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OTT Examples: 12 High-Converting Branded Streaming Apps from Top Creators

By Stephanie Butcher
11 Min Read

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OTT Examples

Curious about launching your own OTT platform and eager to discover what success looks like?

We’re all familiar with popular OTT apps like Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime. But have you ever wondered if you, a content creator, could create something similar? 

Well then, you’ve come to the right place!

We’re lifting the veil on some of the best OTT platforms, spotlighting 12 of Uscreen’s most triumphant creators—from fitness apps to live streaming apps and educational content.

Beyond just showcasing these success stories, we’ve tapped into the expertise of our Uscreen pros. They’ve guided hundreds of creators to success and are sharing their insights here.

Let’s dive in and let these standout OTT apps inspire your next big idea!

What Makes a Successful OTT App?

Before we dive into the OTT examples, let’s take a look at the key ingredients that make an OTT application successful. A truly standout OTT app – no matter it’s industry – not only delivers kick-ass content but also ramps up user engagement and keeps satisfaction high.

So, let’s check out the core principals for a successful OTT app:

  1. A comprehensive collection of exclusive content (videos, articles, courses).
  2. Organized structure of categories, tags, and personalized recommendations for easy navigation. 
  3. Multiple pricing tiers with varied benefits, free trials, and transparent billing. 
  4. Community groups or forums to encourage discussions among members. 
  5. Seamless user experience across smartphones, tablets, desktops, and TVs. 
  6. Analytics dashboard to track completed courses, challenges, and overall progress. 
  7. Ability to collect user feedback for app improvements. 
  8. Compliance with data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA. 
  9. Ability to analyze member behavior, content engagement, and subscription trends. 

Fitness & Yoga OTT Examples

As lives get busier and the drive to stay fit escalates, Fitness and Exercise OTT apps have seen a dramatic surge.

However, launching a successful fitness app involves more than just uploading workout videos. It requires strategic features and thoughtful design.

Let’s explore some of our top-performing apps and uncover what makes them leaders in the fitness industry.


Since landing on Uscreen in 2020, The WKOUT has become a standout in the online fitness realm by stripping down to the essentials: powerful, everyday workouts guided by real trainers.

Packed with an impressive 100,000 minutes of content—from light, no-equipment routines to grueling strength sessions—The WKOUT keeps the challenges coming. It’s not just about exercising; it’s about forging connections, with a global community there to uplift each other towards physical and mental peaks.

The WKOUT offers a range of subscription options, while also offering bundles and one-time purchases for specific items, plus a 10-day free trial to let newbies test the waters before diving in.

OTT Devices

iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android devices, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and directly through The WKOUT TV’s website.

2. Grace & Form

Grace & Form is a premium online studio where the elegance of ballet meets the vigor of fitness, energizing both body and mind. Crafted by the celebrated duo, Saskia Gregson-Williams and Indiana Woodward, it’s the perfect spot for both ballet enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Featuring classes and programs led by elite dancers, athletes, and trainers, Grace & Form offers a blend of classic ballet, ballet-fueled fitness routines, yoga, and pilates.

Grace & Form keeps it straightforward with their membership, offering two options—the monthly plan at $19.99 or a yearly membership for $179.99.

OTT Devices

iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Android devices.

3. Jump Rope Dudes

Jump Rope Dudes is a buzzing online fitness hub that harnesses the simple power of jump rope to achieve weight loss and fitness goals quickly. Launched on Uscreen in 2022 by Dan Witmer, who lost 70 pounds with this effective form of exercise, the platform champions this dynamic workout method.

Boasting a lively community, Jump Rope Dudes invites everyone to join in on discussions and track progress. It’s more than just workout videos; it’s a place where every success is celebrated, making fitness a fun, collective experience.

Jump Rope Dudes offers two straightforward memberships: $14.99 monthly or $125.99 annually, with an option to purchase individual workout programs.

OTT Devices

iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Android devices.

What makes these fitness OTT examples successful? 

When you’re setting out to create a top-performing fitness OTT app, think about it as crafting a unique fitness journey that resonates with each member of your community. Notice how The WKOUT, Grace & Form, and Jump Rope Dudes excel in their specialized fitness niches while catering to a wide range of abilities. From beginners to advanced, this strategy ensures everyone remains active and engaged.

