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Top Membership Management Software 2024: Ranked & Reviewed

By Eden Metzler
10 Min Read
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Are you ready to transform how you manage your membership-based business?

Whether you’re a community leader, a course creator, or a nonprofit, finding the right membership management software is crucial.

Here’s a rundown of the top platforms in 2024 that can help you streamline operations, engage your community, and grow your business.

The best membership management software at a glance

PlatformG2 ratingBest forPricing
Uscreen4.8 out of 5Video-based memberships looking to scale their business.Starting at $149 / month.
MemberSpace4.7 out of 5Businesses in need of a simple way to transform their website into a membership site.Starting at $39 / month.
Mighty Networks4.6 out of 5Community-driven memberships looking for a highly interactive platform.Starting at $41 / month.
Kajabi4.3 out of 5Course creators and coaches looking to build a membership community.Starting at $119 / month.
Wild Apricot4 out of 5Nonprofits and associations in need of membership management and event organization.Starting at $60 / month.

What to look for in a membership management platform

I know what I’m looking for, take me to the list of membership management software platforms.

Before diving into the list of top platforms, let’s highlight some must-have features to look for in your membership management software.

To make managing the day-to-day easier for you:

  • Automated billing: handles membership renewals and recurring payments seamlessly.
  • User-friendly interface: simplifies all membership management tasks.
  • Marketing tools and integrations: allows you to save time on marketing.
  • Secure platform: keeps your private membership data safe.

To elevate the experience for your members:

  • Community features: enhances community engagement through interactive spaces.
  • Content library: gives easy access to exclusive resources.
  • Mobile accessibility: ensures smooth interaction on the go.
  • Customizable platform: elevates the experience for members.

The best membership management software in 2024

1. Uscreen


Best for: Video-based memberships looking to scale their business

G2 rating: ⭐ 4.8 out of 5

Why businesses choose Uscreen

Of all the membership management tools, Uscreen is a top pick for video-first businesses thanks to its exceptional video streaming quality, flexible monetization options, and powerful built-in marketing tools. These features are perfect for businesses eager to monetize their video content and increase revenue while ensuring a smooth viewing experience for their audience.

Uscreen goes beyond a typical web-only experience, and offers branded membership apps. These customizable, feature-rich apps seamlessly connect a premium streaming experience with convenient community access for your members, allowing them to engage with your content across their favorite devices.


Uscreen has both a great product and a great team.

It has become my go-to for all of my community and content distribution. The easy feature set make it possible to get set up quickly–even if this is your first time working with this kind of platform. Plus their staff is always there to help, even if you’re in the “trial mode” free plan.

Jeremy. H, Verified User

Key features

  • Enhanced community building: Offers a dedicated space and community tools for members to interact with you, your content, and each other – fostering a loyal online community and keeping your audience engaged.
  • Elevated live streaming: Amplifies live streams with real-time chats, interactive calendars, and pre-registration tools, enriching viewer experience.
  • ✅ Multiple monetization options: Flexible revenue models support automated membership renewal through recurring membership payments. In addition, one-time payments and donations are supported, ensuring you get the most out of every piece of content.
  • ✅ Optimized video streaming: Delivers a seamless viewing and community experience as one of the top OTT platforms across all devices, from smartphones to TVs.
  • ✅ Powerful analytics and marketing: Uscreen comes equipped with detailed analytics and built-in marketing tools like a no-code website builder and email marketing, helping you expand your audience effectively.

Cons to consider

  • ❌ Video-centric: Primarily tailored for video content, Uscreen may not suit creators looking to offer a broader range of content types.
  • ❌ Cost: Pricing structures could be prohibitive for smaller creators or businesses on tight budgets.

Is Uscreen right for you?

Short screen recording showing a user interacting with the Uscreen platform admin dashboard.

If your business revolves around video content and you’re looking to scale the revenue you generate through your membership, Uscreen offers unparalleled features to support your growth. From fitness studios to streaming services to community-first memberships, Uscreen has all of the tools to meet your organization’s unique needs. However, consider the pricing and complexity if you’re just starting out.

Uscreen pricing

  • Basic Plan: $149/month. This plan includes video hosting, payment processing, and basic analytics features.
  • Growth Plan: $299/month. Offers advanced marketing tools, more storage, and priority customer support.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing. Tailored for large organizations with custom features, white-label options, and dedicated account management.
It’s simple with Uscreen.

Build, launch and manage your membership, all in one place.

2. MemberSpace


Best for: Businesses transforming their website into a membership site

G2 rating: ⭐ 4.7 out of 5

Why businesses choose MemberSpace

MemberSpace stands out due to its easy website integration, flexible membership plans, and user-friendly interface. These qualities make it easy for businesses to turn their existing website into a fully functional membership site without needing extensive technical skills.


Great customer support – always friendly, patient and fast.

