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Simplified Sign-In: Introducing Roku Easy Sign-In for Effortless Access

By James Loesch
10 Min Read
A man using easy sign in for his Roku apps.

Version 3.9 of Roku now has Easy Sign-In, which makes it even easier for your members to sign into your Roku apps.

When your members go to the login screen, they’ll have 2 options:

  1. Sign in with remote and on-screen keyboard 
  2. Sign in using another device (Easy Sign-In)

If members choose to sign in with another device, they’ll follow the instructions presented on the screen: 

Sign in screen

Easy Sign-In URL

To use Easy Sign-In members will go to the URL uscreen_site.com/connect URL on their browser. The “uscreen_site” portion of the URL will populate with the name of your store in your custom domain.

Members will then be asked to enter their email and password:

easy sign in screen

This page will include the custom branding, logo, accent colors, and sign-in page image that you uploaded when customizing your storefront. 

Easy Sign-In Code

Once members have entered the login email and password associated with their account, they’ll click Sign In and be brought to a new page to enter the unique code displayed on their Roku device:

The code isn’t case sensitive. Once members enter the code, they can click Connect, and their Roku device will automatically refresh and sign them into their account. 

It’s that easy!