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6 Tips for a Catchy Orientation Training Video

Orientation Video

You never get a second chance to make a first impression and when it comes to introducing new employees to your company this couldn’t be any truer. Your employees are the backbone of your business and it’s important that they feel welcome and excited when learning about their new business venture. Not only will this open the door for increased employee satisfaction, but will urge them to strive to be their best and contribute to the overall success of your company.

Video training has become increasingly popular with companies who are looking to new ways to make their training the most effective possible. With more and more people pressed for time, having a video they can watch when is convenient for them on their tablet or mobile device has become ideal for company training purposes.

Instead of finding the right time that works for everyone for employee orientation, thinking about making a catching orientation video is the perfect way to get everyone onboard before their first day on the job. Not only does this ensure that new-hires have ample time to learn about your company, but it also gives them opportunity to go over the information you’ve presented as many times as they need to feel comfortable at their new job.

When going to make a catching orientation video to present to new employees keep the following tips in mind and you’re sure to set your newbies up for success.

6 Tips for a Great Employee Orientation Video

When thinking about the following things to make a successful orientation video, you may want to consider breaking them up into separate videos. Research has shown that when watching videos people begin to lose attention after 20 minutes or so. Keeping your orientation videos shorter (think 5-10 minutes) will keep your new-hires engaged as they learn the basics of your business.

  1. Make Your New Employees Feel Welcome

The very first thing you need to address is your new employee. Make them feel welcome by personally thanking them for joining your team and let them know how excited you are to have them aboard. Let them know what a valuable part they play in your business and that you’re looking forward to a successful future with them. Making your employees feel welcome is one of the best ways to welcome them to the company. When they feel welcomed and valued, they’re more apt to engage in the rest of their orientation and feel that they want to positively contribute to your business.

  1. Introduce Other Employees and Managers

New hires are going to be working closely with the rest of your team. Making a short video that introduces managers and other employees is a great way to introduce your team. Doing so will make your new employees feel more at ease on their first day and that much more familiar with their new surroundings. Depending on the size of your company, you may want to introduce other employees separately. Think about making a video that includes a short clip of each (5-10 seconds) where they tell their name and department. If you’ve got hundreds of employees this won’t be as feasible, but you can highlight different team members in different departments. Introducing other employees is a great way to catch the interest of your new hires and put everyone off to a great start.

  1. Present Company Policy in a Creative Way

New employees are going to need to hear about company policy as boring as it may be to sit through. Going over your company policies in the most creative way possible will keep employees interested in what you have to say. Some of the policies that should be addressed in your orientation video include:

  • Equal Opportunity Employment
  • Medical Leave
  • Harassment Policies
  • Phone Use
  • Personal Internet Use
  • Mandatory Breaks
  • Keeping Time/Overtime
  • Drug Testing
  • Workplace Safety

If there are other specific policies that your company holds as high standards, they should be included as well. They should also be informed of what will happen if the break company policy or don’t comply by company rules. Employees should be expected to sign something during their first few days of work that highlights their understanding of company policies as well as consequences if they are broken.

  1. Get Them Excited About Employee Benefits

One of the perks of working for a great company like yours are the benefits employees can come to expect. When companies offer good benefits, it increases employee satisfaction and keeps them performing at their highest standards. Make your orientation video catching by getting your new-hires excited about what benefits await them at your company. This will ensure that they’re employment starts out on a positive note and they will feel compelled to continue on with you in their career.

  1. Outline Job Duties Effectively

Your new employees obviously need to know what’s expected of them in their new position. Clearly outline this in a short video or segment that illustrates what is expected of them. Be sure to make it personal and explain job duties as if you’re speaking to an individual rather than a camera. Ask open ended questions after explaining certain functions. This will make new hires feel like you’re speaking directly to them and get them thinking about their new position in more detail.

  1. Give Them a Fun “Test” At The End Of Your Video or Videos

How are you ever going to have an idea if they’re ready to go without knowing if they gained anything from their orientation? Giving new employees a fun test at the end of the orientation video or series of videos will not only ensure they watched it, but will also guarantee they’re fresh and ready to go on their very first day. Making the test as entertaining as possible will keep up the enthusiasm level of your new-hires and keep them stimulated through the entire orientation process.

Your employees need to know everything they can about their new job before they get started. Using an orientation video or series of videos is a great way to do this without dedicating a whole day or few days to letting them in on what they need to know. Orientation videos can cover all the basics at a time that is convenient to your new employee, while also making less time demands on you as an owner or manager. Making your orientation video catching will ensure employee’s want to learn about their new role and be a successful member of your team for years to come.

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