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2024’s Best OTT Platforms – Reviewed & Rated

By Eden Metzler
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Image showing how Adrienne from Find What Feels Good takes advantage of all the best OTT platforms, devices and services with Uscreen.

Ready to take your video streaming business to the next level with an OTT platform? It’s a smart move, but it can also feel like a big step considering the many platform options out there.

Here’s the deal though: choosing the right OTT platform is a critical decision, but it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming one.

Instead, let us guide you through the top 10 OTT platforms for 2024. Whether it’s your first dive into the world of OTT, or you’re looking to switch to a new app, we’ve got your back.

So, let’s dive in and explore together.

The top 10 OTT platforms at a glance:

OTT PlatformReview ratingBest forPricing
4.8 out of 5
Video entrepreneurs looking to scale their membership businesses efficiently through OTT.Starting at $149 / month
Vimeo OTT⭐️⭐️⭐️✨
3.7 out of 5
Emerging content creators seeking a flexible, low-risk introduction to monetizing their video content.Starting from $1 / subscriber / monthOR 10% / transaction
4.8 out of 5
Fitness and wellness studios seeking a booking and scheduling software and app, alongside an on-demand library.Starting at $32.50 / month
4.4 out of 5
Educational course creators and coaches who need a more traditional LMS with assessments and certifications.Starting at $119 / month
VidAppN/ACreators looking for an OTT solution that integrates daily journaling without video hosting.Starting at $389 / month
4.7 out of 5
Media enterprises or large-scale creators seeking an end-to-end solution for deploying white-labeled, multi-device OTT streaming services.Starting at $399 / month
4.5 out of 5
Sports, entertainment, or media creators and event managers looking for a white-label video player to broadcast or livestream. Starting at $39 / month
4.0 out of 5
Businesses looking for a tailor-made package for video hosting, including streaming and on-demand media management. Contact directly
4.3 out of 5
Global orgs, media companies, and educational institutions looking for an online video content platform. Contact directly
4.3 out of 5
Professional broadcasters and media houses looking to build customized streaming solutions. Starting from $25 / month

What to consider when choosing an OTT Platform? 

I know what I’m looking for, take me to the list of best OTT platforms.

Before we dive headfirst into the nitty-gritty of each OTT platform, let’s hit the brakes for a sec. It’s time to sift through the must-knows and must-haves to pick the OTT platform that’s right for you and your business.

Got a minute? Swing by our video where we chat all about this. Otherwise, we unpack the key bits you need to think about below:

  • Understand your audience: What makes your audience tick? Are they willing to pay for the content you’re about to offer, and how do they like to watch it—on phones, TVs, or computers? A quick dive into their preferences with a survey or some savvy research will clue you in. What are they really looking for from your OTT platform?
  • Consider your budget: How deep are your pockets, and how fancy can you go? Mull over what you’re ready to invest in creating your dream OTT. And more importantly, how do you plan to monetize your content? Subscription fees, pay-per-view, tiered content access, or everything?
  • Time and tech: Got time to be a tech wizard, or is quick and easy more your style? Whether you’re up for building from scratch or you prefer a plug-and-play solution, it all boils down to how much time and tech skills you’ve got on your hands.
  • Your support system: Who’s in your corner? Whether you’ve got a band of tech-savvy pals ready to dive into the OTT abyss with you or you’re flying solo, knowing the kind of support the platform offers can also be a total game-changer.
  • Scalability and flexibility: Dreaming big? Your chosen platform shouldn’t just fit your current OTT business model, but also grow with you. Can it handle more content, a broader audience, and new ways to bring in money? Plan for the whole journey, not just the departure.

2024’s Best OTT Platforms – Reviewed & Rated ⭐️

Uscreen: Best for video entrepreneurs scaling their membership business

image showing crochet with tiffany's ott platform on Uscreen

G2: ⭐️ 4.8 out of 5

Capterra: ⭐️ 4.7 out of 5

Trustpilot: ⭐️ 4.7 out of 5

Uscreen is the ideal platform for video creators looking to monetize their content while building a community around their content with their own OTT apps.

It’s a dream spot for those creating educational or how-to videos but really, it caters to all types of video streaming, including entertainment and sports.

Think of Uscreen as your launchpad for going OTT—they simplify launching an OTT platform with included onboarding sessions, free content migration, an all-in-one streaming solution, and customization features for brand continuity, allowing you as a creator to focus on your content and community. 

Screenshot showing Uscreen's website editor in the backend of their OTT platform

The cherry on top? Uscreen prioritizes the membership model. They’re on a mission to help you build a loyal audience that supports your business’s growth over time.

With their exceptional customer support, user-friendly setup, and comprehensive growth tools, it’s no surprise they gain many rave reviews on G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot.

I’m not that confident technically but it is all so easy to work my way around, the customer service, support and help area is so extensive that you simply can’t go wrong. Highly recommend.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Liz P – Capterra

So, if you’re on the hunt for more than a mere streaming platform—but a buddy who’s all ears for what you need to grow your business—Uscreen might just be your perfect match.

