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Make Employee Training Interesting By Using Training Videos


Employee training and development are extremely important for employees and businesses alike, yet many employee training seminars and workshops tend to be boring and mind-numbing, doing little to pique employee interest. This is unfortunate as employee training is critical in order to keep up with a constantly changing business world and ensure lasting business success.


While proper employee training will obviously enhance business, it will also enhance the experience of your employees. Training and continuing employee education are two things that can greatly increase employee loyalty as well as make your business attractive to prospective employees. When they feel that training is designed to meet their needs and keep their interest, employees are more apt to actively engage in training that is presented to them.

Rather than continue to use the same training methods you’ve relied on for years and subject your employees to training seminars that put them to sleep, you might want to think about incorporating training videos into all your employee training needs. Not only do most people prefer watching videos for the information they need, but they will also appreciate an alternative method of receiving necessary information.



  1. They Offer Flexibility

 Most training sessions only offer one shot for employees to absorb all the information they need. While this may work for some, it often fails for many and they end up forgetting what it is they were supposed to learn. Training videos offer the flexibility for employees to watch them as many times as they need, wherever they may be.

Employees shouldn’t be forced to sit through training together at the same time. Not only do all employees learn at a different pace, but traditional training seminars can take time out of their already busy schedules. When they’re able to watch something at their own time (rather than being forced to at a certain time) the information they’re learning will seem more stimulating, even if it’s not all together fascinating information.

People have become accustom to being able to watch what they want when they want it. Thanks to the increase in popularity of mobile and tablet viewing, training videos will offer the flexibility for your employees to learn at a time that is convenient. This could be at the office, at home, or while on the treadmill at the gym and wherever they are, employees will be more engaged watching these videos on their own time.

  1. There is More Room for Creativity

No one wants to sit through a boring training video or read a bunch of mindless text online to receive the important information they need. Video is something that allows employers to take pertinent information and make it engaging to bring training up to an entirely new level.

Training will often take up hours, and for many these hours can drag on and on. Not only do these long training seminars disengage interest, but also make it next to impossible for employees to retain the information they need. Training videos can relieve this disinterest by offering a few minutes of training at a time in short, creative clips.

Reading or hearing about a procedure is a lot different than seeing the procedure played out in a video. Whether it is learning how to make your restaurant’s signature drink or showing an employee how to correctly stock your showroom, a training video can offer a creative edge that could never be found in a training manual.

  1. They Provide Room for Interaction

While not all videos are created equal, some are put together in a way that invites the viewer to engage in interaction. When you offer ways for employees to interact with their training videos (as well as other employees), you will keep their interest levels engaged and grab their curiosity as they wonder what will come next.

Videos that offer interactive sequences tend to offer training while seemingly taking a break from training. Breaking up training by inviting employees to actively participate in the training video will keep them from becoming overwhelmed with information. Interaction will also prove to provide better retention of knowledge, something both your business and your employee will greatly benefit from.

  1. People Love Visual Aid

 YouTube is the second ranked search engine behind Google, a statistic that highlights just how much people love visual aid. Videos are quickly outdating text as the new way to receive information, and their popularity only continues to increase. Seeing something visually can often provide information not only quicker, but allows people to understand things more clearly.

Visual aid is far more interesting to someone that is forced to learn something than simply reading words on paper or listening to someone drone on and on in a seminar. Your employees will be more apt to pay attention to something that grabs their visual awareness, and will also so much more appreciate their training.

When implemented into employee training, videos have the potential to turn a boring seminar into training that employees actually take interest in. By keeping training interesting, you can be assured that employees will retain the information they need to meet the demands necessary to keep your business running strong. When training videos are executed properly your staff will look forward to gaining new perspective that will help them flourish in their position, expand the appreciation of their career, and greatly contribute to the success of your business.

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