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Launch your own professionally branded apps, zero coding skills required.

Launch Your Own OTT Platform and Apps
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Customize. Launch. Share.

Uscreen makes it easy to seamlessly launch and manage streaming apps for mobile and OTT that help establish your brand and grow your audiences.


What is a streaming app?

Uscreen mobile & TV apps lets you distribute your content everywhere and engage your audiences wherever they are, across iOS, Android and OTT platforms such as Roku, AppleTV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV.


Streaming Apps boost your revenue

More engagement with apps.

Increase in sales with apps.

Everything You Need from Your Apps Platform

Apps built by Uscreen’s platform have all the functionality you need to give your users amazing content experience.

Deploy fast, no coding required

Get to market quickly and with little effort. With our time-to-launch averaging 30-60 days, Uscreen’s OTT platform solution is the fastest way to distribute your content to your own mobile and TV OTT apps. We do all the heavy lifting: from publishing to regular updates – leave it to us.

Distribute your videos to all the OTT platforms

Branding freedom

Our apps are designed for optimal user experience and engagement. Personalize your apps’ look and feel to match them perfectly to your brand. These are now your apps: Uscreen branding is nowhere to be found, so your brand can shine.

Customize your video streaming service and apps to match your branding

Detailed analytics

Dive deep into our built-in analytics for a detailed insight: dig into watch-time per device to crack your users’ behavior. Identify your best performing videos and focus your future efforts on replicating success for your video streaming service.


Built-in video analytics

Centralized CMS with dynamic changes

Upload and manage your content in one central admin area. Any updates to your videos, collections, and extras will be rolled out to all your apps instantly. Everything is easier with an all-in-one OTT platform.

Centralized video CMS

Branded Apple Watch fitness tracker

Create a truly immersive OTT experience by launching your own Apple Watch app. Offer users the power to control the player straight from their wrists, without interrupting their workouts. Keep users engaged and motivated by bringing their health stats to their screens.


Launch branded apple watch app

Powerful Apps

Powerful OTT apps on all devices
Apple TV
Fire TV
Android TV
  • In-app notifications
  • In-app purchases
  • Offline viewing
  • Resume watching
  • Play audio while phone is locked

Apps by the numbers

  • 4.6 average app store rating
  • Apps increase sales by up to 30%
  • 1000+ apps & counting
  • Average release time 30-60 days

Apps for all devices

PC and Laptop
PC & Laptop

Why Uscreen for apps?

From seamless integrated experience for your users, to full branding freedom.

30 Days App Launch

Fastest app release

Get your apps to market quickly and with little effort.

Brand your OTT apps

5-star rated apps

Create a memorable experience with our 5 stared OTT apps.

The most affordable OTT platform


The most powerful apps on the market for an affordable, fixed fee.

You’re in good company

Join these brands, and many others, who are already in love with their 5-star apps.

Stage Network OTT service
Stage Network Logo

The STAGE Network

Theatre Lives Here

Find What Feels Good Apps on Mobile and TV
FWFG logo

Find what feels good.

Yoga With Adriene, LLC

Kweli TV's OTT apps
Kweli TV logo

kweliTV: Our Culture. Curated.

kweliTV, Inc

Ballet Blast by Sassy on mobile and tv devices
naturally Sassy logo

Naturally Sassy.

Ballet Inspired Fitness

CETV video streaming apps on tv and mobile
Collective evolution logo

Collective Evolution

Collective Evolution, Inc

Still not convinced?

Here are some other features you and your users will love.

We’re often asked…

How hard is it to set up my OTT apps?

It’s a total breeze for you. You focus on quality videos, we do the rest. Once you shared all the required assets, such as your brand logo with us, and the team approves them, we start working on launching your apps under your own developer account.

Do I own all of my audience, content and data?

Yes! In addition to owning your audience, you also own 100% of your assets, content, and data. Uscreen is simply a means to your end of monetizing your video content.

Can I process in-app payments for all types of offers on OTT apps?

We only support subscription payment models on OTT apps at the moment. This is primarily due to the overall success of our customers selling subscriptions as the main offer type on their OTT platforms, along with the complexity of launching and maintaining these apps. Providing one subscription offer that includes access to your full catalog is the only way we support in-app purchasing on OTT apps. 

Will my videos play on all devices without OTT apps?

Yes. By default, the videos are optimized to play on all browsers, including, smartphones and tablets, but they will not play on Roku or AppleTV without an OTT app. In other words, they play on mobile devices without an app, but they will not play on TV without an app.