Uscreen’s standout features 

  • Mobile & TV apps: Native apps on 7 platforms like iOS and Android with features like in-app purchases, personalized playlists, offline viewing, and push notifications.
  • Live streaming: Supports streaming on any device, live chat, pay-per-view, donations, and a live streaming calendar for better interaction and monetization.
  • Built-in community: Features user-generated content, posts with video integration, interactive challenges, an AI content creation assistant, and a channel-based feed to boost engagement.
  • Viewer experience: Offers customizable playlists, content filtering, auto-play, and themed collections to enhance user viewing.
  • Marketing tools: A no-code website builder, APIs, email marketing, lead generation, audience nurturing, and win-back strategies with a free trial offer.
  • Monetization & analytics: Flexible monetization with 0% fee on purchases, detailed analytics by author/device, revenue reports, subscriber insights, and integrated payments.
Uscreen's video content manager in the backend of their OTT platform
Uscreen’s video content manager is simple and intuitive

Uscreen Pros

  • ✅ Cost effective
  • ✅ Netflix-like experience that is easy to navigate and manage content
  • ✅ Robust live-streaming and on-demand hosting
  • ✅ Built-in community space and marketing suite
  • ✅ Diverse monetization options
  • ✅ Integration with payment and subscription management tools 
  • ✅ Full-service launch, including migration
  • ✅ 24/7 support for you and your subscribers

Uscreen Cons

  • ❌ Upfront costs that can be pricey for newcomers or smaller creators
  • ❌ Lack of assessment, progress tracking, and certification features for educational content
  • ❌ No standalone video hosting
  • ❌ Unable to embed videos to website

Notable Uscreen users include: 

Image showing how Adrienne from Find What Feels Good takes advantage of all the best OTT platforms, devices and services with Uscreen.
  • Means TV, providing alternative film and TV entertainment.

Is Uscreen for you? 

While Uscreen is a compelling platform for most creators, it’s not for everyone. Smaller creators who are just starting off might be put off by the upfront costs and fees required to build an OTT membership with Uscreen.

Additionally, educators might miss specific features like assessments and certifications.

As standalone video hosting and direct website embedding aren’t options, creators looking to integrate videos into their existing digital setup, rather than starting from scratch, might also consider alternative solutions.

Uscreen Pricing & Features

  • Growth: $149 per month + $1.99 per paid member per month. Ideal for a single administrator, offering storage for up to 100 hours of video and 1 hour of live streaming. Includes basic support, along with marketing tools and membership analytics.
  • Pro: $499 per month + $0.99 per paid member per month. Designed for up to 3 administrators, this package includes 10 hours of live streaming, 150 hours of video storage, a personal mobile app, and a community platform across up to 5 channels. It comes with a dedicated success manager, enhanced support, and superior integration capabilities.
  • Plus: Custom pricing. Includes all Pro features, along with comprehensive mobile and TV streaming apps, customizable live streaming packages, and more.

Discover the complete breakdown of costs and features on Uscreen’s comprehensive pricing page.

It’s simple with Uscreen.

Build, launch and manage your membership, all in one place.

Vimeo OTT: Best for emerging creators seeking a low-risk intro to OTT

image showing content streamed via the Vimeo ott platform

G2: ⭐️ 3.7 out of 5

Vimeo OTT presents an accessible entry point for creators and businesses aiming to expand their online video presence and directly connect with their audience. Thanks to its entry-level pricing at $1 per subscriber a month, you can easily create an account and get started. However, you will need a Vimeo video hosting account to connect your video content to your Vimeo OTT.

screenshot showing that you need to connect your vimeo account to vimeo ott
You’ll need a Vimeo video hosting account to connect your content to Vimeo OTT

Recognized for its user-friendly approach to video hosting, Vimeo OTT simplifies the process for creators to embed high-quality videos on their websites, particularly appealing to those who use WordPress.

As one G2 user commented:

The most helpful thing about Vimeo OTT is that we can sell content directly from our website and provide design, social media integration, SEO analytics, etc. It is just perfect for everyone out there with similar interests.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Niraj S. –

However, contrary to some user experiences, Vimeo OTT offers limited customization capabilities compared to its competitors, focusing more on basic functionality for sharing exclusive content online.

Take a closer look at the differences between Vimeo OTT and Uscreen by checking out: Uscreen vs Vimeo OTT.

Vimeo OTT’s standout features 

  • An easy-to-use CMS for uploading videos from any device or cloud storage.
  • Entry-level pricing at $1 per subscriber a month, making it affordable for starting creators.
  • Limited but multiple monetization options, catering to different video monetization models.
  • Customizable branding for consistent viewer experiences across all devices.
  • Comprehensive analytics for deep insights into viewer behavior and preferences.
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) for protecting video content.
  • Basic live streaming capabilities for webinars and events.
Image showing Vimeo OTT's platform where you can set up a free trial for your app
It’s simple to set pricing and trials within the Vimeo OTT platform

Vimeo OTT Pros

  • ✅ Flexible content uploads from any device or cloud storage.
  • ✅ User-friendly interface for easy sharing and managing content across platforms.
  • ✅ Offer customers free trials to test your platform.
  • ✅ Entry-level pricing starting at $1 per subscriber a month, making it accessible for creators.
  • ✅ Familiar video player interface, likely reducing the learning curve for new subscribers.
  • ✅ Wide distribution options including iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku.
  • ✅ Secure embeddable video capabilities.