Fair customer policies and procedures, for example not charging pre-launch. Easy integration into Duda website builder. Mostly intuitive user-interface for admin, personalization and user touchpoints. Affordable scalability.

Andreas. A, Verified User

Key features

  • ✅ Universal CMS compatibility: Works flawlessly with any CMS, providing flexibility across different website platforms.
  • ✅ Easy setup: No coding needed, making it ideal for creators focused on content rather than technical details.
  • ✅ Content dripping: Enables scheduled content releases, keeping members engaged with regular updates.
  • ✅ Community integration: Integrates smoothly with platforms like Circle to foster lively interactions among your online community within your membership platform.

Cons to consider

  • ❌ Limited payment options: Only supports Stripe, which could be limiting if Stripe isn’t available in your region or if you prefer using multiple payment methods.
  • ❌ Customization constraints: Limited customization options for checkouts and user interfaces might impact your branding and user experience.
  • ❌ Limited LMS features: While great for securing content, MemberSpace doesn’t offer advanced LMS features like in-depth quizzes or lesson tracking.

Is MemberSpace right for you?

Short screen recording showing a user interacting with the MemberSpace platform admin dashboard.

Instead of opting for one of the dedicated membership platforms, if you want a straightforward way to add membership functionality to your existing site, MemberSpace is an excellent choice. It’s particularly suitable for small to medium-sized businesses looking for flexibility and ease of use.

MemberSpace pricing

  • Starter Plan: $39/month. Provides basic membership features and integrations suitable for small businesses.
  • Basic Plan: $59/month. Adds more customization options and support for larger member databases.
  • Professional Plan: $99/month. Includes advanced marketing integrations and priority support for growing businesses.
  • Plus Plan: $199/month. Offers the highest level of customization, integration options, and dedicated support.

3. Mighty Networks


Best for: Community-driven memberships needing a highly interactive platform

G2 rating: ⭐ 4.6 out of 5

Why businesses choose Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks’ membership software is loved for its robust community features, customizable member spaces and member profiles, and built-in course creation tools. These attributes make it the go-to platform for building engaged communities and delivering interactive educational content.


We like how well it integrates into our website. People interested in joining a safe community follow the link from our site. It’s a great alternative to Facebook which has many privacy issues and we find our target audience seeking better spaces.

Verified User

Key features

  • ✅ Mobile integration: Engage with your community on-the-go with robust mobile apps.
  • ✅ Community building: Live streams, events, and interactive features enrich community interaction and boost retention. Tags and badges are fun ways to reflect membership status.
  • ✅ Customizable content spaces: Organize and tailor content into specific ‘Spaces’ and ‘Collections’ for easy navigation, enhancing member satisfaction and making onboarding new members easier.
  • ✅ Diverse monetization options: From one-time online payments to members only content sales, Mighty Networks offers various ways to monetize.

Cons to consider

  • ❌ Limited landing page customization: While customization is generally robust, landing page options are somewhat restricted.
  • ❌ Exclusive Stripe support: Mighty Networks only supports Stripe for payments, not PayPal, which could limit your audience.
  • ❌ Complex interface: The platform’s interface may require a learning curve, which could be a challenge for less tech-savvy users.

Is Mighty Networks right for you?

Short screen recording showing a user interacting with the Mighty Networks platform admin dashboard.

If your goal is to build a highly interactive community, Mighty Networks membership software could offer all the tools you need. Consider the complexity and cost if you’re on a tighter budget or need a quicker setup.

Mighty Networks pricing

  • Community Plan: $41/month. Ideal for small communities needing basic community-building tools and member engagement features.
  • Business Plan: $119/month. Adds advanced community management tools, analytics, and integration with other platforms.
  • Pro Plan: $399/month. Designed for large-scale communities with custom branding, white-label options, and premium support.

4. Kajabi


Best for: Course creators and coaches building a membership community

G2 rating: ⭐ 4.3 out of 5

Why businesses choose Kajabi

Kajabi is a favorite among course creators and coaches due to its all-in-one solution, superior course creation tools, and automated marketing features. This powerful combination makes it easy to manage and promote online courses and content, and connect with your existing website or online store, offering a solid course-based membership experience with ease.


One stop shop. Setting up was super easy and it has a ton of solutions to let you manage every thing in your work in one place. The builder is quite easy and the campaign builder is especially powerful.

Gabriel. C, Verified User

Key features

  • ✅ Integrated community platform: Engage and retain your audience with interactive community tools, all housed within Kajabi.
  • ✅ Automated efficiency: Streamline content delivery and member interactions with Kajabi’s built-in automation, enhancing user experience.
  • ✅ All-in-one management: From site and course creation to email marketing and analytics, Kajabi integrates all aspects of membership management.
  • ✅ Mobile accessibility: Ensure members can connect and learn on-the-go with a user-friendly mobile app.
  • ✅ Diverse content options: Deliver your content in various formats within a secure, easy-to-navigate environment, meeting the needs of a diverse audience.

