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Peri Elmokadem

Peri is the SEO Content Manager at Uscreen. She writes to teach the world about the ways of video monetization. She’s also a visual artist, traveler, and dog lover (although she’s starting to warm up to cats).

How to Produce So Much Video Content Without Spending a Lot of Time on It

In the last section, we went over how much content you need to sustain your video subscription business. Our recommendation was to have at least 60 minutes of video content in total when you launch your VOD, then adding roughly 400-500 minutes of video over the course of the first year.

That’s a lot of content, right? Yup, but it’s not an overwhelming amount to produce if you follow the Three 2-day shoot method.

Three 2-Day Shoots

Content membership expert Stu McLaren constructed a brilliant video production schedule that compacts an entire year’s worth of video content into 6 days.

“A lot of people think that you’ve got to produce content every single day – that’s just not true.”

He came up with it when he had to produce a lot of video content for a motivational speaker’s online VOD, but didn’t have time because the speaker was on the road a lot. So he essentially boiled it down to three 2-day video shoots, during which they captured enough content to cumulatively fill up an entire year’s worth of content.

McLaren said that many times, they actually produced more than a year’s worth because the more they did it, the faster they got at it. They often ended up capturing anywhere between 6 to 8 months worth of content in one video shoot.

Once all the footage is captured, it goes off to post-production which, unless you’re a pro at, you’d hire someone for anyway. Then when the content is ready, you push it out to your video website whenever they’re supposed to come out and then you forget about it.

You don’t need to hire a videographer to do the three 2-day shoot. If you choose to self-produce, you can apply this production schedule with yourself.

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