Vimeo OTT Cons

  • ❌ Poor customer support, notably the absence of 24/7 assistance.
  • ❌ Limited customization options, with restrictions on deviating from Vimeo OTT’s templates.
  • ❌ Lack of built-in marketing tools and lack of in-depth customization capabilities.
  • ❌ Monetization models are basic and might not cater to all creators’ needs.
  • ❌ Live streaming capabilities and analytics are basic, potentially varying by subscription plan.
  • ❌ No features for screenshot prevention or IP address blocking.

Noteworthy users of Vimeo OTT include:

image showing racing america tv's ott platform on Vimeo OTT
  • Mary Fulton Fit shares fitness and mindset coaching sessions.
  • Racing America Today provides car racing event subscriptions and pay-per-view options.
  • PRO EDU offers a mix of technical and business-focused courses for photographers.

Is Vimeo OTT for you? 

Vimeo OTT serves as a solid starting point for beginners with its straightforward interface and affordable pricing. However, it may not fully satisfy seasoned creators seeking advanced customization, sophisticated marketing tools, and robust support.

The platform’s limitations in delivering a dynamic user experience similar to Netflix, as well as a vibrant community space, are notable. Another cause to consider alternatives to Vimeo OTT is the platform’s lack of 24/7 customer support and limited customization options, particularly for those seeking advanced monetization strategies, personalized support, and a more comprehensive video membership site experience.

Vimeo OTT pricing

  • Starter: Create a subscription product for $1 per scriber per month OR create a one-time purchase or rental for a 10% transaction fee. Create a customized website offering various subscription and membership options, online courses, and digital products. Includes flexible payment methods, email support, high-quality video players, built-in checkouts, payments from multiple currencies, and unlimited bandwidth for your content.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing. Everything in Starter plus branded apps, API and SDK support, AVOD, FVOD, 60 TB bandwidth and 200 upload hours, as well as a free migration service.

Arketa: Best for fitness studios seeking a booking app and on-demand video

Arketa example yoga studio website and mobile app

Capterra: ⭐️ 4.8 out of 5

GetApp: ⭐️ 4.8 out of 5

Arketa stands out as a prime choice for wellness and fitness studios or trainers. Its core solution provides a digital booking and scheduling system, but it also brings a host of features to enhance both online and offline fitness and wellness activities.

Think digital bookings, real-world training sessions, a calendar to promote in-person and online classes, an on-demand video library, plus live events and membership programs. From group classes to personal sessions, in-person or online, Arketa wraps it in a user-friendly dashboard.

As one happy customer shared:

Arketa helped me consolidate my business platforms. I needed a program where I could host my studio’s classes, events and virtual experiences along with an On Demand Library, communities, online courses, massage bookings and programs.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Brietta L – GetApp

Beyond scheduling, Arketa also includes built-in marketing, automation, and engagement tools to boost interaction and keep your clients hooked. And of course, you also can craft your own branded website and fitness app, giving your users a central hub to operate and stream any video content.

Arketa’s standout features:

screenshot showing arketa's class calendar and schedule in action
Studio scheduling made easy with Arketa
  • Studio scheduling: Tailored features for any schedule, saving time and enhancing your brand with sleek designs and customizable options.
  • On-demand library: Build scalable, passive income through an accessible video content library, expanding your reach globally.
  • Events, retreats, and courses: Easy management and monetization of unique offerings, from virtual events to enriching courses, broadening income sources.
  • Multi-teams and locations: Streamlined management for teams and locations, including payroll and scheduling, with personalized setup support.

Arketa Pros

  • ✅ Industry specific for fitness and wellness.
  • ✅ Designed for studios, gyms, and coaches to digitize and expand their fitness and wellness business.
  • ✅ Studio management with admin control and digital video library. 
  • ✅ Variety of uses: classes, workshops, events, virtual classes, in person 1-1s, and more. 
  • ✅ Built-in marketing suite.

Arketa Cons

  • ❌ Tailored for the fitness and wellness industry.
  • ❌ Difficulty transferring clients’ previous number of classes from the old platform.
  • ❌ Confusion and lengthiness in transferring between Arketa and Stripe.
  • ❌ Arketa is still in its early stages.
  • ❌ Slow website response.

Notable Arketa users include:

four iphone images displaying bodycraft's app built by arketa in use
  • Tight Club Athletics, known for its online training and live workouts.
  • Upsoul, a provider of holistic wellness sessions and memberships. 
  • Bodycraft, offering joyful movement classes for all bodies, both online and offline.

Is Arketa right for you?

Arketa is a comprehensive, customizable solution designed with wellness and fitness studios in mind. It offers an extensive range of features from studio scheduling to an on-demand content library and event management, all underpinned by a strong support system.

However, those seeking functionalities outside the wellness and fitness industry or prefer different software integrations or more specialised video hosting possibilities will likely need to look into other options.

Arketa pricing

  • Individual (Core): $32.50 / month. 1 team member to manage group class scheduling, client management, an unlimited on-demand library, class packages and memberships, and programs and events.
  • Individual (Growth): $99 / month. Everything in the Core plan for 1 team member as well as email and text campaigns, automated workflows, and task management.
  • Studio: Custom pricing. Everything that’s included in the other packages, plus features like multiple rooms or locations, point of sale, staff management, and a dedicated account manager.

Many features are also offered as add-ons, including branded websites and apps, email marketing, and texting.

