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Top 14 Live Streaming Trends to Know for 2024

By Eden Metzler
12 Min Read

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Looking back, the early days of the pandemic influenced a massive surge in trends.

Some of these were sweet and short-lived, like learning to bake bread and making certain, regrettable choices that we’re still apologising to our hairdressers for.

Other trends marked the start of a permanent global shift. Like working from home and, of course, streaming live content.

But with a new year, comes new trends. 

And since the demand for live video content is as high as ever going into 2024, we want to know… 

What are the biggest live streaming trends to look out for this year?

We’ve consulted with 14 live streaming experts who have shared their opinions and advice for creators, to help keep you ahead of the live video curve this year.

Ready to get trendy? Let’s go!

If you’re looking for a tl;dr of 2024’s most important live streaming trends, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we’ve highlighted the 14 most industry-changing trends you need to know.

  1. Leverage Live Stream eCommerce
  2. Use Membership Sites to Monetize Live Streams
  3. Build Revenue Streams with Affiliate Marketing
  4. Explore Short and Long-Form Content
  5. Turn Long Live Streams into Short-Form Clips
  6. Combine Information and Entertainment
  7. Get Feedback and Provide Value
  8. Build Trust with Your Audience
  9. Experiment With the Viewer Experience
  10. Engage with Your Audience
  11. Cater to a Diverse Audience
  12. Stream Music Live
  13. Get 4K Camera Ready
  14. Try Out a 360-Degree Live Stream

And, if you’re the kind of person who still likes to read articles, you can just keep on scrolling to see all of the trends!

1. Baby, Buy, Buy, Buy (The Rise of Live Stream eCommerce)

You’re attending a live yoga class, you know you should be following along with the instructor, but you just can’t stop wondering where on earth to get a pair of those yoga pants for yourself. 

Sound familiar? Enter, live video shopping.

In 2022, eCommerce live streaming is expected to be a major trend. There is a $51.2 billion market in the US for social commerce, which involves selling things directly on social media.

A new era of in-stream shopping will begin in 2022 when consumers will be able to integrate shopping with live streaming content on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Consumers’ shopping habits are already being changed by live video shopping. One-on-one interactions between brands and social media influencers are becoming increasingly commonplace.

Kathryn Smithson Headshot

Kathryn Smithson

Chief Marketing Officer at PathSocial

Takeaway: Thanks to platforms like Amazon Live, live stream eCommerce is growing in popularity since it benefits both creators and their viewers. Get ready to sell your merchandise and affiliate products on stream!

2. VIPs Only (Why Memberships Are The Ultimate Monetization Strategy)

The only thing better than doing what you love is monetizing it. We’re all about those memberships.

2022 will also be the year for connecting live with your private site members. Some very large YouTube creators have moved their memberships off the platform in order to host their own communities and it is proving quite lucrative.

Why give YouTube 30% of all your income when you can keep 97% of it and have direct contact with your supporters? With YouTube memberships, you never get access to your supporters’ email addresses.

When you run your own site, you are building a qualified customer email list that doesn’t automatically cut the connection if you get some type of suspension on the platform.

Live streaming is about connection, and that is now easier than ever. As business owners, we want to connect to our customers. Our customers want a real connection with those they choose to do business with. Live streaming is the perfect way to do that.

David Foster Headshot

David Foster

Creator, Overland Geeks.

Takeaway: YouTube is a great way to build an audience, and a membership site is a great way to monetize it. Use your free live streams as a way to build an audience and direct them to your site that hosts members-only live streams and Video-On-Demand content.

3. The Rise of the Affiliates

Your viewers are looking for recommendations, and you’re looking for another stream of income. Help them help you.

As live streamers, the value that you provide is two-fold: advice and recommendations.

Your audience sees you as a resource that can help them provide answers to their questions.

They also look up to you and trust your recommendations for products and services. With that being said, there’s a simple way that every live streamer can monetize their live streams in 2022.

Affiliate marketing. Every product or service (including the platforms and software you use to go live) have affiliate programs that you can participate in, to earn affiliate commissions.

Rob Balasabas

Rob Balasabas

Head of Partnerships, Uscreen

Takeaway: Your audience is looking for trustworthy recommendations, while your super fans are looking for ways to support you. Take part in influencer marketing or sign up as an affiliate with brands that you love. 

4. Variety is the Spice of Life (and Video)

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through TikTok while streaming a Netflix documentary in the background? Well, you’re not alone. In 2022, we’re all looking for variety.

While it’s true that people’s attention spans are getting shorter and many do prefer shorter content, they are also getting more sophisticated with the way they consume content.

People want both variety and a level of consistency. Some days, short form videos are great for quick scrolling and rapid learning – but other days are better for longer form content such as live streams and interviews.

I believe that it’s important for a creator or a business to stretch themselves, to be curious and dare to own both types of content – short and long form.

The true fans or super fans wouldn’t mind seeing both short videos and live streams, while a newcomer may only be interested in short videos at first before they decide to explore longer content, since it requires them to invest more of their time.

