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These 17 OTT Examples Will Inspire You to Launch Your Own OTT Service

By Noah Landsberg 8 Min Read
OTT Examples

Good, solid examples are important to inspire you when you’re about to embark on a new project – whether that project is a new art piece or a new business. But we know it’s hard to find really good OTT examples out there that actually prove it’s possible to launch your own OTT service – not because they don’t exist, but because they’ve never been consolidated into one useful list.

So here you go!

We’ll share 17 OTT examples from some of our favorite customers. You’ll get a look at their OTT services, what they offer, and how they make money using video content.


Back in 2009, Jeff Krasno and Schuyler Grant got together to create the Wanderlust festival, an event dedicated to helping people find their true north through mindful and focused activity, meditation and yoga.

Realizing the growth potential of online media, Wanderlust TV was born. Today, yoga enthusiasts can choose from hundreds of video by instructor, difficulty level or opt for curated workouts.

Wanderlust TV - ott example


IOS and Android mobile applications, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV

How they make money

Viewer subscriptions: $9.99/mo, $99.99/yr

Visit Wanderlust TV


Physical fitness isn’t just about running long distances, swimming or weightlifting. It’s about a balanced approach to strengthening and stretching your muscles and re-aligning your posture in a rhythmic and dynamic way. This is what helped Callan Pinckney, creator of Callanetics, overcome the impact that 11 years of backpacking around the world and a congenital back defect had on her body.

Callanetics - ott example


Web, IOS and Android mobile applications, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV

How they make money

Viewer subscription: $9.99/mo, $89.99/yr

Visit Callanetics

Naturally Sassy

Ballet is one of the most physically challenging and demanding dance forms out there, and when it left Saski Gregson-Williams injured more often than actually performing, she sought out a way to recover and get stronger.

Blending her classical ballet training with strength and cardio work, Saskia developed a program filled with targeted workouts designed to help anyone develop a strong and supple body of a ballerina.

Naturally Sassy - ott example


Web, IOS and Android mobile applications.

How they make money

  • Viewer subscription: $12.99/mo, $66/bi-annually, $110/yr
  • 28-day Sculpt Plan Ebook: $15.00

Visit Naturally Sassy


It’s hard to imagine a world without yoga. As a tool for promoting health and wellness, it’s helped countless practitioners find their center. For TINT Yoga founder, Young Ho Kim, a martial artist with an impressive career, the transition to yoga meant blending his years of study under many teachers years with all of his knowledge to create his own form of non-dogmatic and scientific approach.

TINT Yoga was born as Kim decided to expand beyond the walls of the already famous Inside Yoga studio based in Frankfurt.

TINT - ott example



How they make money

Viewer subscription: $25/mo, $250/yr

Visit TINT Yoga


It’s estimated that there are approximately 23.83 million golf players in the US alone, with enthusiasts starting to swing clubs from as young as 5 years old. Birdietime was created to help golfers enhance their games by learning from the very best.

Founded in 2017, BirdieTime brings quality insights and the right about of skill to the BirdieTime audience through on-demand video classes.

Birdie Time - ott example



How they make money

  • Check website for pricing

Visit Birdietime


Food is a lifestyle filled with tons of innovation and news to keep up with, which is why Foodable came to be. Founded by award-winning author, filmmaker and executive producer, Paul Barron, Foodable is best described as the mecca of on-demand content for food service professionals and enthusiasts.

Subscribers get access to thousands of videos and content to help your restaurant or hospitality business thrive.

Foodable - ott example



How they make money

Viewer subscriptions: $19.95/mo, $199/yr

Visit Foodable

The Stage Network

The world of theatre is diverse and filled with amazing talent. And for The Stage Network founders, Rich Affannato, Jesse Kearney and Bobby Traversa, bringing the best original scenes, films, live theatre documentaries, reality shows, variety shows, concerts, and more, is what makes for the perfect on-demand experience for theatre lovers and those discovering the richness of the stage.

STAGE - ott example


Web, IOS and Android mobile applications, Apple TV, Roku

How they make money

Viewer subscriptions: free limited monthly content, $3.99/mo unlimited pass

Visit The Stage Network


Founded in 2001, Ellusionist sought to create an environment where anyone with the desire to learn how to perform magic could be given access to all the education they needed. For founder Brad Christians to realize his dream of reaching more aspiring magicians around the globe, he turned to on-demand video and launched Magicstream.

Magicstream is filled with tutorials on almost every kind of magic trick you can think of and all performed by the best magicians out there.

Magicstream - ott example



How they make money

  • Viewer subscription: $99.95/yr
  • Rent a video from $2.49
  • Purchase a video with a lifetime access from $9.00

Visit Magicstream

Kweli TV

There’s never been a better time the history of television to celebrate diversity, and that’s what Kweli TV is all about. Founded by Deshun Elisa Spencer in 2012, Kweli TV celebrates stories and culture of black people from around the globe through film, documentaries and shows.

