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The Ultimate Dacast Alternative for Your VOD Business

DaCast Alternative

Today, I’m going to show you a Dacast alternative.

One that goes beyond basic broadcasting and lets you…

  • build stunning websites
  • launch OTT apps
  • curate a comprehensive video library

… all while offering round-the-clock support to help you launch, run, and grow your business.

I am, of course, talking about Uscreen.

Dacast may present themselves as an alternative to our platform, however there are some major differences that separate us; differences that could have a significant impact on your business.

Let’s take a closer look…

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Uscreen vs. Dacast: What’s The Difference?

The best way to remember the difference between Dacast and Uscreen is:

  • Dacast is a broadcasting service
  • Uscreen is a video business platform

Let me explain.

Dacast is a service that allows you to host and share videos with your audience. You take your video, embed it onto an existing website page, and viewers can access it.

Dacast homepage

If you’re someone with an existing website or app, or just want to share videos through your social media feeds, Dacast provides a great service for that. Especially, if you mainly want to live stream your content.

You can:

  • Host your videos in the dashboard
  • Generate a shareable URL
  • Embed the videos on your site
  • Share them with your audience
  • Save videos to be watched at a later date

Dacast also offers you a number of ways to monetize those videos. It’s a simple, easy, point-and-click service.

On the other hand…

Uscreen offers a more comprehensive, out-of-the-box video streaming solution. We’re focused on helping you build a complete video business from A to Z; one that can do pretty much anything.

With Uscreen you can:

  • Build video streaming website from start to finish 
  • Set up subscription-based or one-time-purchase access to your content 
  • Create OTT streaming apps
  • Customize a professional-looking website exclusively around your brand
  • Integrate with 1000+ marketing tools we can watch
  • Cultivate an online community

We don’t just want to help you get your videos online, we want to help you build a profitable video business that will stand the test of time.

Let’s take a closer look at each platform to get a better idea of what we each offer.

What Dacast Can Do For Your Video Business

Dacast’s goal is to help you embed and monetize your videos on your independently hosted website. As such, they have two core offerings.

The first is video hosting.

Dacast’s dashboard works as a “hub” for you to connect your live videos. The idea is that you host your videos on their website, using their tools:

Dacast dashboard

You then embed this video into your existing website, where users can access your streams.

The second is video monetization.

Dacast’s platform allows you to set both pay-per-view and subscription prices for your videos, where you take and manage payments:

Dacast video price presets

Dacast also has a brilliant reputation for video uptime, with customers being able to broadcast around-the-clock streams without worrying about them dropping off in the middle of the night.


This is really the extent of Dacast, which doesn’t really make it a Uscreen alternative. Which brings us squarely to…

What Uscreen Can Do For Your Video Business

Uscreen offers an effective and budget-friendly solution to help you build a complete video business.

We’ve developed a platform  that makes launching, running, and growing a video on demand business from start to finish easier than ever. And our team is here to support you every step of the way.

On the Uscreen platform, you can:

Build A Comprehensive Video Streaming Website

We offer a VOD website editor that lets you create a professional-looking, fully-branded storefront for your video business.

Uscreen video website editor

You can use one of our 11 fully customizable templates as a foundation and then tweak and tinker until you have a site that reflects your brand. No web design degree necessary! 

Take a look at these sites to see what’s possible:

Click here to find more examples of stunning Uscreen websites.

Create Your Own OTT Apps

Uscreen offers an industry-leading OTT app leasing service.

What that means is you lease our ready-to-use video streaming apps and we set it up for you with your own content and brand look and feel making your videos accessible through mobile, tablet, and Smart TV.

Uscreen OTT branded apps

These apps are fully branded and can be created to fit your business’ needs. And, because you’re renting our technology, we’re able to keep the costs down, without sacrificing service.

Click here to see examples of OTT apps we’ve created.

Easily Monetize Your Videos

Uscreen gives you a wide range of monetization options. 

We specialize in SVOD and have optimized methods to help you build profitable subscription services and membership sites. You can also offer:

To help you build your profitable sales funnel, your way.

Easily Market Your Video Business

Uscreen comes with in-built marketing tools and third-party integrations, to make it easier to find, connect with, and convert your audience into customers.

Our in-built tools let you:

You can also integrate Uscreen with 1000+ marketing tools, such as:

  • MailChimp
  • Salesforce
  • Zapier

To give you ultimate flexibility in choosing the right marketing tools for your business. 

You can also read the Uscreen Blog, where we’re constantly adding free tips, tricks, and ideas to support you in growing your business! 


That’s a lot of information about what Uscreen can do for you. So, let’s bring it to life by showing you an example of what a video business built on our platform looks like.

How BirdieTime Used Uscreen To Build A Video Business

BirdieTime is an initiative from the PGA Tour.

They offer an in-depth educational solution for golfers. Their website has 400+ videos to help you perfect your putt, develop your drive, and smoothen your swing.

BirdieTime golf streaming homepage

To create their product, and deliver the best service to their students, they needed the ability to:

  • Build a large, well-organized library of videos
  • Easily share course materials and supplements
  • Have spaces where they can interact with their community
  • Offer their videos on multiples devices and through apps
  • Maintain the high-quality of the PGA Tour brand
  • Take payments from all over the world

They needed more than just a video APIs to embed somewhere else. They needed to create an easy-to-use, top-of-the-line video streaming website and apps that would knock their customers’ golfing socks off.

These are features that Dacast simply doesn’t offer its customers but come as standard for Uscreen users.

Okay, it’s decision time…

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Dacast or Uscreen: Which Platform Should You Choose?

If you’re a business that…

  • has an established, professional-looking website
  • needs basic live streaming capabilities
  • wants to charge on a pay-per-view basis

…then Dacast is definitely an option worth exploring. They provide a cost-effective solution that can help you begin to grow and monetize your audience.

But if you’re a business that wants to…

  • launch a high-quality video on demand website
  • launch OTT apps
  • offer a wide range of payment options to customers
  • build an extensive library of video content

…then you need to be looking at Uscreen. We honestly believe we offer the best solution on the market, and we’d love for you to become part of the Uscreen family.

Click here to take a closer look at what Uscreen can do for you.

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