Uscreen vs. Mighty Networks

Why creators choose Uscreen over Mighty Networks

While Mighty Networks excels at building Communities, Uscreen prevails in all-in-one memberships. See why 4,000+ creators, including Ombe Surf, choose Uscreen to grow beyond just a Community, scale their business, and create a memorable membership experience.

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Cross-platform display of 'ombe surf' channel featuring a variety of surfing video sessions available on tablet, smartphone, and smartwatch.

What sets Uscreen apart from Mighty Networks?

Unlike Mighty Networks, Uscreen focuses entirely on digital memberships. Leading creators like Ombe Surfing and Freelance Friday Club, choose Uscreen to pair their online communities with premium video content, mobile and tv apps, and engaging live streaming and chat.


Mighty Networks

Key Features

Netflix-style video catalog

Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)

High Quality Secure Player

Resume watching

Resume watching where you last left off.

Auto play next video

Collections, Series & Episodes


Built-in Community feed with channels

Community video challenges

Built-in live streaming & chat

Lead gen, acquisition, and retention marketing tools

Integrations with Email Marketing

You may connect to many 3rd party email tools, Both Drip & Mailchimp are built in. All system emails are sent via Uscreen natively.

Creators trust Uscreen when building their Memberships

Tired of piecing your Membership together? So were these customers. Community, a premium video catalog, live streaming, branded mobile and tv apps, are just a few of the reasons why these creators chose Uscreen.

Why creators choose
Uscreen over Mighty Networks

All-in-one platform

Forge deeper connections and higher engagement. Uscreen combines video content with an interactive community to build you a true membership experience.

Native live streaming

Go live in 3 clicks. Or connect to third party tools like Streamyard. Uscreen creators who live stream weekly see 2.5x higher revenues.

Built to scale

Uscreen seamlessly scales to support a thriving membership. Our tech ensures instant and reliable syncing across all platforms.

Grow beyond just a Community with Uscreen

Build a complete membership experience. Pair your Community with premium video content, mobile & TV apps, and engaging live streaming & chat, and create something truly special.

Netflix-style catalog and native video player

Uscreen’s native video player offers a crisp viewing experience on all devices. Impress members and increase your impact by organizing your videos into categories or course-style collections, allowing fans to easily watch and engage with your content.

An image of The Practice's membership information and migration date.
An image of "The Practice's" Membership experience across a tv, a tablet, an iphone, and an Apple Watch.

Community & catalog, all in one place

Uscreen has been perfecting Community for much longer than other platforms. Our robust Community features integrate seamlessly with your video content allowing you to engage with members and have focused discussions all in one place in real time.

An image of Fit with Coco's Membership information.
An image of Fit with Coco's Mobile App Community, specifically highlighting public and private channels and chats.

Hassle-free, native live streaming & chat

Level up your live streams! Reach your audience directly and create a dynamic experience in real-time. Uscreen's integrated live chat lets you engage with your viewers in the moment, fostering stronger connections and addressing their needs instantly

Powerful marketing tools to convert & retain

Uscreen has designed and tested tools that make a difference at every stage, from lead generation to nurturing and reducing churn. Set up automation once and sit back as they go to work for you

A mobile phone showing a woman performing a yoga pose, with a push notification that encourages audience to view live streaming. A list of marketing features that includes 'Push Notifications', 'Gift Cards', 'Email Broadcast' and more.

Discover what else you can do with Uscreen

See what other features have helped creators decide to make the switch from Vimeo to Uscreen.

Mobile + TV Apps

Launch your own Mobile + TV Apps, no coding skills required.

Live Streaming

The five-star live viewing experience your audience deserves.

Video Experience

Upload, organize and distribute your videos all in one place.

Video Monetization

Earn recurring revenue from your content.

Membership Tools

Unlock the true potential of your videos.


Forge a strong bond with your audience using community features.

Learn more about the possibilities of a Uscreen membership

Still on the fence? Our creator membership nerds at have spent hundreds of hours creating and compiling the best resources around running a membership business, available for free.

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Dive into the latest insights, tips and trends in the world of membership.


From guides and templates, to workshops and expert strategies, find your success here.

Help Center

Get answers, troubleshoot issues and master the Uscreen platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions or queries about starting your own Uscreen memberships. Check out the FAQ’s for answers.

Does Uscreen help with migrations from other platforms?

Worried about switching platforms? Don't be. Our experienced Migration Team has successfully moved hundreds of users from various platforms (including Kajabi, Vimeo OTT, and Arketa) to Uscreen with no interruption to their business.

Focus on what you do best, we've got your migration covered.

Does Uscreen support supplemental content (PDFs)?

Absolutely! Uscreen understands the power of enriching your video content with additional resources, allowing you to create a more comprehensive and engaging learning experience for your viewers. With Uscreen, you can seamlessly add various supplemental files alongside your main videos. These files can include PDFs, images, Word Docs, and more.

By adding supplemental content, you can significantly increase the value of your video catalog or courses. Viewers will appreciate the extra resources that help them learn more effectively and retain the information better.

How can I make my courses more engaging and interactive?

Go live! Engage with your audience where ever they are, with hassle-free, native live streaming, across all devices. Create a vibrant and interactive streaming experience between you and your members with integrated live chat. And market your live stream content with calendar.

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