Adaire Smithwick, Community Manager, Uscreen

In fact, here are the key points Adaire says to focus on when building out your OTT fitness app as a creator. 

  • Create a vibrant fitness community for members to share and celebrate fitness milestones together.
  • Ensure content is always accessible with features like offline viewing, mobile-friendly formats, and easy screencasting so users can workout whenever and wherever.
  • Includes live stream fitness classes, calendar events, daily updates, and even personalized or 1-1 coaching.
  • Provide organized workout programs and interactive challenges to maintain user engagement and daily logins.
  • Offer subscription models, tiered pricing, and consider selling individual workout programs for flexible payment options.
  • And lastly, leverage your personal fitness journey and branding to add authenticity.

Community is arguably the most important part of a successful fitness app in today’s competitive market. Your app should be more than just a collection of workout videos; it needs to be a vibrant community hub where members can share their progress, celebrate victories, and find motivation or inspiration on their tough days.

Adaire Smithwick, Community Manager, Uscreen

Educational Creators OTT Examples

Online course content has exploded in popularity, thanks to rising higher education costs and the growing desire to learn flexibly—whether to advance a career, master a new skill, or simply indulge in a hobby. 

OTT apps make selling an online course both accessible and engaging, transforming how we consume knowledge. They have quickly become the go-to for accessible, enjoyable, and even entertaining learning experiences.

Best Online Course Platforms for Creators in 2024 – Reviewed & Ranked

upsells and annual subscriptions

Now, let’s dive into how some of our standout creators are reshaping traditional educational content, offering learners unique and captivating experiences.

4. RecipeKick

RecipeKick redefines home cooking with its dynamic, live-streaming platform. Rising from the renowned Courageous Cooking School, it champions the intuitive Courageous Cooking Method. This approach centers on using seasonal ingredients and mastering core cooking techniques, moving away from rigid recipes to foster culinary creativity.

Guided by a team of experts, from Michelin-starred chefs to accomplished butchers, RecipeKick delivers a spectrum of classes that ignite passion in both new and seasoned cooks. With fresh content daily and a vibrant community of nearly 1,000 members, RecipeKick is a thriving hub for culinary enthusiasts to explore, exchange, and bond over delightful dishes.

OTT Devices

iPhone, iPad, Android, and Apple TV.

5. Art For Kids Hub

Art For Kids Hub is a lively, family-focused art platform where creativity blossoms through drawing, painting, and origami. Spearheaded by Rob, Teryn, and their four children, this platform makes art engaging and accessible to all ages.

Perfect for first-time sketchers or those enhancing their artistic skills, Art For Kids Hub offers a wide array of lessons designed for family involvement and creative discovery. With resources ranging from YouTube tutorials to mobile and TV apps, the platform ensures that engaging with art remains fun and easy for everyone.

Keeping things simple and accessible, Art for Kids offers two very affordable memberships of $5.99 a month, or $64.99 a year, with a 7-day free trial. 

OTT Devices

Iphone, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Fire TV

6. Jade Beason’s The Collective

The Collective, launched by Jade Beason, is a premium digital membership and mobile app crafted for creators eager to master social media for audience building and monetization.

Ideal for both novice and experienced content creators, this platform offers a suite of tools, lessons, and collaborative opportunities aimed at increasing audience reach, improving content quality, and enhancing earnings on social media platforms.

More than just educational videos, The Collective stands out as an OTT platform and community, fostering a supportive environment where creators can learn on the go, connect, celebrate successes, and navigate the challenges of digital content creation together.

To tailor to individual needs and budgets, Jade offers 3 tiers of monthly pricing plans of $29, $59, or $179. Each comes with a different level of access and perks for the user to tailor their experience. 

OTT Devices

iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Android devices.

What makes these educational OTT examples successful? 

If you’re eager to grow an online course platform that stands out like The Collective, RecipeKick, and Art For Kids Hub, the most important thing to consider is ensuring your platform offers value for money. You can do this via competitive course pricing, trial periods, and rich, interactive content libraries that make users feel their investment is worthwhile.

Focus on delivering specialized and expert-led content, and research how your users want to learn. Do they want quick bite-sized tutorials or in-depth masterclasses in various subjects? Incorporate interactive and supportive features like practical tools and ad-free environments to enhance user engagement and satisfaction.

