Broadcast to Chromecast

All video-on-demand websites built with Uscreen are automatically castable on Chromecast at no extra charge. It doesn’t get easier than this.

broadcast to chromecast

How it works

Uscreen lets your viewers stream your content directly from the video player on your video website to their Chromecast-connected screens. They don’t need to install any apps or add-ons, and it costs neither you nor your viewers a single extra penny to cast to Chromecast.

Your video website comes with more than just Chromecast

Here are just a few of the many features and services you’ll find included with your new video website:

Complete data security and privacy

Data protection

We know how valuable your content is–that’s why Uscreen-built websites have solid protection against fraud and pirating. Your content is automatically secured and cannot be shared by anyone other than you and your team.

Deliver the ultimate television experience

Compete with the big guys and deliver the ultimate streaming experience by bringing your content to your viewers’ TVs.

Deliver your video content via Android TV
branding freedom

Branding freedom

Create a video website that mirrors your vision. The website you build will have no Uscreen branding anywhere, so your brand’s look and feel can shine through.

Robust marketing suite

From from analytics and affiliate marketing tools, to abandoned cart and churn-reduction management, your video website comes with a full marketing and analytics suite in your publisher area–all to help you increase your reach, engagement and revenue.

OTT apps can increase your revenue by 30 percent


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