Kajabi: Best for educational creators who need a traditional LMS

image showing man giving intro to finances lesson why displaying the lesson plan
Kajabi is a standout LMS with features for engaging your community

G2: ⭐️ 4.3 out of 5

Capterra: ⭐️ 4.4 out of 5

Trustpilot: ⭐️ 4.4 out of 5

Kajabi shines as a go-to platform for educators, coaches, and course creators looking to spread their knowledge online. It’s designed for anyone ready to roll out anything from in-depth courses to quick tutorials, or even mastermind groups. 

Its targeted communication tools, like segmentation and tagging, make it easy to engage or re-engage your audience. A unified course library offers users simple access to all their courses, enhancing the learning experience.

Its reputation as a reliable platform is backed by years in the market, with a Learning Management System (LMS) suited for structured learning, including assessments and certifications. Kajabi’s straightforward pricing, avoiding transaction fees, makes it a cost-effective choice. 

Kajabi = a great website + pipeline + email system for the growing business (and course creators).

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Brenda M – G2

Kajabi’s standout features:

  • Create dynamic courses with multimedia, quizzes, and assessments.
  • Use simple templates and drag-and-drop to design websites without coding.
  • Includes email marketing, CRM, and tools for targeted outreach.
  • Sell digital products easily with flexible pricing and insightful analytics.
  • Enhance interaction with forums and polls for a vibrant online community.

Kajabi Pros

  • ✅ Tailored for course content. Easy-to-use course and coaching program builders.
  • ✅ All-in-one platform for seamless integration.
  • ✅ Fast website hosting and intuitive website builder.
  • ✅ Unlimited video hosting up to 4 GB per video.
  • ✅ Reliable e-commerce platform with no profit cuts and a rewarding partner program.

Kajabi Cons

  • ❌ Targeted towards course content.
  • ❌ Cannot sell physical products directly.
  • ❌ Similar-looking websites, you need to code to get a true custom feel. 
  • ❌ Extra costs for integrations.
  • ❌ No free plan, potentially expensive.
  • ❌ Limited file history, no easy content export.

Notable Kajabi users include:

screenshot from tiffany uman's website showing the sign up for her ott
Tiffany Uman uses Kajabi for her career coaching program
  • Sophia Amoruso with Business Class, offering a community and platform for digital entrepreneurs.
  • ToKini Andy, teaching Japanese through a monthly membership.
  • Tiffany Uman, who has developed career accelerator programs.

Is Kajabi right for you?

Kajabi does a lot right, especially for digital courses and coaching content, but it’s not without its quirks. Unfortunately, its approach to community building doesn’t quite hit the mark compared to some rivals.

On the video front, you might find yourself leaning on external plugins, since Kajabi lacks a seamless Netflix-like catalog or an in-house video player. And if live streaming is your thing, the absence of this feature could force you to consider one of the many Kajabi alternatives.

There’s also the matter of usability. Kajabi can seem daunting for newcomers. As one user expressed:

I wanted to love Kajabi but in the end, I began dreading interacting with the platform. I never did launch this side hustle because I began to feel so bogged down just getting the thing up and running. I was given the advice from colleagues that the way to success was to hire a designer to set up my Kajabi and then run it from there. Given the high cost of the platform, I found I resented the idea of needing to spend yet more to get it functional.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stone C – Capterra

Kajabi Pricing

  • Basic: $119/month. 1 admin user for 1 website with 3 products, 3 funnels, 1,000 active customers, and unlimited marketing emails.
  • Growth: $159/month. 10 admin users for 1 website with 15 products, 15 funnels, 10,000 active customers, plus 24/7 chat support and the ability to remove Kajabi branding.
  • Pro: $319/month. All growth features for 25 admin users for 3 websites, 100 products and 100 funnels, 20,000 active customers and a custom code editor.

VidApp: Creators looking for an OTT solution without video hosting

image showing vidapp's ott app in use with the calendar and scheduled class

VidApp is the go-to platform for established video content sites looking to break into the mobile and TV app market without the need for in-depth coding knowledge. Thanks to modular templates, each app has the potential to still be unique.

Aimed at businesses eager to engage their audience on multiple devices, the platform sets itself apart by crafting OTT streaming apps that empower creators to offer more than just video content through a collection of rich features. These include a monthly calendar, daily journal, custom playlists, secure downloads, and in-app purchases.

However, it’s important to note, VidApp does require an external solution for your video hosting.

VidApp’s standout features: 

  • Easily connect your existing website or channel to synchronize content and users, including seamless integration with major online courses and OTT platforms.
  • Design and launch a customized app with the customization features and templates, including color schemes, fonts, and navigation tailored to your brand.
  • Expand your audience with apps for iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV, plus support for Chromecast, AirPlay, and Bluetooth.
  • Monetize your content through in-app purchases and engage users with interactive calendars, journals, and custom playlists.
  • VidApp handles app store submissions and updates, and manages your app across multiple platforms, simplifying the approval process and ongoing management.

VidApp Pros

  • ✅ Syncs content and user data easily with existing websites or channels.
  • Offers app customization for a unique brand identity.
  • Launches on all major app stores, expanding reach.
  • Enables secure downloads for offline viewing.
  • Supports in-app purchases for memberships and subscriptions.
  • Features like calendars, journals, and playlists boost user interaction.
  • Compatible with Chromecast, AirPlay, and Bluetooth for easy TV casting.

