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The Vimeo OTT (VHX) Alternative You’ve Been Looking For – 2020 Comparison

By Peri Elmokadem 12 Min Read
Uscreen Vimeo OTT (VHX) Alternative

If you’ve been searching for a VOD or OTT platform for your online video streaming business, then you’ve definitely heard of Vimeo OTT/VHX.

I mean, it’s Vimeo! They paved the way for many companies – like Uscreen – and showed the world there was a way to share and stream videos outside of YouTube.

And because of their big household name, a lot of video streaming business owners decide to trust in Vimeo OTT to launch and run their online VOD websites and OTT apps.

We think Vimeo is a viable option, but might not be suitable for every case scenario.When it comes to choosing the right solution to host your online video business, it’s really important that you make an informed decision. Maybe Vimeo OTT will be a great option for you, and maybe Uscreen’s robust features will better suit your needs. We’re here to help you figure that out.


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    So what’s it to us here at Uscreen to be telling you all of this?

    Uscreen isn’t just a platform for us. We care a lot about the video entrepreneurs community and their success. 

    And the success of a video business starts with finding the right platform that suits you, your needs and long-term goals. But we’re finding that people aren’t doing their due diligence before they sign up with VOD and OTT providers, often committing to platforms that aren’t right for them. And it’s not because these people are lazy, not at all! It’s because this information is simply hard to find online.

    So we decided to help out by breaking down all VOD and OTT providers into organized and clear information in one single place. This Vimeo OTT/VHX vs Uscreen breakdown will hopefully be a helpful guide when it comes to deciding if Vimeo OTT/VHX is right for you. 

    This is not to convince you to choose Uscreen over Vimeo OTT, rather to be empowered by information to make a calculated decision about the video-on-demand platform you choose to go with.

    Here are the main things you’ll need to consider when choosing between Vimeo OTT and Uscreen: 

    1. Fees and Pricing: Tiered packages vs per-subscriber fee
    2. Customization: How far can you take your VOD website and OTT apps?
    3. Marketing and growth tools: Which platform has the tools you need to succeed?

    Note: Information in this article is valid as of May, 2020. It is reviewed and updated every six months, or whenever any major changes in information occur. If you see anything here that you know for a fact is incorrect, please do let us know so we can update it immediately. 

    1. Fees and Pricing: Tiered packages

    Uscreen and Vimeo both offer 3 tiers of pricing, targeted at different sizes and needs.

    The entry-level packages – Basic and Starter – provide a simple service for a low fee. 

    Uscreen’s Basic asks for $49 a month plus $0.50 per subscriber. This gives you access to the entire Uscreen platform,  including a wide range of advanced features that come as standard, such as: website customization, basic marketing integrations, and content analytics.

    Vimeo’s Starter asks for $1 per subscriber and offers basic design options and no access to advanced features.

    The biggest difference comes when you compare our most popular tier plan Amplify with Vimeo’s middle-tier offering Growth.

    Uscreen’s Amplify costs $299 a month (+ $0.50 per subscriber). This gives you access to live streaming and live chat services, on top of all the advanced features you get with the Basic plan. We created this package because we found the most common progression for video business owners to be:

    On-Demand Streaming > Live Streaming > OTT Apps

    So, we wanted to ensure you get access to live streaming as soon as possible in your journey, and left launching OTT apps to a later stage of your business! 

    Vimeo’s Growth pricing begins at $500 a month (+ a “volume based discount” per subscriber). 

    You’ll get one fully-branded OTT app for this, and gain access to their analytics software. However, you won’t be able to use live streaming until you achieve their Enterprise tier.

    If live video is a core part of your strategy (whether now or down the line), this makes Uscreen a more sensible option to grow your business, while offering lots of extra features. 

    If you feel like you need apps and live streaming, we’d love to invite you to contact us directly, so we can help you find the right plan for your needs (whether that’s with us, or someone else!).

    2. Customization: How far can you take your VOD website and OTT apps?

    Vimeo OTT/VHX and Uscreen both offer different levels of branding and customization available for your VOD website and OTT apps, or even the way you organize your content. We both allow you to create fully branded apps, that your audience will never realize are being powered by other platforms.

    The only place where we differ is the level of customizations we provide.

    Vimeo OTT has 5 built-in themes for you to work with, whereas Uscreen offers you over 10 editable themes and is constantly adding more to your themes gallery.

    Uscreen has a theme editing features to ensure your video-on-demand website is SEO friendly and can be optimized for your target keywords.

    We also allow your viewers to filter your content by duration, author, intensity, difficulty, or literally anything you want–which is a feature exclusive to Uscreen.

    This enables your audience to seamlessly browse and find the videos they need and view the content most relevant to them.

    Take a look at how easy it is to navigate the filters and categories on the Uscreen-hosted VOD website, Callanetics website:

    If you want to learn more about how to make a perfect video catalog, here’s a video you might want to watch.

    3. Marketing and Growth Tools: Which platform has the tools you need to succeed?

    You aren’t just making videos; you’re running a business.

    Your video platform should give you the tools you need to make growing that business as easy and as simple as possible.

    At Uscreen, we give you robust marketing and analytics tools.

    The Uscreen platform packs a comprehensive suite of video marketing tools, so that our clients can access the insights they need to grow their audience and revenue.

    With Uscreen you are able to:

    Basically, Uscreen is a one-stop-shop for all of your video business growth needs. But, even so – besides having built-in features, as any growing business, you want to make sure that you can integrate your video streaming service with your prefered third-party tools.:

    • Marketing tools
    • Productivity tools
    • Analytics platforms
    • Collaboration tools
    • Communication platforms

    Uscreen allows you to connect with 1000+ different apps and services, Uscreen also includes a list of built-in integrations which do not require any advanced knowledge of webhooks. They are easy to use click-and-connect integrations. 

    • Zapier (which allows you to connect to over 1000+ other apps with no coding required)
    • Google Analytics
    • MailChimp
    • Facebook
    • Mixpanel
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Chartmogul
    • Wistia
    • Rewardful
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn Pixel
    • Refersion
    • Hotjar
    • Drip
    • Profitwell

    And we are regularly adding more integrations for you to choose from.

    Meaning you can create the workflows and systems you need to effectively run your business.

    And now you’re up to date!

    Vimeo is a strong household brand name in the online video hosting and streaming space, and Uscreen is a growing company with a big heart and even bigger stack of features.

    Now you know what to expect of both Vimeo OTT and Uscreen, you will know what to look for to decide which of these two platforms will be right for you.

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