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Case Study: How M/BODY Scaled Their Membership With Live Streaming

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Meet M/BODY by Marnie Alton

M/BODY combines barre, dance and yoga techniques into a fitness program that benefits both body and mind. Founder Marnie Alton spent years building a close community around these workouts – so when she shifted online in 2020, she was determined to offer the same vibrant energy and personal connection that her destination LA studio was known for.

After launching her membership platform with Uscreen, she started livestreaming her signature workouts. Soon, amazing feedback started pouring in from members, and Marnie realized that M/BODY offered the same energy as her in-person classes to a much larger global community.

Livestreaming is a better way to maintain her business financially while serving the clients she loved.

M/BODY’s Live Personal Touch: Better for Members and the Membership Business

The livestream format is easy for Marnie to film and produce, and her members love the live energy vibe – M/BODY livestreams consistently see 100+ viewers.

“From feedback we get, people still prefer to watch the live class versus the polished produced video,” Marnie said. “People feel closer to us because they’re seeing real things happening in real time.”

M/BODY films 95% of their content live, and afterwards, Uscreen automatically adds it to the content library for people to watch later. This makes Marnie’s content creation and upload process even more efficient, and offers something for everyone.

Plus, with the live chat feature, members can connect directly with Marnie and each other. They come early to talk and hang out afterwards, while Marnie’s team can answer questions about workout modifications in real time.

This increases customer satisfaction and retention, and brings the M/BODY community closer together.

The Results

By running an online membership platform, Marnie was able to scale her business to $40k+ a month and serve a much larger audience.

We can expand and scale the business without expanding our workload – plus, we can touch more people, be a part of more lives, and have a more profitable business.”

Live streaming helped her save time and money as a more efficient way to create her product. She only spends about 40% of her time filming, which means she has more energy to focus on the parts of the business she loves.

And she doesn’t have to pay huge studio overhead costs or deal with the day-to-day challenges of in-person ownership.

By moving her business online with Uscreen, Marnie was able to grow M/BODY, stay true to her values, and create a long-term sustainable business model.

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