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YouTube's New Profile Cards Spotlight User Commenting History

By Aarushi Singh
5 Min Read

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YouTube Profile Comment Cards

The days of the untraceable commenter troll on YouTube are over.

YouTube recently began testing out its latest feature: viewer- and community-friendly profile cards.

These cards will make it easier for channel owners to engage and interact with fellow commenters and their biggest fans.

Though this feature is currently only being tested on Androids, YouTube is planning to have it as a staple feature across all devices in the future.

A New Side to YouTube

In their announcing statement for the new feature, YouTube called these “a new way to learn more about people commenting on the videos you’re watching.”

This is because profile cards will allow users to explore the connections, comments, and engagement that others make on the site. 

Whenever you want to see someone’s profile card, all you’ll have to do is tap on their profile picture within a video’s comment.

You’ll then be able to see their public info, like subscriptions and recent comments (within the past 12 months) on whatever channel you’re watching.

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So, if you see someone leaving really funny comments on your favorite vlogger’s channel, you’ll be able to check out what other videos of theirs they’ve commented on and what other channels they’re subscribed to.

Likewise, if you find a troll or bully constantly putting down your favorite YouTuber, you’ll easily be able to spot if this is a recurring behavior of theirs based on their profile card info.

This will be especially great for channel owners, giving them more control over the inflow of comments on their videos.

Creators will be able to spot their top fans (and haters) based on their commenting history and either automatically approve or blacklist their comments.

Users will have the chance to modify what public info they want to display on their profile card.

This includes:

  • Public username
  • Profile photo
  • Subscriber count
  • Recent comments/replies
  • Channels subscribed to

Pros and Cons of YouTube Profile Cards

During an announcement for the new test feature, Tom Leung, director of product management at YouTube, said this will “strengthen connections with others in the YouTube community and will help creators recognize some of their best commenters.”

So far, this feature has been well-received by the YouTube community as a chance to enhance visibility among smaller channels.

This is also a great move in not only enhancing user engagement but also user accountability.

This is especially important when it comes to hate speech, as it will reveal users’ commenting patterns across topics and channels.

By now, YouTubers are well-acquainted with the horrors of internet trolls and cyberbullies. 

In the past, users have been banned from the video site for creating content that is inflammatory and hateful toward minorities. This update further enforces the belief that YouTube should be a respectful social video platform.

But while this new feature is certainly exciting, there are some concerns over it potentially enabling creators to unjustly censor some of their commenters.

Overall, this is a constructive move that will foster a more positive user experience, support the creator-viewer dynamic, and make users think twice before leaving hateful comments.

The Ever-Changing YouTube Landscape

YouTube is currently in the midst of many changes regarding how both its viewers and its creators interact with and develop content.

When it comes to their emerging profile cards feature, it’s important to consider both its positive and negative aspects.

  • Good: will allow users to control the conversation on their videos, spotlight their top fans, filter out trolls and bullies, and connect with fellow fans and commenters
  • Bad: could enable creators to censor important discussions, feedback, criticism, and conversations regarding their content and channel

Mostly though, this new feature is a promising step forward in strengthening both the creator and the viewer sides of YouTube while also connecting them – promoting inclusivity and transparency online.

Will you be checking out users’ profile cards when they fully launch on YouTube? Are you excited about this new feature? Let us know in the comments.

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