VidApp Cons

  • ❌ External video hosting is required, potentially increasing operational costs and management complexity.
  • ❌ App-centric limitation may not suit creators seeking web-centric solutions, narrowing user reach.
  • ❌ Profit margins impacted by app store policies and commissions.
  • ❌ Subject to app store review processes that can hinder timely content updates.
  • ❌ Setup and customization may require a significant time investment.

Notable VidApp users include:

image showing yoga with kassandra's app on a tv, ipad, phone, and laptop

Is VidApp for you?

If you need an all-in-one platform for hosting videos, live streaming, and monetizing and distributing your content, VidApp might not be your best choice due to its sole focus on branded app solutions.

However, for those with an existing video hosting setup seeking to enhance audience engagement through a custom app—featuring easy management, calendar scheduling, journaling, personalized playlists, and automated notifications—VidApp could be a suitable option.

VidApp pricing

  • Starter: $389 / month. Offers native iOS and Android apps with a drag-and-drop builder, fully customized branding for up to 3,000 subscribers, an in-app calendar, favorites and watch-later playlists, plus AirPlay and Chromecast capabilities.
  • Growth: $559 / month. Includes everything in the Starter package for up to 5,000 subscribers, with added advanced push notifications, deep linking, daily journaling, custom playlists, and calendar-scheduled content.
  • Custom: Contact for pricing. Includes all features in the Growth package, plus apps for Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV, API and webhooks access, and setup and onboarding with a dedicated account manager and technical support.

Muvi: Best for media or enterprise creators seeking white-labeled OTT streaming

banner showing muvi's ott platform in action on a tv, laptop, ipad, phone, and more
Muvi content across a broad range of devices

G2: ⭐️ 4.7 out of 5

Capterra: ⭐️ 4.4 out of 5

Trustpilot: ⭐️ 4.3 out of 5

With an end-to-end solution for launching white-labelled multi-device OTT streaming platforms, Muvi offers video and audio streaming, live broadcasting, CDN, DRM, and extensive monetization options— all managed from a single CMS.

screenshot showing muvi's content management system and how you can store and manage videos
Muvi’s content library and CMS is known for it customizability

Known for its high customizability, Muvi allows for seamless branding, feature customization, and third-party integrations. With Muvi, creators can not only launch their own streaming service but also explore additional revenue streams through an advertising-based model and physical product sales via Muvi Kart.

Muvi’s versatility supports various streaming models and engages audiences with customizable video players and detailed analytics.

It’s built to scale with your audience and adapt to your evolving business needs, offering over 1000 enterprise-grade features for a successful video streaming service.

We are an OTT Film Festival that is online and when we were looking for private labeled solutions, MUVI really met requirements from all aspects. First, the functionality that MUVI provided was 100% suitable for what we were looking for. Second, the pricing was very attractive. Third, the interaction with the staff has been excellent.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Danji T – Capterra

Muvi’s standout features:

  • Easily create your own OTT website and apps that showcase your brand.
  • A straightforward system to upload, organize, and manage your video library.
  • High-quality, smooth streaming without the buffer hassle.
  • Bring live events, sports, and webinars directly to your audience in real time.
  • Choose how you make money—subscriptions, pay-per-view, ads, or selling products with Muvi Kart.
  • Deep insights into how viewers interact with your content and what’s working.
  • Reach a worldwide audience with support for languages like English, Spanish, French, and more.

Muvi Pros

screenshot showing muvi's visual website editor
Customers can easily setup, customize and edit their website and apps
  • ✅ Easy setup to create and edit websites and apps with no coding required.
  • ✅ Seamless live streaming and on-demand delivery.
  • ✅ Flexible content and monetization options.
  • ✅ Advanced content security with DRM protection.
  • ✅ Cloud encoding and transcoding.

Muvi Cons

screenshot showing the website templates muvi offers to customize your website
Muvi website templates can be a little limited if you’re looking for something different
  • ❌ Limited website templates for customizability.
  • ❌ Limited marketing functionalities and integration options.
  • ❌ Confusing CMS workflow.
  • ❌ Website loading speeds.

Notable Muvi users include 

screenshot showing 3 phones displaying simply south in action
Simply South’s OTT service in action
  • Simply South offers a global, on-demand video entertainment service focused on South Indian cinema. 
  • GoZone+ by Capelli Sports, a digital fitness platform with on-demand classes available through Walmart.
  • EnterInfi, a unique streaming platform that features not just traditional video content but also AR and VR-based videos.

Is Muvi for you? 

While Muvi brings a lot to the table for streaming services, it’s not without its drawbacks. The platform’s range of website templates falls short, offering limited choices for crafting a standout, visually engaging platform, mostly due to a less intuitive visual editor. 

Additionally, Muvi’s marketing tools don’t quite measure up to some of the Muvi alternatives, especially in terms of integrating with popular external email marketing services, potentially putting a damper on effective marketing campaigns. 

And for those new to the game, the platform’s content management system (CMS) can come across as daunting with a steep learning curve required to master it.

Muvi pricing

All plans include unlimited content, subscribers, and views, 24/7 support, no setup or configuration fee, and no pay per user fee.

  • Standard: $399 per month + $299 per month per app. Fully featured while labelled website/app, hosting and CDN.
  • Professional: $1499 per month + $499 per month per app. Alie recommendation engine, DRM, Content partner portal, & policy engine.
  • Enterprise: $3900 per month + $499 per month per app. Dedicated server and enterprise support
  • Ultimate: Custom pricing. Unlimited concurrent users, monthly security and performance reports, proactive monitoring, setup, and increased support.

