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Uscreen helps content creators build, launch, and grow winning video membership businesses. Earn a sustainable recurring revenue from your followers.

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I migrated to Uscreen from another platform, and you guys go so much further for your clients than they ever did for theirs. Uscreen always responds and provides what we need – it’s just so wonderful.

Brooke Cates

@Studio Bloom

We started our app with another provider, but it was just insanely expensive. So we made the switch to Uscreen. It’s been a lot more fun, a lot more customizable, and a lot more affordable – all things that are important to us.

Rob Young


If I could give my past self any advice, it would be: launch with Uscreen. It’s best for us to be on a platform where the apps, marketing, and subscription management are all in one place.

Jonathan Woods

@World Watch News

Memberships that grow

Uscreen, an all-in-one video monetization platform for content creators

An out-of-the-box video membership solution where you can enjoy a lasting income and sustained growth. Earn fast and grow your income doing what you love.

Memberships that engage

Live stream monetization on Uscreen

Expand your reach and influence by creating an engaging experience on your users’ favorite devices. Boost your views and retention with an intuitive interface and built-in engagement features.

Memberships that stand out

Netflix-like video content library.

Elevate your brand and impress your audience with a professional-looking, video-centric platform. Create a branded experience where you have full control of your audience, content, and income.

New pricing options!

Pick the right plan for your membership business

Video, community, live streaming and apps that pay for themselves the more you grow

Monthly Annual Save 20%



+$1.99 per paid member/mo

For creators focused on growing a small video membership online
  • Netflix-style video catalog
  • Live streaming up to 1 hour
  • Community up to 5 channels
  • Your own mobile app




+$0.99 per paid member/mo

For serious creators growing a robust community on mobile & web
  • Netflix-style video catalog
  • Live streaming up to 10 hours
  • Community up to 5 channels NEW
  • Your own mobile app


Custom Pricing


For established creators needing full brand control on all devices

Everything in Pro, plus:

  • Full-featured mobile apps
  • TV streaming apps
  • Custom live stream packages
  • White-labeled branding

Everything your fans need in one membership app

Binge-worthy interface

Make your content shine and increase your watch time with a Netflix-like experience.

Community & live streaming

Built-in engagement features to boost user experience, loyalty and retention.

User-generated playlists

Let members personalize their app experience and better connect with your content.

Offline viewing

Members can enjoy your content, anytime, anywhere…even with no internet!

Automated marketing tools

Designed to help you grow, nurture, and retain your members.

Member & content analytics

Make your platform more valuable by better understanding how members interact with your content.

Elevate your brand
and income with memberships