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19 Profitable Membership Site Ideas

By Aarushi Singh
7 Min Read

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A man holds a dog while smiling at his computer when looking for membership site ideas.

Whether you have a special expertise or you’re trying to find the right niche that will yield the highest profit, choosing the right membership site idea is an important part of the journey. 

And with so many different membership site ideas out there, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed when picking the right one. 

After all, choosing the right membership website niche that will provide value to members is key to creating a successful platform. 

But if you’re still stuck in the brainstorming phase, we’ve sped up the inspiration process for you and compiled some of our favorite membership site ideas that can make you money.

Let’s dive in!

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1. Online Art School

Are you a pro at painting, sketching, embroidering, or any other art form? 

With folks turning to art to de-stress, escape, and unlock their creativity, you can help viewers embrace art as part of their everyday lives, and turn it into a profitable membership website idea

This will be the place for you to share: 

  • Tutorials on how to draw. 
  • Mini courses on embroidery for beginners. 
  • Follow-along painting live streams. 
  • Community posts for members to talk to each other. 

💡How They Do It

For example, take a look at Your Book of Memories. The project of former YouTuber Frances Long, YBM teaches viewers how to create mini photo albums that are rich with sentimental value.  

A screenshot of Your Book Of Memorie's platform.

This niche membership website idea turned out to be quite a success. Frances turned her YouTube channel into a profitable VOD powerhouse and maximized her earnings by 855%.  

Just like her, you can turn your artistic gifts into a high-paying online business.

2. At-home Fitness

You don’t need a gym to become a five-star trainer. Just a camera and a makeshift studio will do.

With the online fitness world booming like never before, this is the best time to start an online studio and help people around the world get fit. 

This is your chance to: 

  • Create fitness plans according to different goals. 
  • Host workout challenges. 
  • Offer exclusive eBooks with tips. 
  • Sell branded workout equipment. 

💡How They Do It

The more niche your approach, the better. For example, Be Healthy Enough offers a diverse library of workout content aimed specifically at people over 50 years old.

A screenshot of Be Healthy Enough's platform.

Just like this unique studio, you can offer exclusive access to your virtual sessions with this membership site idea.

3. Online Yoga Studio

Are you a yoga enthusiast looking to make it as a full-time yogi? Online is the way to go!

There’s already a huge market of folks who prefer practicing yoga at home instead of going to a physical yoga studio. 

In the U.S. alone, 67% of yogis prefer a more casual approach — and you could be the one to teach them. 

Whatever your take on this calming practice, there’s a place for you online and a chance to launch a membership site that will make you money.

You can create a yoga membership site to share:

  • Daily yoga practices. 
  • Monthly yoga challenges. 
  • Beginner classes. 
  • Morning yoga live streams.

💡How They Do It

Take a look at Wanderlust TV, a virtual yoga studio known for its five-star classes, which are often backed by breathtaking views.

A screenshot of Wanderlust TV's platform.

With their additional live classes, guided meditation, and inspirational talks, Wanderlust is more than your average yoga studio.

So why settle for face-to-face classes when you can take your yoga practice worldwide and help thousands of people find peace and relaxation?

4. Astrology Knowledge Hub

If you’ve got a gift for interpreting the stars, we see a life of abundance in your future.

That’s because today’s astrologers have entire platforms on which to share their cosmic insights — and you could, too!

Real astrology enthusiasts know that there is a whole world of intricacies to explore when it comes to the zodiac, and a sea of viewers hoping to get a piece of it.

You can help them by: 

  • Hosting live streams talking about astrology. 
  • Sharing an exclusive podcast on everything zodiac. 
  • Provide one-on-one tarot reading consultations.
  • Release weekly horoscopes.  

💡How They Do It

Take High Vibe TV as your inspiration. This full-fledged astrological and spiritual network offers daily and weekly astrological insight for every sign, along with in-depth tarot readings.

A screenshot of High Vibe TV's platform

For zodiac enthusiasts looking to dive deeper into their signs on a regular basis, a video platform offers intimate, in-depth access to all of this and more!