Dacast: Entertainment creators looking for white-label broadcasting

screenshot displaying dacast's streaming playing on laptop with editing subscription settings on an ipad and iphone
Dacast’s end-user and customer features work well across multiple devices

G2: ⭐️ 4.5 out of 5

Capterra: ⭐️ 4.4 out of 5

Trustpilot: ⭐️ 4.8 out of 5

If you’re on the hunt for a white-label video player that blends right into your website or app, Dacast is a great option. It’s perfect for anyone in streaming media, entertainment, sports, or education who wants to live stream without a hitch.

screenshot showing how you can upload and manage a video in Dacast's platform
The platform features a familiar and simple content editor

What really makes Dacast stand out is its content management system and security features with flexible monetization options, like pay-per-view or subscriptions, all housed in a secure cloud setting.

However, it does work on a usage-based fee model, so you’ll need a decent budget if you’re expecting lots of viewers or need a large bandwidth.

Using it as a ‘set it and forget it’ platform for live streaming our church services has provided a cost effective solution that helped us navigate the COVID days, and continues to provide a convenience to our church members.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Corey M – Capterra

But, for those aiming to find a sweet spot between security, making money, and delivering quality streams, Dacast offers a solid, reliable choice.

Dacast’s standout features: 

  • HD and adaptive bitrate for top-notch viewing.
  • Easily integrates with current platforms, powered by robust tools.
  • Strong security with solid measures to protect your content.
  • Video API offering customizable video integration and analytics.
  • Flexible ways to monetize your videos.
  • In-depth data on audience and video performance.
  • 24/7 expert support with always-on assistance.

Dacast Pros

  • ✅ Seamless integration with existing platforms and robust tools.
  • ✅ 24/7 expert support and guidance.
  • ✅ Versatile monetization options for revenue generation.
  • ✅ High-quality HD video streaming with adaptive bitrate support.
  • ✅ Strong content security measures.
Screenshot showing how to alter Dacast's security measures on an individual video
If content security is a concern, Dacast have excellent measures in place

Dacast Cons

  • ❌ Bandwidth limitations and occasional buffering in lower-tier plans.
  • ❌ Lack of built-in video editing capabilities.
  • ❌ Limited third-party integration support and storage capacity.
  • ❌ Higher pricing compared to competitors.
  • ❌ Technical expertise required for advanced features.

Notable Dacast users include:

  • Mas Imagen, hosting virtual events for clients across Latin America. 
  • PetraGold, broadcasting cultural events with the platform’s robust features and technical support.
  • TopGolf, enhancing their online marketing with Dacast’s advanced video hosting capabilities.

Is Dacast for you? 

Dacast packs a punch with its video streaming and content management prowess, but it’s not the perfect fit for everyone.

If you’re juggling a lot of content, the bandwidth and storage limits on the cheaper plans might cramp your style. And, if you’re itching to edit videos directly on the platform or fancy a bit more flair in your video player design, you might feel limited.

The bandwidth and storage entitlements (and cost associated with overages/extras) required us to limit our use of the platform to live steaming. We would have liked to use the session recording and video on demand.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Corey M – Capterra

Plus, when you stack up the price tag against some of the Dacast alternatives out there, and consider you need to be a bit of a tech wizard to make the most of the advanced features, you may want to consider other options.

Dacast Pricing

  • Starter – for small audiences: $39 / month. 2.4TB per year with 500GB storage. Live streaming, 1080p HD Broadcasting, unlimited concurrent viewers, browser based/mobile streaming, VOD, advanced analytics, and more.
  • Event – one time or occasional events: $63 / month. 6TB upfront and 250GB storage. Includes everything in Starter plus live stream monitoring, Multi-CDN, live countdown, paywall, advertising, and more.
  • Scale – business and organization video: $165 / month. 24TB per year with 2000GB storage. Includes everything in Event plus unlimited channels, DRM for VOD, AES for VOD, advanced library management, phone support, and more.
  • Custom – high volume plans of any size: Contact for pricing. A tailored plan, including everything in Scale plus added support, special features, custom SLAs, large scale events, and more.

Brightcove: Best for businesses looking for a tailor-made package for video hosting

image showing Brightcove's platform in use and the backend analytics system

G2: ⭐️ 4 out of 5

Capterra: ⭐️ 4.2 out of 5

Trustpilot: ⭐️ 3.7 out of 5

Brightcove shines as a video hosting platform for businesses, packing everything from live streaming to on-demand management and video analytics into a neat cloud-based package.

Since 2004, it’s been the go-to for delivering crisp video content across all sorts of devices and hitting the mark in industries like entertainment, sports, and e-learning.

What really makes Brightcove stand out? Its tailor-made packages. Businesses get exactly what they need, from marketing and communications studios to media management, making it easier to not just monetize video content but also to use it as a powerful tool in customer engagement or even launching a corporate TV channel. 

Aimed squarely at enterprises, Brightcove is all about streaming high-definition content far and wide—reaching audiences in 175 countries with the latest in ad tech to make monetization smooth and smart. 

