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Uscreen’s New Checkout Page Converts 15% More Leads

By Peri Elmokadem
5 Min Read
uscreen new checkout page

We took the time to analyze the checkout page of Uscreen video websites and found room for improvement – so we improved!

We launched a new checkout page to streamline the process for your customers to make it all less complicated. It now has fewer fields to fill out and has the right buttons in all the right places.

The changes we’ve made have already proven a 15% conversion boost for Uscreen video websites and a 30% decrease in error messages that customers receive while checking out.  

Here are the changes we’ve made and what they mean to your Uscreen OTT website and customers:

1. Layout design that’s easier on the eyes

We upgraded the checkout page’s layout for better usability and smoother checkout experience. Filling out the form is now more straightforward since we moved the action button under the form instead of off to the side like before to flow better.

checkout page comparison

What does this mean to you?

This translates into a less frustrating time for your customers as they fill out their info to purchase your video content subscription or one-time video product, which should naturally boost your conversion rates.  

2. Simpler credit card info field

For Uscreen Gateway and Stripe Gateway users, we’ve merged all the payment information fields into one. We also added instant credit card validation to the field so the credit card is approved or rejected immediately after putting in all the info. This means that if the customer makes a mistake putting in their credit card number, they will know instantly instead of after hitting “submit order” and starting all over.

new credit card info field

What does this mean to you?

This makes filling out credit-card info a lot less cumbersome and more straightforward for your customers. The immediate payment validation reduces the number of error pages customers will get, decreasing the number of potentially lost customers.

3. Better mobile user experience

We noticed the old checkout layout didn’t make much sense on mobile since the payment fields came before product information in the checkout bag. So we switched it around, explaining the product being purchased before asking for payment information. The mobile checkout page is also more responsive and mobile friendly overall.

new mobile checkout layout

What does this mean to you?

More mobile engagement, meaning capturing and converting a wider mobile-browsing audience.

4. Security Update

We’ve updated the checkout PCI compliance for a more secure checkout process, and added required zip codes for credit cards for that extra bit of validation.

The upgrade also includes the ability to request a free SSL for customs domains from the Uscreen support team. All Uscreen subdomains have an SSL by default, but if you use your own domain, you’ll want to have SSL too. Just ping Uscreen support and we will provide free to use certificates in less than 24 hours.

uscreen ssl certificate

What does this mean to you?

An even less likelihood of credit card scam and fraud than before. Adding an SSL certificate to your website establishes trust between you and your customers. That little padlock icon on the left-side of your URL will let your customers know that your content is safe and that your business is legitimate and trustworthy.

We at Uscreen are constantly working to improve the platform for you and your customers, so they are more satisfied with your website and you make more and more money as a result.

And for that reason, we’re constantly improving, and we’ll always let you know what’s up.