Kweli TV - ott example


Web, IOS, and Android mobile applications, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku

How they make money

Viewer subscription: $5.99/mo, $49.99/yr

Visit Kweli TV

Indie Film Hustle

The indie film industry has produced really amazing movies that have done well both at the box office and the Oscars. But there’s another less well-known side to indie films, and that’s everything that happens in the creative process. Indie

Hustle was founded by Alex Ferrari. Having amassed over 20 years worth of experience gained from working on more than 1000 projects, Alex decided to share his knowledge with aspiring filmmakers.

Indie Film Hustle gives enthusiasts and professionals what Alex calls “the real deal” about how to make it as a filmmaker.

Indie film hustle - ott example


Web, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, IOS and Android mobile applications

How they make money

  • Viewer subscriptions: $13.99/mo, $150/yr
  • Online course from award-winning directors
  • Book sales – Shooting the Mob

Visit Indie Film Hustle

Button Poetry

Slam poetry goes back as far as the 1960 but has since blossomed into one of the most exposed and widely appreciated forms of performance art. Created to help share, promote and expand the reach of performance poetry, Button Poetry once only existed as a collection of DVDs and albums, but today, it’s a complete streaming service showcasing diverse talent, voices, and performances.

Button TV - ott example



How they make money

Viewer subscription: $3.99/mo, $39.99/yr

A 30-day trial is available

Visit Button Poetry

Race XR Plus

There is nothing quite like the thrill of pure adrenaline. Race XR Plus aims to bring this experience to the homes of its loyal userbase. Launched in 2019, this Uscreen-powered SVOD puts the spotlight on the race track, curating the best of contemporary American dirt track races. Subscribers can tune in to catch the excitement in real-time or watch their in-depth collection of past races on demand, for the ultimate viewing experience. 

17 inspiring OTT video business examples - Race XR Plus racing svod


Web, iOS, Android, Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV Official Apps.

How they make money

Viewer subscription: $34.99/mo, $349.99/yr

Visit Race XR Plus

Your Book of Memories

The maker movement has given birth to a ton of niches to help people explore their creativity and Your Book of Memories is helping aspiring creators do just that. Founder, Frances Long, is an artist and created Your Book of Memories out of a love for crafting. To date, she has produced over 90 tutorials on creating your very own mini photo album or folio.

Your Book of Memories - ott examples


Available on web, IOS and Android mobile applications coming soon.

How they make money

One-off video tutorial purchases ranging from $8 – $25.

Visit Your Book of Memories

Edge of Wonder

Fascinated by the supernatural, UFOs, aliens, myths and conspiracies? Edge of Wonder takes a deep dive into all of these topics and much more. As a weekly show hosted by Ben Chasteen and Robert Count, Edge of Wonder grew from a YouTube channel offering free content to a premium service for fans.

Edge of Wonder ott examples



How they make money

Viewer subscription: $9.99/mo, $108/yr

Visit Edge of Wonder

Mark Bowden Hypnotherapy

The use of hypnotherapy dates back to the 1700s and today it’s become widely practiced as more people choose it as an alternative to prescription medication for certain treatments.

As a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, Mark Bowden has developed a collection of self-hypnosis courses design to help people live happier and more fulfilling lives. To date, he has helped over 100,000 people around the globe through his self-hypnosis programs.

Mark Bowden - ott examples


Web, IOS and Android mobile devices.

How they make money

Subscriptions: $14.99/mo, $165/yr, Free 7-day trial available

Visit Mark Bowden Hypnotherapy


Online education takes many forms, and for aspiring electronic dance music artists, Faderpro produces in-depth tutorials on how to compose the perfect track. Founded by Steven Lee and Vincent di Pasquale, Faderpro offers a collection of courses to give students all the information and guidance they need to use the latest technology and techniques for producing masterpieces.

Fader Pro - ott examples



How they make money

One-off purchased starting at $19.99 (with lifetime access)

Visit Faderpro

Conversations Exploring Consciousness

We have access to more information today than ever before in the history of mankind. Access, unfortunately, doesn’t always equate to an unbiased report on the events that unfold. It’s for this reason that Joe Martino decided to launch Collective Evolution in 2009.

Fast-forward to 2019, and CETV is now a streaming service. CETV reports on events through a neutral lens while giving viewers the tools they need to build their awareness and connect with themselves in a time where the world is changing at a rapid pace.  

CETV - ott examples



How they make money

Viewer subscription: $9.99/mo, $27/qtr, $99/yr

Visit Collective Evolution

And there you have it! Proof through 17 OTT examples showing that it is possible to start and run your own OTT service and distribute your content in various ways. OTT isn’t just for video content creators, it’s the solution any business can use to reach a larger audience and grow using video content.

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