We run our entire daily live broadcast through BC [Brightcove], along with our OTT platform for our VOD content. I love the UI of the admin site – it feels like true broadcasting software versus a web-based platform.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Verified User – G2

Brightcove’s standout features: 

  • Server-side ad insertion to target ads effectively across various revenue models.
  • Seamless connection with tools like WordPress and Adobe.
  • Advanced analytics for insights into viewer behavior and content success.
  • Uses a top-tier CDN for fast, quality video streaming everywhere.
  • Video security protects content with encryption against unauthorized use.
  • Offers multi-DRM for robust content protection.
  • Linear live streaming delivers uninterrupted live streaming for sports and events.

Brightcove Pros

  • ✅ Powerful features including advanced analytics and security
  • ✅ Scalability for large-scale video businesses
  • ✅ Reliable global content delivery network
  • ✅ Extensive integrations with third-party tools
  • ✅ Dedicated platform support for setup and troubleshooting

Brightcove Cons

  • ❌ Higher costs may put it out of reach for smaller businesses or startups.
  • ❌ Limited features in more affordable plans restrict access to advanced options.
  • ❌ Limited self-service Options might inconvenience users despite the availability of dedicated support.
  • ❌ Steep learning curve requires time and technical expertise, even with dedicated support.

Notable Brightcove users include: 

screenshot from the body coach's website showing his ott app and pricing
  • The Body Coach uses a mobile app to offer live and on-demand fitness and nutrition videos.
  • The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) distributes educational cancer content smoothly across platforms.
  • MasterClass provides top-notch, broadcast-quality lessons and tutorials from famous experts across arts, business, design, sports, and writing to a worldwide audience.

Is Brightcove for you? 

Brightcove might not be everyone’s first choice, especially due to its complexity and the steep learning curve it presents, particularly for newcomers lacking technical skills. 

The platform’s higher cost could also be a stumbling block, making it less accessible for small businesses or startups with tighter budgets. Additionally, while it boasts dedicated support, the limited self-service options for tasks like content management and making configuration changes could frustrate users who prefer handling things on their own.

Brightcove pricing

Brightcove only offers custom pricing so you will need to talk directly to their team directly. 

Kaltura: Best for global organizations looking for an online video content platform

screenshot showing an example of kaltura's ott platform in use

G2: ⭐️ 4.3 out of 5

Capterra: ⭐️ 4.1 out of 5

Trustpilot: ⭐️ 3.2 out of 5

Launched back in 2006 as the first of its kind, Kaltura has grown to be a top player in the video cloud space, serving global orgs, media companies, and schools. Kaltura focuses on changing the way we communicate, whether it’s in the boardroom, classroom, or streaming service, including specialized platforms for online video content, education, and enterprise collaboration.

Thanks to its flexible, open architecture, Kaltura enables streaming on any device, all while keeping costs low and opportunities for monetization high – think subscriptions, pay-per-view, and ads.

Its open-source DNA means you can tweak and extend it however you like, integrating with many APIs and plugins for extra functionality. Plus, it’s perfect for the education sector, seamlessly working with LMS to support everything from online certifications to massive virtual events.

… easy and seamless integration with our Moodle environment, we use and incorporate video into various activities on a daily basis to give users an interactive and engaging digital media experience.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Charles K – G2

Kaltura’s standout features: 

  • Comprehensive video solutions to support diverse industries like marketing, customer engagement, corporate communication, education, media, and telecommunications.
  • Open and flexible architecture delivers content on any device, any business model, with top-notch tools, APIs, and integrations.
  • Guaranteed a 99.995% SLA, proven in hybrid Cloud TV solutions.
  • The open-source software is highly customizable for tailored OTT platforms.
  • Third-party integrations, content management, API access, branding, and smart monetization for customization.
  • Integrates with LMS, supporting interactive features for engaging educational content.
  • Various monetization options and advanced analytics for viewer engagement.

Kaltura Pros

  • ✅ Offers excellent playback across devices, secure streams, and flexible video delivery solutions.
  • Comprehensive Live Streaming: Features cloud transcoding and encoder processing capabilities for optimal resolution, codec, and bitrate.
  • ✅ Supports HTML video ads and overlay ads, VAST-compliant, with custom SWFs compatibility.
  • ✅ Tracks and displays analytical data for bandwidth and video content usage, including historical data of live event activities.
  • ✅ Streams adapt to various devices like laptops, desktops, smartphones, and smart TVs at different resolutions and bitrate levels.
  • ✅ Ensures seamless and secure video distribution behind the firewall with integrations with leading video CDNs.

Kaltura Cons

  • ❌ Users experience downtime, impacting access to content.
  • ❌ Difficulties in uploading private videos without inadvertently sharing them globally.
  • ❌ Provides limited permissions for video owners to download content.
  • ❌ While the media entry display is customizable, broader site or app customization is limited.
  • ❌ Basic streaming package lacks advanced monetization options like coupons or credits.
  • ❌ DRM solution requires additional costs, special configuration, and DRM license-keys.

Notable Kaltura users include: 

  • Entel provides a comprehensive Cloud TV service, offering live TV, Cloud DVR, and VOD across various devices. 
  • The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) facilitates interactive learning for over 17,000 users, offering both synchronous and asynchronous instruction.
  • Adobe hosts online events for its community of educators, providing a platform for creative and practical sessions.

Is Kaltura for you? 