Cons to consider

  • ❌ Cost: Kajabi’s premium pricing may be a barrier for newcomers or those with limited budgets.
  • ❌ Customization limits: Despite its range of options, Kajabi’s customization capabilities may not satisfy those seeking highly unique designs or specific functionalities.
  • ❌ No native forum support: The platform lacks traditional forum tools, essential for detailed, threaded discussions.
  • ❌ Complex features: The breadth of Kajabi’s features might overwhelm those needing only basic site functionalities.
  • ❌ Specialized focus: Primarily tailored for courses and coaching, Kajabi might not suit those looking to develop different types of membership sites.

Is Kajabi right for you?

Short screen recording showing a user interacting with the Kajabi platform admin dashboard.

For course creators and coaches looking for an all-in-one platform, Kajabi is a strong contender. However, be prepared for the higher cost and the time needed to master its extensive features.

Kajabi pricing

  • Basic Plan: $119/month. Suitable for new course creators with essential tools for course creation and marketing.
  • Growth Plan: $159/month. Offers additional automation, advanced marketing tools, and more product support.
  • Pro Plan: $319/month. Provides the highest level of features including advanced integrations, 24/7 support, and more customization options

Kajabi Alternatives: Discover how the platform compares to closest competitors

Caucasian graphic designer with modern laptop thinking about idea for content text during vacations

5. Wild Apricot


Best for: Nonprofits and associations managing memberships and events

G2 rating: ⭐ 4 out of 5

Why businesses choose Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot’s membership software is designed with the non profit model in mind, offering excellent membership management, event registration and planning, and donation tracking tools. The member management software has features that streamline administrative tasks, allowing organizations to focus more on growing their member database and engaging with their members.

Wild Apricot integrates many of the key membership management functions such as applications, renewals, events, and a website in one platform. Does not require a developer to maintain the site. Can be done by a tech savvy person or team.

In eight years of using have never run into security or hacking issues–unlike other hosts I’ve used. They’re continually improving and upgrading their features and usability.

Dennis. B, Verified User

Key features

  • ✅ Comprehensive management: Automate and streamline repetitive tasks effortlessly, from simplifying the membership applications process, to handling membership renewals and membership dues, to supporting donor management.
  • ✅ Integrated event management: Robust tools help you create, manage, and promote events, enhancing member engagement with easy event registrations, and attendance tracking.
  • ✅ Professional websites: Make website management easier and build responsive, professional-looking membership websites with forums and blogs using WildApricot’s intuitive website builder.
  • ✅ Detailed reporting: Keep tabs on engagement and financials with comprehensive reporting tools.
  • ✅ Secure hosting and data storage: Keep member data secure no matter the size of your online membership database.

Cons to consider

  • ❌ Limited customization: While it offers some customization, WildApricot may fall short for those needing deeper branding options.
  • ❌ Basic blogging and SEO tools: The platform’s blogging and membership site SEO functionalities are quite basic, which might not suffice for content-heavy strategies.
  • ❌ Additional payment processing fees: Using non-native online payments processors in the US and Canada incurs extra fees, which could increase operational costs.

Is Wild Apricot right for you?

Short screen recording showing a user interacting with the Wild Apricot platform admin dashboard.

For non profits and or similar member based organizations, Wild Apricot offers essential tools for managing members and virtual events. While it may lack some advanced customization, its specialized features for non profit and association management are highly beneficial.

Wild Apricot pricing

  • Free Plan: $0 (for up to 50 contacts). A basic plan suitable for very small organizations or those just starting out.
  • Personal Plan: $60/month. Includes membership management and event planning features for up to 100 contacts.
  • Group Plan: $115/month. Supports up to 500 contacts with additional event management tools and more storage.
  • Community Plan: $230/month. Designed for up to 2,000 contacts with advanced membership management features.
  • Professional Plan: $350/month. Tailored for up to 5,000 contacts with extensive customization and support options.
  • Network Plan: $450/month. Supports up to 15,000 contacts, providing the most advanced features and highest level of support.

Finding the right membership software for you

Choosing the right membership management software depends on your specific needs and goals. Whether you’re focused on video content, community engagement, course creation, or nonprofit management, there’s a platform out there tailored for you.

Evaluate your priorities, consider the key benefits and potential drawbacks of each option, and start with a free trial to see which one fits best.

It’s simple with Uscreen.

Build, launch and manage your membership, all in one place.


What is membership management software?

Membership management software helps organizations manage members, process payments, and engage with their community.

What is the difference between a subscription site and a membership site?

A subscription differs from a membership in a few key ways. A subscription site provides ongoing access to products or services for a recurring fee, like streaming services or digital content libraries. A membership site, on the other hand, not only offers access to exclusive content but also fosters a community with features like forums, discussions, and events, emphasizing engagement and interaction among members.

What is the difference between CRM and membership management?  

CRM focuses on customer relationship management, while membership management software is designed to manage memberships, including billing, events, and member engagement.