Onto the next membership website idea. 

5. On-Demand Reality Show

Are you an indie film creator looking to create everyone’s next big TV obsession?

Well, there’s now a way to make it without the big networks. Create your own! 

Big or small, you can create your own reality show that will get people hooked by:

  • Sharing weekly videos about the contestants. 
  • Creating interactive challenges allowing people to vote. 
  • Hosting live streams with weekly episodes. 
  • Allowing the community to share their insights in a forum. 

💡How They Do It

Pageants Live is a great example of this. They’ve built an entire platform dedicated to pageant competitions for reality junkies to binge.

A screenshot of Pageants Live's platform

You too could become the go-to pick-me-up for thousands of viewers at home.

So, if there is a particular niche of entertainment you want to focus on, this is your chance to really shine online and make a profit.

6. Online Music School

If you’re a musician with a knack for teaching, you can stop hanging signs outside offering one-on-one lessons.

Instead, you can do it right from home and make it your full-time job.  

Online music lessons allow musicians across genres to take their playing and writing to the next level. Whatever your instrument of choice is, know that you can make a living sharing your talent and skills with pupils everywhere.

Whatever the instrument may be, you can: 

💡How They Do It

Elite Guitarist does just this, offering classical guitar lessons from experts who have mastered many techniques, taking their playing to the next level.

A screenshot of Eliguitarist's platform

Whether you’re a singer, an accordionist, or a master at pan flutes, someone out there is waiting for you to share your talents with them.

Want more membership website ideas? We have plenty. 

7. Wine Workshops

Are you a wine connoisseur? Have you ever dreamed of having your own platform to share all of your sommelier insights?

Well, with this membership site idea, you can actually do that and make a very good living while you’re at it.

The food networks you grew up watching have transformed into VOD memberships loaded with exclusive content beyond your wildest dreams.

You can share:

  • Courses on a specific type of wine. 
  • A beginner guide to wine pairing. 
  • Your journey through wineries. 
  • Recommendations of best wines. 

So whether you’re into grapes from California, Italy, or Spain, food and drink is a profitable path for your membership site.

💡How They Do It

One of our favorite examples is WineMasters.TV

A screenshot of WineMasters's Platform

A full-fledged wine network, WineMasters has created a profitable membership site that provides everything from documentaries to wine master classes and more. And the good news? Food content will never go out of style.

8. Coach Coaches 

Are you an online coach looking to help other coaches run their businesses? Then you can create a membership site for that. 

By coaching other coaches you can help them prosper in their new careers. And you can do so by providing them the materials and knowledge to help them succeed. 

You can create a membership site that includes: 

  • Coaching session templates. 
  • Coaching workshops
  • Spreadsheet templates. 
  • Live streams.

You can make coaches’ lives easier by helping them organize their tasks and guiding them with your expertise. You can advise them to go to the next level and launch their business using an online coaching platform.

💡How They Do It

Take Evercoach as an example. They empower the next generation of coaches and leaders so they can create better results for their clients. 

To do that, they offer online coaching memberships with online courses and coaching templates.

A screenshot of Evercoach's platform.

They offer plenty of ready-to-use coaching templates varying from group coaching to employee coaching, so their members can feel set up for success when starting their coaching business. 

More ideas for membership sites coming right up. 

9. Culinary Courses

If you’re happiest in the kitchen, why not make some great money while you’re at it? 

With so many people using YouTube to learn new recipes and cooking skills, there are also some viewers wanting to get exclusive content from other foodies. 

So whether you’re a home cook with your grandma’s old recipe book or a trained professional wanting to share your knowledge, there’s an opportunity for you to create a membership site

You can share: 

  • Beginner cooking courses. 
  • Recipe videos. 
  • Culinary documentaries. 
  • Cooking eBooks. 

💡How They Do It

Chefs For Foodies is a great example of a successful culinary membership site, where they share cooking recipes and videos from professional chefs around the world. 

A screenshot of Chefs for Foodie's platform.

Aside from learning cooking skills from professional chefs, members also get access to recipe videos for kids and from different countries, plus a chance to order recipe boxes with all the ingredients they’ll need.   