From a brand’s perspective, it’s crucial to understand who they serve and decide how to best deliver the right content to that audience, regardless of the format and length. The demand is always going to be there if it’s valuable.

Fei Wu

Fei Wu

Creator, Feisworld Media

Takeaway: Different types of viewers demand different types of content. Use short-form content on social networks to grow your audience, and long-form content on your live streaming site to deliver value.

5. Turn Long Streams Into Short-Form Clips

What does plastic and your live stream have in common? You should reduce, recycle, and re-use.

Short-form content has increased the preference for short, quick-to-the-point information or entertainment. It’s the main reason you see a fluctuation of video viewers in live streams.

Short-form content is an excellent opportunity for live video streams. Creators can leverage short-form to increase the views and engagement in their live stream.

Simply by acknowledging the areas in their live streams that provide the most value to viewers, clipping that part, and sharing in a short-form format.

What this does is that it allows the viewer to consume the best part of your live stream and entices them to want more, requiring them to seek your longer-form content, and the circle goes round and round.

Anthony Santana

Anthony Santana

Creator, LAS Curry

Takeaway: A new format doesn’t have to mean new content. Clip a few short highlights from your live streams and share them on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to bump up your live stream viewership.

6. Tap into ‘Infotainment’

This is the year to ask your audience… “Are you not infotained?

What shifts I see as a streamer is more and more focus on community. This is pretty big already, but for new streamers coming onto the online streaming space, focusing on building their community of fans is paramount to their short term and long term success.

In order to build this, they have to work on their consistency – being there week in, week out for their audience.

They also need to be entertaining, or if you’re in the “How To” space, you need to deliver “Infotainment” – information and entertainment.

Just delivering data switches off the audience and you become a resource, so when they get the info they need, they disappear.

When you entertain and captivate your audience, then they keep coming back for more, again and again and again.

David Walsh

David Walsh

Creator, David Walsh Online

Takeaway: 2022 is the year for building a community. To help grow your community, focus on consistently sharing ‘infotaining’, quality content.

7. Ask Them What They Want (What They Really, Really Want)

Whether it’s “sharing” a friend’s streaming service subscription, or simply taking a really insightful e-learning course, we’re all suckers for good value. 

The most important thing you can do is focus on adding value to your viewers. In a saturated market, if your viewers aren’t finding value in your content, they will leave. There are lots of different ways you can add value to your stream.

You might decide to answer questions from viewers, discuss your products/services, offer in-depth training, or introduce your audience to other people of interest by bringing in guests, customers or clients that can share their experiences and knowledge.

Sometimes the easiest place to start is just by going live and answering your frequently asked questions.

Not only will these help and bring value to your audience but they’re great conversation starters. This can encourage more questions and topics that you can cover in that, or future live streams.

Justin Brown Headshot

Justin Brown

Creator, Primal Video

Takeaway: Find new ways to add more value. Invite guests onto your stream, or host a live Q&A where you receive and answer questions in real-time. These tactics will provide immediate value for your audience, and unlock popular topic ideas to cover in future online video content. 

8. Build Your Content On A Foundation Of Trust 

Sing it with us now… we are family, I got all my viewers and me.

The real commodity at play is “Trust”. Trust is something not built in a single moment or a single live stream, it’s something carefully cultivated over time. Building this non-verbal trust-transaction all begins with value. Value in the creator economy is more easily defined as the creator’s ability to consistently provide for the viewer’s needs without specifically asking anything in return.

Value has the power to make a viewer want to show up not just today, but tomorrow and the next week. Fertilize that value with a sense of inclusion, and a creator can make the viewer feel that they are part of something bigger than a single conversation.

Creators who consistently provide that kind of value are the ones audiences will show up for when they go live. Most importantly, those viewers are also the ones who aren’t afraid to open their wallets when they believe the right opportunities are presented to them. If you want to dominate your own live streaming market in 2022, make sure that you’re building that trust first but, along the way, make sure that you’re developing those revenue opportunities as well.

Daniel Batal Headshot

Daniel Batal

Creator, Daniel Batal Create

Takeaway: Building trust is the key to gaining loyal viewers. Take the time to identify what kind of content is most valuable for your audience, and to build a connection of trust. Support will follow.

9. Experiment With the Experience

As performer extraordinaire, Sharpay Evans, once said, “It’s out with the old, and in with the new.”

Viewers want more than just fitness and yoga content, they want to feel like they’re a part of the community. Viewers want to feel like they’re getting something special, so be sure to give them a unique perspective to help differentiate your fitness and yoga content.

Additionally, it’s important to be interactive with your audience. Respond to comments and questions, and let viewers know that they’re important to you.

If you know what people are looking for, you can create videos and tutorials that meet their expectations. This can be done through social media platforms, surveys, or by hosting live chats.

The best way to stay ahead of the curve in the fitness and yoga live streaming industry is by constantly innovating and trying new things. This means that you need to be willing to experiment and take risks.

If something doesn’t work, learn from your mistakes and move on. The key is to always be moving forward. By engaging with viewers directly and updating your content regularly, you’ll be able to meet the needs of your audience and stay ahead of the competition!

