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Case Study: How BackBody Increased Their Revenue By 189%

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Meet BackBody Project

By 2020, Meegan Gregg had mastered the “just go for it” mindset.

She’d already pivoted from finance to the fitness industry, developed her own unique style of workout, and started hosting live popup classes full-time.

But then, life happened. When the pandemic hit, the traditional route of live-in person classes was no longer possible. Meegan knew she wanted to continue selling her workouts, and shifting online was the only option.

So she decided to go for it.

Making the leap into full-time content creation

Meegan didn’t have an official background in content creation, but she did have lots of experience building a community, so she knew there was enough support to make a membership business possible.

But she also knew that running an online platform required a different approach than in-person popups.

As a first-time online business owner starting from scratch, she needed the right platform, the right team, and the right resources to successfully make the transition and build a profitable membership she was proud of.

That’s where Uscreen came in.

A branded platform helped adapt BackBody’s in-person business model to an online format

To start, Meegan needed a pro-grade, fully branded home base for BackBody. She also wanted to get it up and running ASAP, which meant she needed a quick and easy way to build it.

I was looking for a white label, out-of-the-box templated streaming situation. It needed something elegant in the way it was presented, with customizable properties. Other companies look one way – you know when you go to a site that it’s that company’s site. I wanted mine to look unique.

So she created a website with Uscreen’s drag-and-drop page builder and easy-to-use templates.

The ability to tag and categorize all the videos in her content library let Meegan create guided fitness paths, which are so popular that she features a ‘Guided Series’ category front and center on the BackBody website.

The whole platform easy to navigate, completely customized, and provides an incredible user experience that’s worth every penny for her members.

Delivering the same high-quality connected experience in a virtual space

Meegan was determined to offer only the best to her members on a platform that offered the same benefits people had come to expect from her in-person classes.

Uscreen’s live streaming feature helps her do just that, with a real-time class experience that provides the same quality, energy and connected feel.

The live workouts even pull double duty as a way to build up her content library. When each one is done, it’s automatically added to the BackBody catalog where members can watch them any time.

Focusing on the experience means that she’s staying true to her relationship-building values. And from a business standpoint, it means she’s built a base of loyal members, a high retention rate, and the steady revenue that comes from both.

Keeping it sustainable with personal support and help resources

Meegan loves her practice, but she also loves her freedom. She knew she didn’t want to run an online platform if it meant getting tied down by the day-to-day operations of running the business.

So Uscreen’s dedicated support team takes the pressure off and helps keep the business running smoothly.

I know all the support people, I know their names, and I message them all the time. It’s really helpful to work with people who actually care.

This support helps her save time and mental energy as she grows, and give her the ability to focus on the parts of the business she loves.

The Results

When she first shifted from finance to fitness, Meegan’s goal was to enjoy her work and make money doing it.

But she took it even further, and successfully built BackBody into a thriving online business that provides sustainable recurring revenue and the work/life balance she was looking for.

Plus, her members get to be part of the BackBody community, and experience that amazing feeling that comes with Meegan’s approach to health every single day.

Filming my classes is low overhead with maximum impact. I love teaching and filming, and with this platform, I feel like I can reach way more people in the same amount of time.

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