Uscreen vs. Vimeo OTT

Why creators choose Uscreen

While Vimeo offers general video hosting, Uscreen goes all-in on memberships. That's why 4,000+ creators, including Yoga with Adriene, choose Uscreen for premium memberships with built-in community, branded apps, and top-notch support.

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Cross-platform display of 'Yoga with Adriene' channel featuring a variety of yoga sessions including prenatal yoga, kids yoga, and yoga with pets, available on tablet, smartphone, and smartwatch.

What sets Uscreen apart from Vimeo OTT?

With Uscreen, you can offer a world-class video catalog and viewing experience, a built-in community space, and native live streaming – all in one place, no tech skills required. Plus, Uscreen supports courses, too!


Vimeo OTT

Key Features

Netflix-style video catalog

Collections, Series & Episodes

Optional offline viewing

Built-in Community feed with channels

Community video challenges

Mobile calendar

Built-in live streaming & chat

Multi-tiered subscriptions

Uscreen enables multi-tiered subscriptions for different access levels. For example, on Uscreen you could expand your base by offering a limited version for a lower price.

Instant payouts

Stripe allows same day payouts. Uscreen Payments & Paypal which are optional require a 30 day hold on payments.

Direct Stripe and PayPal integrations

Lead gen, acquisition, and retention marketing tools

Content, people, & membership analytics

Creators Triumph: Migrating from Vimeo to Uscreen

Heightened community engagement. Up to 409% more revenue. Lower monthly fees. Those are just a few of the reasons why these thriving membership owners switched from Vimeo OTT to Uscreen — and haven’t looked back.

Why creators choose
Uscreen over Vimeo

Membership focused

Unlike Vimeo OTT, Uscreen lives and breathes memberships. This laser focus means Uscreen puts you and your business front and center.

Proven reliable

Most creators who switch from Vimeo to Uscreen cite inadequate support as a reason for leaving. At Uscreen, we’re in the trenches with you 24/7.

All-in-one platform

With Uscreen, users can easily toggle between your catalog, community, and calendar versus needing to use separate sites to access content and community.

The dedicated partner for video creators

Whether you’ve been on Vimeo OTT for a while or you’re launching your first membership, here are 4 features Uscreen offers to help you scale your business — without making you feel like just another number.

An embedded community experience

While Vimeo OTT allows you to create a siloed forum alongside your catalog, Uscreen’s robust community features integrate seamlessly with your content. Engage with members and have focused discussions all in one place with Uscreen.

An image of Studio Blooms membership information
An image showcasing a community app interface on a laptop and mobile phone.

Hassle-free, native live streaming & chat

Level up your live streams! Reach your audience directly and create a dynamic experience in real-time. Unlike Vimeo OTT, Uscreen doesn't stop at just broadcasting. Uscreen's integrated live chat lets you engage with your viewers in the moment, fostering stronger connections and addressing their needs instantly

Yoga with Adriene online platform interface displayed on a smartphone, featuring a yoga video playlist and a mobile live streaming class.

Instant payouts to grow how you want

While Vimeo OTT pays out monthly, Uscreen lets you monetize on your terms and cater to members’ needs with flexible options like pay-per-view, multi-tiered subscriptions, bundles, and free trials. Get paid in minutes (vs monthly on Vimeo) with Uscreen’s quick payout system.

A mobile phone showing three woman wearing fitness clothing, a large order cta, and four payment processors including 'Stripe', 'Apple Pay', 'Paypal', and 'Google Pay'.

Best in class, customer support

You deserve a platform that not only listens to your needs, but anticipates them. Most creators who switch from Vimeo OTT to Uscreen cite Vimeo’s inadequate support as a reason for their migration. At Uscreen, we’re in the trenches with you 24/7.

Backbody Project's Uscreen Membership Start Date of Feb 2021
An image of Backbody Project's mobile app experience along side a testimonial from Meegan Gregg, the founder of Backbody Project, talking about her positive experience with Uscreen Support Team.

Why creators choose Uscreen over Vimeo OTT

Vimeo OTT might be a big name in the industry, but its features and service standards are surprisingly limited. Don't take our word for it. Hear exactly why creators chose to migrate.

Man in professional attire with Adjuster TV Plus logo, conveying expertise in the insurance adjustment field, standing against a dark background for an educational video presentation
Adjuster TV Plus logo

I had a couple of conversations with Vimeo, and Vimeo was obscenely expensive, plus they do revenue sharing and take a percentage of your income. I also found that their stuff was a little bit clunky and slow to load.

Matt Allen

Founder of Adjusters TV






Paid Subscribers

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An image of Navin Ramharak, cofounder of In The Lab +
In the Lab+ Membership Logo

Originally we were with Vimeo for our first app. I remember being so mad that I found Uscreen afterwards because you guys had so many of the basic features that I wanted. I was like, Vimeo’s so much bigger, why don’t they already have this basic feature?

Navin Ramharak

Co-Founder of In The Lab+


Average App Store Rating


Paid Subscribers (Past Year)


App Viewership

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Discover what else you can do with Uscreen

See what other features have helped creators decide to make the switch from Vimeo to Uscreen.

Mobile + TV Apps

Launch your own Mobile + TV Apps, no coding skills required.

Live Streaming

The five-star live viewing experience your audience deserves.

Video Experience

Upload, organize and distribute your videos all in one place.

Video Monetization

Earn recurring revenue from your content.

Membership Tools

Unlock the true potential of your videos.


Forge a strong bond with your audience using community features.

Learn more about the possibilities of a Uscreen membership

Still on the fence? Our creator membership nerds at have spent hundreds of hours creating and compiling the best resources around running a membership business, available for free.

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Help Center

Get answers, troubleshoot issues and master the Uscreen platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions or queries about starting your own Uscreen memberships. Check out the FAQ’s for answers.

Does Uscreen help with migrations from other platforms?

Worried about switching platforms? Don't be. Our experienced Migration Team has successfully moved hundreds of users from various platforms (such as Kajabi and Vimeo OTT) to Uscreen with no interruption to their business.

Focus on what you do best, we've got your migration covered.

Does Uscreen support supplemental content (PDFs)?

Absolutely! Uscreen understands the power of enriching your video content with additional resources, allowing you to create a more comprehensive and engaging learning experience for your viewers. With Uscreen, you can seamlessly add various supplemental files alongside your main videos. These files can include PDFs, images, Word Docs, and more.

By adding supplemental content, you can significantly increase the value of your video catalog or courses. Viewers will appreciate the extra resources that help them learn more effectively and retain the information better.

Can I customize my Community channels?

Yes! With a Uscreen Community, you can create custom public and private channels where you and your members can discuss different topics. Public channels are available for all users that have access to the community while private channels are only visible to the users that were added there by the admins. Members in private channels can be either added manually, or through subscription gating.

Additionally, you can have up to 5 public and up to 10 private channels at the same time.

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