Rob Balasabas, Head of Partnerships and Community, Uscreen

Media, Entertainment, & Lifestyle OTT Examples

You’re likely familiar with household names like Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime dominating the OTT landscape.

Yet, the realm of entertainment OTTs extends far beyond these giants. The opportunities for launching your own OTT service are vast, ranging from independent films and TV to bespoke children’s content. Plus, with lifestyle influencers sharing more behind-the-scenes content, audiences can enjoy personalized experiences free from ads and mainstream platform restrictions.

Let’s explore some of our top-performing Media, Entertainment, and Lifestyle OTTs—you’ll be amazed by the incredible achievements of these creative pioneers.

7. Toveedo

Toveedo is a digital playground for Jewish children, offering a vast library of educational yet entertaining videos that embrace Torah values. 

This ad-free app and website creates a secure space where parents can rest easy about the content their kids engage with. Tailored for children up to age 10, Toveedo brings families together with a vibrant selection of quality, kosher content.

With the ability to stream on multiple devices, Toveedo ensures a fun and enriching viewing experience for kids. They offer a flat yearly subscription of @$129.99 per year, making it just under $11 per month. 

OTT Devices

iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android devices, Roku, Fire TV, and Chromecast. 

8. MeansTV

MeansTV is a trailblazing entertainment streaming platform that offers a thoughtfully curated selection of films and TV content. Celebrated for its “by the people, for the people” ethos, MeansTV excels in fostering deep engagement and strong retention through personal connections within its community.

The platform has crafted an all-in-one membership experience accessible on any device, making it easy for users to dive into a Netflix-style catalog, download playlists for offline viewing, and join in live events.

With its community-centered approach, MeansTV not only holds its own against larger competitors but also carves out a distinctive niche for viewers craving a more participatory and meaningful media experience.

Means TV allows users to subscribe monthly at $10 or yearly at $110. 

OTT Devices

iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android devices, Roku, and Fire TV. 

9. Abundance+

Abundance+ masterfully mixes education with entertainment, carving out a unique space in the streaming world for everyone from homesteading experts to those keen on learning more about self-reliant living. 

Founded by Justin Rhodes, a popular content creator with over 1 million YouTube followers, Abundance+ launched in 2021 to cater to the growing appetite for detailed homesteading content. Its rich array of features and a strong community vibe make it an indispensable tool for anyone eager to enhance their homesteading prowess. With everything from educational videos and masterclasses, to documentaries and behind-the-scenes vlogs of everyday life, Abundance+ is a haven for sustainable living enthusiasts.

Designed for simplicity and engagement, Abundance+ is accessible through custom-branded apps on various devices, offering features like downloadable content, personalized playlists, and a vibrant community for interactive learning.

With such a vast offering, Abundance+ also offers tiered monthly subscription plans, ranging from $6 to $29 a month, with a 7-day free trial to explore the platform before committing. 

OTT Devices

iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android devices, Roku, and Fire TV. 

10. OnlyPaige

OnlyPaige is an exclusive subscription-based platform that brings fans closer to Paige, a well-known golfer and influencer. This service tees up a diverse range of content from professional golf tutorials to intimate snapshots of Paige’s daily life, special events, and photoshoots. 

Designed to strengthen the bond between Paige and her fans, the platform features regular updates, including fresh content multiple times a week, exclusive live streams, and more.

OnlyPaige keeps things simple with two subscription options, of $9.99 per month, or $99.99 per year. 

OTT Devices

iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Android devices.

What makes these entertainment and lifestyle OTT examples a success?

If you’re diving into creating an entertainment OTT app, your primary focus should be on delivering an exceptional member experience. Ensure your streaming content is adaptive to different screen sizes and viewing situations from mobile screens on the go, or large TVs from the comfort of your home.

Don’t overlook comprehensive device compatibility; your app should work effortlessly across all major platforms like iOS, Android, and various TV devices. This allows your users to engage with your content anytime, anywhere, enhancing their overall satisfaction.

But most importantly, what can make your OTT really stand out against the big guys like Netflix, is building a highly engaged community. Create spaces for the audience to interact to deepen their investment in your platform.

