videos are stored on the cloud and can be placed on your website with a suite of video marketing tools.

Here are the details.


By using Spotlightr as your hosted video service, you’ll get:

  • Video hosting in up to 4K UHD quality.
  • Customizable paywalls through Stripe.
  • A completely ad-free experience.
  • Video analytics and heatmaps.
  • Embeddable videos.
  • Brandable video player.
  • Customizable CTAs.

As with all things in life, there’s a cost involved.


spotlightr's pricing

Spotlightr offers a straightforward pricing structure tailored to various needs, from basic video hosting to comprehensive solutions for larger enterprises:

  • Spark: Basic hosting for 25 videos, 50GB storage/bandwidth. Features 4k support and analytics. $7/mo.
  • Aurora: For heavier use with unlimited videos, 200GB storage/bandwidth, plus advanced features. $16/mo.
  • Polaris: Premium plan with unlimited videos, 600GB storage/bandwidth, quizzes, and more. $40/mo.
  • Supernova: For large operations, unlimited videos, 2TB storage/bandwidth, and all Polaris features. $125/mo.

Plans offer annual savings and a 14-day trial.

That’s 7 down; number 8 on our video hosting platform lists coming right up.

8. Brightcove

Best For: Enterprise Video Solutions

Image Source | Alt text:  A screenshot of a video hosting site called Brightcove.

Brightcove aims to hit a range of different markets, including media, arts, retail, marketing, and internal comms.

They’re proud of their technical skills, so let’s see what’s on offer for creators looking for a video hosting site.


Opting to have Brightcove host your video means you get:

  • Cloud video storage.
  • Performance analytics.
  • Customizable CTAs
  • Social media sharing.
  • Live streaming.

Onto the price for all of this.


Brightcove has a range of plans with different features depending on your needs.

For pricing information, you’ll have to contact Brightcove directly.

There are two more on our list of the best video upload sites, so let’s hop onto the next one.

9. Jetpack

Best For: WordPress Security

A screenshot of a video hosting site called Jetpack.

If you’ve already got your own WordPress website, Jetpack is a great way to embed videos onto your site.

It works as a plugin to your WordPress site, meaning you can upload your videos without needing to go to another site.

How exactly does it work for you?


Jetpack’s video hosting features include:

  • Video hosting in up to 4K quality.
  • 1TB of video storage.
  • An ad-free viewing experience.
  • Brandable video player.
  • Unlimited users.

Time to see the cost.


A screenshot of the pricing plans a video hosting site called Jetpack has to offer.

There are 2 pricing options for using Jetpack to host videos on your site:

  • VideoPress: this plan grants you access to all of Jetpack’s video hosting features. Price: $4.95 per month.
  • Complete: in this plan, you’ll get all of Jetpack’s video hosting features in addition to their other data backup and site security services. Price: $39.95 per month.

We’ve got one more for you.

10. Vidyard

Best For: Video Marketing

A screenshot of a video hosting site called Vidyard.

Vidyard helps businesses use their video content to make sales.

For creators looking for a place to host demo videos, create personalized video campaigns, and use video to generate sales, Vidyard might be the option you’re looking for.

Let’s look at what Vidyard offers.


When you choose Vidyard, here are the features available:

  • Video hosting in up to 4K quality.
  • Performance analytics.
  • Marketing integrations.
  • Brandable video player.
  • A completely ad-free experience.
  • Automatic search engine optimization (SEO) features.
  • Video sharing to social media.

One last time with the money.


Vidyard's Pricing

Vidyard offers 4 pricing tiers to accommodate a wide range of needs, from individuals just starting out to large teams looking for advanced features:

  • Free: Start with 25 videos, basic editing, Vidyard Rooms, and an AI Script Generator. Cost: $0.
  • Pro: Unlimited uploads, insights, customizable CTAs, and more. Cost: $19/month annually or $29 monthly.
  • Plus: Enhanced analytics, branding, and content management. Cost: $59/person monthly or annually.
  • Business: For advanced needs with CRM integration and more. Pricing: Contact Vidyard.

Now that you’ve seen all these great options, let’s wrap things up.

Wrapping It Up

And there you have it: our list of the best video hosting sites for content creators.

Whether you want unlimited video storage, live streaming, or customizable video players, there are great options for you on this list.

Plus, if you’re looking to create customizable phone and TV apps and make money with your videos, Uscreen is an all-in-one solution for all kinds of content creators.

It’s simple with Uscreen.

Build, launch and manage your membership, all in one place.

Video Hosting Sites FAQ

You may still have some remaining or related questions when it comes to video hosting sites. Luckily for you, we’ve got the answers.

What Is a Video Hosting Site?

A video hosting site is a third-party website that stores your videos for you, allowing you to upload, manage, and share them with your audience.

Is There a Free Video Hosting Site?

Yes, there are sites that will host your videos for free. Please note that these options may have limitations in comparison to their paid alternatives.

Sites that provide free video hosting options include:

• YouTube
• Dailymotion
• Wistia
• Vidyard
• Vimeo

What Are the Other Video Hosting Sites Besides YouTube?

There are many other video hosting sites aside from YouTube. Popular YouTube alternatives include:

• Uscreen
• Vimeo
• Wistia
• Dailymotion
• SproutVideo
• Spotlightr
• Brightcove
• Jetpack
• Vidyard

Can I Host a Video on Vimeo for Free?

Yes, you can upload a video on Vimeo for free. With their Basic plan, you have access to 5GB of total account storage and up to 500MB of upload space per week.