10. Coaching Services

If you feel inspired to help others navigate through life or have a special skill you can teach, then creating a coaching membership site will be perfect for you. 

Whether you want to help people with entrepreneurship or find a new career path, a membership site will allow them to learn from you while connecting with other members. 

On a coaching membership site, you can offer: 

  • Exclusive webinars.
  • One-on-one coaching sessions. 
  • Worksheets and templates. 
  • An online community for members to interact. 

💡How They Do It

For example, Neish offers leadership development classes and consultancy for those looking to increase productivity and resilience through quality conversations.

A screenshot of Neish's platform.

Their membership site offers over a hundred educational films, in-person events, and coaching services for organizations. 

11. Kids Content

Love telling mystical stories through videos? Content for kids is swarming the internet, from educational content to art tutorials. 

And if you want to help kids develop their skills and unleash their imagination, what better way to do it than through a membership site

This is also a great way to give parents peace of mind so they know their kids are watching content in a safe space. 

The options are endless! You can:

  • Create video series. 
  • Share art tutorials.
  • Provide learning materials. 
  • Release interactive content. 

💡How They Do It

New Sky Kids, for example, is a membership website with weekly video content to inspire kids to do good and be great. 

A screenshot of New Sky Kids's platform.

Their online shows seek to teach kids new concepts and positive values through playfulness. In their videos, kids get a chance to learn about teamwork, integrity, empathy, and courage. 

12. Guided Meditation Classes

If you have a passion for meditation and a soothing voice that helps people find peace, you can try launching your own membership website about meditation. 

Self-guided meditation platforms like Headspace and Calm have been helping people learn to meditate and fall into a routine, and you could, too. 

With a meditation membership website, you can: 

  • Create guided meditation sessions. 
  • Launch a community to connect with members. 
  • Share relaxing music and sounds to help people meditate. 
  • Host informational sessions about meditation. 

💡How They Do It

Relax with C.A.R.E. is a membership website that allows members to relax with the world’s most iconic landscapes, all in the comfort of their homes. 

A screenshot of Relax with C.A.R.E.'s platform.

They offer relaxation sounds, guided meditations, and videos to help people fall asleep through a platform that’s easy to use.

13. Beauty Tutorials 

If you have experience with cosmetology, what about sharing your beauty knowledge to help people look and feel their best? 

You can create your own beauty membership site sharing makeup and hair tutorials, or even teach aspiring nail artists how to give the best manicures. 

This is your chance to:

  • Create mini courses and workshops. 
  • Share your exclusive beauty tips. 
  • Host weekly live streams.
  • Launch a cosmetology community. 

💡How They Do It

Take Style Artists Academy, for example, which seeks to help members learn the best hair styling tips, from coloring to barbering. 

A screenshot of Style Artists Academy's platform.

They set themselves apart by offering independent education from the best in the business. On their platform, members get access to over $2,500 worth of full-length classes they can watch on any device.  

14. Animal Training Course 

Do you have experience with animal training and care? This is a great chance to share your knowledge and help others understand their furry friends. 

Whether you’re a professional animal trainer or have experience with pet grooming, you can create a membership site that helps people and their pets live in harmony. 

As an animal lover with a membership site, you’ll be able to: 

  • Share tips and tricks on how to train a pet. 
  • Create online courses on pet grooming. 
  • Host live coaching sessions. 
  • Launch an online community for pet owners to connect. 

💡How They Do It

A perfect example of this is Consider The Dog, a membership site that aims to help people care for their dogs with ease.

A screenshot of Consider The Dog's platform.

They do that through a catalog filled with informational and instructional videos on dog behavior and training. Members also get access to an exclusive community to learn and grow together. 

Continuing on with our membership website ideas list. 

15. Your Favorite Hobby

If you have a hobby you’re passionate about, create a place where you can share your knowledge and connect with people in the field. 

With endless possibilities of hobbies to teach, get creative when launching a unique membership site and earn money doing something you love. 

