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Be Inspired How to Make Money as an Artist - Trending 2018

This year, in 2018, the ultimate best way to make money as an artist online has been revealed. It’s consistent, reliable, and can be really lucrative when done right. Learn everything about it in this guide.

Sell Videos What is VOD and Why Your Business Needs to Be Using It

VOD’s meaning translates directly to “video on demand,” which is expanding from a marketing strategy and evolving into a business model in some instances. In this post, we’ll look at the definition of VOD, why VOD matters for businesses, the different types of VOD models you can choose from, and how to implement it for your business.

Sell Videos Should You Be Using a .tv Domain for Your Online Video Business?

Unlike other domain types, there is no limit to the kinds of sites that can take advantage of the .tv option. There are a number of different benefits for creating a .tv site for certain businesses. In this post, we'll go over what a .tv domain is, how it can be beneficial for your online business and how you can get one right away.

Sell Videos How OTT Video Apps Can Grow Your Video Business Audience and Revenue by 30%

Because of OTT video apps, the way you’re going to use, consume and sell video is about to look dramatically different. By offering OTT apps to your exisitng audience you can ensure you’re there for all of your customers, in the right place, at the right time. Heck, you could even grow your audience by up to 50% in next few months. More info on that right here.

Sell Videos 10 Really Good Reasons To Start An Online Video Business [Infographic]

There are reasons why this online business trend is picking up - 10, to be exact. Imagine: You’re the proud owner of a wildly successful online video business, passively earning at least $10,000 a month for videos you're inspired to create. Here's 10 reasons why you should launch an online video business.