Joe Guerra, Principal Product Manager, Uscreen 

When launching your own entertainment OTT, be sure to establish: 

  • Adaptive streaming, smart recommendations, intuitive navigation, and ad-free or tiered pricing to enhance viewing.
  • Seamless access across all devices and user-friendly features like content downloading and playlist creation.
  • Extensive libraries with niche-specific content to increase relevance and perceived value.
  • Live participation and dedicated community spaces to enrich user interaction and deepen engagement.
  • Affordable plans and incentives like referral programs to cater to various preferences and promote platform growth.

Events and Live Streaming OTT Examples 

OTT apps are evolving beyond on-demand video, tapping into the growing demand for live streaming of favorite events—be it sports, music, or thrilling competitions.

However, broadcasting live does bring its share of technical challenges and demands. Let’s dive into how some of the top contenders are mastering these hurdles to deliver outstanding viewing experiences to their audiences.

11. XR+

XR+ is an OTT video streaming platform that brings the exhilarating racing experience to the homes of its loyal fanbase. Launched in 2019, this OTT video streaming platform is dedicated to showcasing the thrill of the race track, offering subscribers front-row access to the best contemporary dirt track races.

Members can tune in to catch the action live or relive the excitement at their own leisure, offering both real-time broadcasts and a rich video-on-demand library of past races. 

With a subscription pass, members get premium racing content produced by the most passionate, technical, and talented videographers and producers in the motorsports industry. XR+ offers a monthly subscription of $39.99 and a yearly subscription of $199.99. 

OTT Devices

iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android devices, Roku and Fire TV. 

12. PageantsLive

PageantsLive, launched in 2020 by JC Productions, is the go-to streaming service for all things pageant. This premium platform broadcasts top competitions nationwide, bringing the sparkle and excitement of pageants right to viewers’ screens in high-quality video. 

Whether members want to catch the action live or revisit their favorite moments on-demand, PageantsLive offers flexible viewing options to suit every fan’s schedule.

With a range of purchase choices—from subscriptions and live streaming tickets to permanent access to specific footage—PageantsLive ensures that viewers can access the content they want specifically, whether it’s just to tune in once to support a friend, or stay up-to-date with everything happening in the pageant world.

OTT Devices

iPhone, iPad, Android, and Apple TV.

What makes these live streaming events OTT examples a success?

Focus on things that set you apart — essentially your growth levers that would fuel your positioning in your niche. Look for the tiniest things that impact the end-user experience like device compatibility. Your platform should support a broad range of devices, from smartphones and tablets to PCs and streaming boxes like Roku and Apple TV. Meet your customers where they are by making your OTT app a natural part of their routine and environment. To give that Netflix-style experience, maintain high-quality streaming standards that replicate the thrill of being at the event in person.

Adaire Smithwick, Community Manager, Uscreen

In fact, here are Adaire’s top things they say to focus on when launching your live streaming events OTT app to make sure it’s a success. 

  • Deliver seamless, high-quality video and audio streams for an immersive viewing experience.
  • Ensure support across all major devices to make sure everyone’s viewing experience runs smoothly.
  • Offer both live and on-demand content to maximize your platform’s potential and allow users to engage in content when and where they like.
  • Interactive Community Features: Implement interactive features like chat-rooms to engage users in real-time to foster a strong community.
  • Provide various subscription models and convenient features like an event calendar and offline viewing to enhance user engagement.

To truly capture that live event feel and help community engagement, use community features that can handle large volumes of interactions, enhancing the sense of connection among users.

Adaire Smithwick, Community Manager, Uscreen

Wrapping up….

Now that we’ve dived into some standout OTT apps that are absolutely crushing it, it’s clear what it takes to launch a stellar OTT app. To recap, when building your own OTT app, make sure to consider:

  • Seamless user experience: Nobody likes buffering! Smooth streaming and easy navigation are absolute must-haves.
  • Rich content offerings: Keep it spicy! Serve up a diverse and quality content mix that speaks directly to your audience’s tastes.
  • Device compatibility: Be everywhere! Ensure your app plays nicely across all devices to reach as many viewers as possible.
  • And most importantly, an engaged community: Build more than a platform—create a community where users can connect and share their passions.

Ready to kickstart your OTT journey? Uscreen simplifies the process, supporting you from start to finish!

Launch your OTT website and app effortlessly with Uscreen, no advanced tech skills needed. Focus on creating great content and growing your community while our experts guide you every step of the way.

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