Renna Singh

Fitness and Yoga Expert, MantraCare

Takeaway: Be prepared to go with the yoga-flow. Experiment with new types and topics of quality content, and stay in tune with your audience to determine what works, and what doesn’t.

10. Let Them See You Sweat

Our knees are weak, palms are sweaty… there’s perspiration on our yoga mats already?

Online teaching is very different from in-studio teaching, a bit like theater-acting is entirely different from acting for movies. The base is the same, but they require different skills.

Instructors need to adjust by putting themselves in the shoes of a viewer, alone at home, who might want to give up during a particular exercise.

Instead of being general and impersonal, videos need to feel more like in-studio classes.

In my videos for instance, I address my viewers the exact same way I address people in IRL classes. I laugh, I know when they want to give up and what to tell them then. I am struggling with them and laughing about it.

I want them to feel as if we were together in one room.

Julie Granger

Julie Granger

Founder, The Studio Paris

Takeaway: Viewers appreciate relatability. Help your online audience to connect with you in real-time by providing the level of interaction that you would bring to an in-studio class.

11. Give The Viewers What They Want

The best part about attending live events via your mobile device? 

Throwing your hands in the air like you just don’t care, and then immediately sitting back down on the sofa because, well, you can. 

The biggest live streaming trend we foresee for 2022 is most certainly hybrid events. The marrying of qualitative, in-person experiences and “tv-like” live broadcasts is a trend where we see continued growth.

No event is complete without offering some form of virtual, live stream add-on. The very best events are, of course, those that manage the in-person and virtual live streams as individual experiences rather than simply pointing a camera at a stage for people to log in.

An addition to this is the growth of platform-specific event experiences, capturing diverse audiences. Your TikTok event is unlikely to be talking to the same audience as your Facebook Live audience. So managing these outputs and providing multiple streams rather than just one is going to be big this year.

As for the most important thing for creators and businesses to focus on, I am not sure that this ever changes: identify your audience. Far too often brands attempt a ‘one-size fits all’ approach to their live streaming events.

If you are expecting to attract viewers from multiple demographics, your content production should effectively address each of them. Acknowledge the diversity of your audience.

Mike Croft Headshot

Mike Croft

Live Stream Producer, True Film Production

Takeaway: Diverse audiences need to be catered to, especially if live events and live video are a part of your digital marketing strategy in 2022. Acknowledge the diversity of your viewership, and tailor your live video content accordingly. For example, content that works for Gen Z viewers might not work for Millennials.

12. Get in the Groove of Live Music

Mini disco ball in the living room? Check. Stream that funky music, DJ.

Live music performances and DJ sets are gradually displacing traditional radio stations.

Music live streaming didn’t really take off until the pandemic caused concerts to move virtual, and it’s set to grow much more in 2022.

Fans can get up close and personal with their favorite musicians, as well as listen to high-quality radio shows. As a result of the increased demand for music live streams, live streaming behemoth Twitch created a dedicated category for Music channels.

If you’re a musician or work in the music industry, live streaming video should be high on your priority list for 2022.

Daniel Carter Headshot

Daniel Carter

SEO Manager of Skuuudle

Takeaway: Live streamed performances are alive and rockin’ in 2024. Whether it’s a hybrid or a live event, live streaming your music performances will be a great way to expand your audience this year.

13. Lights, 4K Cameras, Action!

We started from 480p, now we’re here. That is, if somebody else isn’t downloading something in the other room.

Live streaming in 4K quality isn’t common today since it consumes a huge amount of internet bandwidth.

With the global rollout of 5G, many internet users will have access to the additional bandwidth required to produce 4K videos of high quality.

As of now, YouTube is the only big streaming platform that supports 4K streaming. However, when internet connections improve around the world, we will see greater support for it on other platforms.

Jared Bauman Headshot

Jared Bauman

Co-Founder, PRFE

Takeaway: As 5G becomes more accessible globally, more platforms will start to support 4K streaming, and audiences will begin to expect it. Whether you use it for your live videos, your Video-On-Demand content, or simply your video marketing, get ready to start producing some 4K content.

14. You Spin Me Right ‘Round, Baby

‘Tis the year to gain perspective. All 360-degrees of it.

I predict that 2024’s biggest live streaming trend will be the use of 360-degree live streaming on YouTube to allow viewers to explore content in high-definition and surround sound.

This will allow for custom experiences unlike any other live experience, whether it’s gaming, sports, or more.

The 360-degree feature is also expected to increase consumer engagement with video and will be critical in integrating live streaming into every platform.

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry

CEO, CocoSign

Takeaway: 360-degree live streaming will start gaining momentum this year as more live streaming platforms follow in YouTube’s footsteps. Strap on your 360-degree camera if you’re looking to provide an immersive and interactive experience for your audience.

Wrapping This Up…

There’s no doubt that live streaming is going to be BIG business in 2022, and we hope these trends have helped you prepare for what’s to come this year! 

Which of these was your favorite? What trends are you going to be focusing on this year? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram

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