If you want to create a membership website for your favorite hobby, you’ll be able to: 

  • Share your tips through videos. 
  • Launch exclusive workshops. 
  • Create a community and talk to like-minded people. 
  • Sell merch or products you make. 

💡How They Do It

Take, for example, Your Saltwater Guide, a hobby turned knowledge paradise for fishing enthusiasts. 

A screenshot of Your Saltwater Guide's platform.

They teach people about fishing through a growing library of tutorials that helps members feel more comfortable and capable on the water. 

16. Exclusive News

If you see yourself as the next news anchor on TV, you can start your journey through your own membership site. 

With so many people ditching cable TV and looking to find important news online, harness the opportunity to share everything you know on your site. 

On a news membership site, you can:

  • Host live streams with breaking news. 
  • Launch video series on specific topics. 
  • Share opinion videos. 
  • Write blog posts for your community.  

💡How They Do It

WORLD Watch does this by sharing news from around the world in just 10 minutes. 

A screenshot of WORLD Watch's platform.

With digestible news stories, members can learn what is happening across the globe in a matter of minutes. They can also choose what content to watch or get up to date with the newscast of the day.  

17. Members Only Podcast

Is your podcast gaining traction? Do you want to start making money from it? 

You can create a membership website to share your podcast content, including exclusive episodes and behind-the-scenes footage. 

If you want to connect with your audience through a podcast membership site, you can:

  • Share exclusive interviews. 
  • Host live podcasts. 
  • Create a community for your fans. 
  • Record behind-the-scenes footage. 

💡How They Do It

An example of this is Law of Athlete. They share podcasts and videos with guest athletes in order to educate, entertain, and empower members with valuable content. 

A screenshot of Law of Athlete's platform.

They also have a community, which is a great way to interact with members and increase engagement. 

18. Language Classes

Do you speak a second language or want to help people communicate in a different language?

You can make learning a language fun by launching a membership site to guide people through the ins and out of the language. 

This is your chance to be creative and motivate people to learn by:

  • Releasing weekly lessons. 
  • Sharing curiosities about the language. 
  • Adding supplemental course materials. 
  • Hosting workshops. 

💡How They Do It

A great example of how to set yourself apart when teaching a language is DPAN.TV, which teaches sign language through live streams and videos. 

A screenshot of DPAN.TV's platform.

They make learning fun through music videos, translating the lyrics of popular songs as well as live events and news to ASL. 

19. Medical School Tips

If you just went through medical school and want to help others thrive, consider creating a membership site sharing your tips. 

Whether you’re a medical physician wanting to share your knowledge or a science aficionado, you can help others understand difficult concepts through tutorials. 

If you’re considering creating a medical membership site, you can: 

  • Release video series explaining concepts. 
  • Host live streams with master classes. 
  • Share supporting material. 
  • Create study guides. 

💡How They Do It

A great example of this is Sqadia, a medical learning platform founded by a medical physician. 

A screenshot of Sqadia's platform.

With a goal of creating learning experiences to ease the lives of medical students and professionals, Sqadia has over 1,800 video lectures for members to learn from, as well as a community for members to connect with each other. 

And What Makes a Great Membership Website?

Choosing a membership site idea that aligns with your goals and your knowledge is a great stepping stone. 

But a great membership site is one that has:

  • A clear benefit: think about what the viewers will get from signing up. 
  • A strong message: let them know how you’re different. 
  • The right content: offer your audience what they’re looking for. 
  • The perfect audience: target an audience interested in membership. 
A graphic explains the components of a great membership site.

By offering different benefits to your members, it will help them find value behind the price they’re paying for it. You can do that by offering content like: 

However, because members are paying a membership fee to access your content, you have to ensure that the content you’re providing is up to date and high quality. 

An infographic goes over profitable membership site ideas you can start as a content creator.

Wrapping It Up

By now, you’ve learned that when it comes to brainstorming for membership site ideas, the options are endless!

Now that you know all about the many routes you can take with your VOD membership site, we want you to know we’re here with you along your journey, every step of the way.

If you want to learn more about how to launch your own site with Uscreen or simply have questions for us, our support team is here to help. 

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