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Making It Happen: How to Turn Your Digital Video into Content For Sale Online

If you want users to feel compelled to purchase your video content, it must possess a few key characteristics in order for you, the publisher to fully capitalize:

– It must be readily available and easy to find, as a preview, at least.
– Ease of access is incredibly important: can it be viewed on mobile devices? Is it available offline?
– The content has to be downloadable. Current large providers like Netflix and Hulu have still not come out with any type of downloadable video, leaving users in the dark if they don’t have an Internet connection.

The days of the physical movie are dead, and the Internet and cloud computing provide for an essentially unlimited content base from which users can draw on.

This study on the exact metrics of video conversion online helped me write this blog, and shows that if you build it (saleable video content) they (the users) will come. Not only will they visit your site, they’re that much more likely to leave it having purchased your product, leaving some extra dollars in your wallet for your next production project.

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