Kaltura’s complexity often places it out of reach for the average user, with a tricky user interface, customization settings that can be difficult, and social media sharing that requires viewers to leave the site.

A stellar webinar platform.

What I like best about it is its robust feature set, which includes seamless live streaming, interactive audience engagement tools, and comprehensive analytics.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Verified User – G2

Additionally, the free trial doesn’t allow for live streaming tests, leaving users uncertain about compatibility with their setup. The platform’s pricing model also presents a challenge, making it tough for newcomers to estimate their monthly costs.

Kaltura pricing

Due to the customizable nature of Kaltura and the wealth of features, pricing is only available directly from Kaltura’s sales team. 

Wowza: Best for professional broadcasters looking to build customized streaming solutions

image showing an illustration of wowza's backend and the customisability of the platform

G2: ⭐️ 4.3 out of 5

Capterra: ⭐️ 4.6 out of 5

Trustpilot: ⭐️ 3.2 out of 5

Aimed at big organizations, universities, and media houses looking for tailor-made streaming setups, Wowza is all about scalability and flexibility, making it a strong contender for those needing a bit more than the one-size-fits-all solution.

While it might not be your first pick if your main goal is to rake in cash directly from your streams (since video monetization isn’t its strongest suit), Wowza shines when it comes to beefing up your marketing efforts with those live interactions that audiences love.

Plus, it’s branching out with on-demand video and audio services, casting a wide net to attract big names in healthcare, retail, and even government.

For those who love to tinker, Wowza’s Streaming Engine and Streaming Cloud products are candy stores. They’re packed with features for customized, low-latency streaming to global audiences, supported by robust APIs, SDKs, and a plethora of third-party integrations.

I’ve been using the Wowza video engine for several years… it provides me with stability, key features to connect with social media, integration with a billing panel, and a powerful API.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Eliezer M – Capterra

Wowza’s standout features: 

  • Robust branding and customization options for a cohesive brand representation.
  • Wowza automatically archives content for convenient on-demand viewing.
  • The intuitive CMS simplifies content organization and management of video libraries.
  • Strong security measures to protect content from threats.
  • Streaming in ultra HD resolutions for immersive viewing experiences.
  • API integrations for expanding platform functionality seamlessly.
Screenshot showing wowza's backend where you can build custom playlists
Setting up playlists in the Wowza CMS is easy

Wowza Pros

  • ✅ Brand customization tools.
  • ✅ Auto-archiving.
  • ✅ Powerful video CMS with the ability to build custom playlists.
  • ✅ Ultra HD streaming (4K).
  • ✅ Wide range of security options.
  • ✅ White-label service (custom branding).
  • ✅ Multi-bitrate streaming.
  • ✅ Auto-archiving (live stream recording).
  • ✅ No channel limits.

Wowza Cons

  • ❌ No simulcasting tools.
  • ❌ No support for video monetization.
  • ❌ No reliable video analytics tools.
  • ❌ The “pay-as-you-go” structure often makes it more expensive to use.

Notable Wowza users include: 

screenshot of LIVID's use of Wowza for online retail and selling
  • ConveneAGM enables live streaming for virtual and hybrid annual general meetings worldwide.
  • LiveTube democratizes live news by empowering smartphone users globally to capture and stream live events through their app
  • LIVID leverages Wowza’s Streaming Engine to power one-to-one and one-to-many live streaming sessions for online retailers.

Is Wowza for you? 

Wowza primarily targets organizations seeking to build customized streaming solutions. Therefore, this service is highly scaleable and suitable for large businesses, universities, and media.

On the other hand, there are a few main drawbacks to Wowza. Notably, the service doesn’t support monetization options like pay-per-view or subscriptions.

If you plan to monetize your live streams, this is a significant limitation. Also, API access to the cloud-based live streaming service is incomplete. 

Wowza pricing

Wowza offers pricing plans for both their Cloud Streaming service, and their Private Cloud & On-Prem Streaming. Below are their Cloud streaming pricing plans. 

  • One month of streaming: $149 one-time purchase. 15 streaming hours, 500 viewing hours and pay for storage as needed.
  • Pay as you go: $25 per month. Use any or all platform features, start building and scale as needed with all usage billed separately.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing. Annual plans available with discounted rates on hours and storage. 24/7 and real-time streaming at scale.

Wrapping things up…

And that wraps up our overview of 2024’s best OTT platforms for content creators.

Keep in mind, what users say can change, so staying up-to-date is smart. But this guide is here to help all kinds of creators and businesses find what works best for them.

For video creators seeking to integrate seamlessly into a supportive ecosystem, you’ve found the right starting point.

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OTT platform FAQ

What is an OTT platform?

OTT streaming platforms are services that allow users to watch video content without the need for a traditional cable or satellite, usually in the form of mobile and TV apps. These platforms typically operate through a subscription model, where users pay a monthly fee to access the content.

What are the benefits of OTT platforms?

The best OTT platforms offer additional benefits, such as managing and delivering content in one place, customizing the viewing experience for niche audiences, and giving users greater control over their brand, content, audience, and data.

What are OTT platforms examples?

Some popular OTT streaming services include Netflix, HBO Max, Disney +, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. Other streaming services include Peacock, Paramount Plus, and Apple TV Plus. With the rise of streaming technology, OTT platforms have become an increasingly popular way for people to watch content from their favorite creators and producers.