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If You Want to Make More Sales, You’ve Got to Make a Great Trailer

Do you want to really grab the attention of your potential audience and give them no choice but to want to buy your short film or movie? If so, you’ve got to give them a great trailer. Think of your trailer as a tease for your masterpiece, a sneak peek into your movie, one that will convince viewers that they’ve got to see more.

If you do your trailer right, your purchase rates are going to go through the roof. If you don’t, people probably won’t even give your video a second thought. Definitely not your intention when creating your film, right? Didn’t think so.

If you want to sell your film or video, you’ve obviously got to make a great trailer. How are you going to do it? What exactly are the components to making a great trailer, and what is going to draw the attention of your audience?

We’ve laid out the following to help you better understand what to do in creating the best trailer you possibly can, as well as some common mistakes to avoid.


1. Don’t Give Away the Entire Movie

One thing to always remember about making a great trailer? It’s a tease. It’s used as a ploy to pique viewer’s interest and leave them wanting more. If they get the whole movie in a few minutes what’s the point of purchasing it when they already know what happens?

A good trailer will make viewers fall for the main characters, get a general idea of their story, and end with some major suspense. Your audience (who has gained empathy for your characters and is reeled in by your plot) will need to know more.

Do yourself a favor and don’t give away what happens when introducing your movie. Doing so is instant death to any interest you could have aroused in your audience. Leave ‘em hanging and they’ll have no choice but to purchase your film to see what happens.


2. Keep Things Quick

You’ve only got a few seconds to really hook your audience so cutting right to the chase at the beginning of your video is obviously your best bet. What does this mean? You need to keep anything out that doesn’t belong. Get in, make your point, and leave viewers wanting more.

Quickly offer the audience something that catches their attention, tease them with a few details, and then leave things be. No one wants to sit and watch a seven minute trailer, no matter how intriguing you think you’ve made it. Besides, that’s practically like watching a whole movie.


3. Offer an Irresistible Call to Action

What’s the point of a trailer if no one’s going to buy your product? If you’ve done your job right and produced a killer trailer, your viewers will pay to see more. Instead of rolling into credits at the end, roll straight into your call to action and offer the purchase of your movie. Don’t think you can’t add it into the final cut of your ending screen. No credits, no black screen. Just the option to buy with a button right there to do it.Even if you’re not quite ready to sell your video and it’s not yet available for purchase, the ending cliffhanger is a great spot to throw in the option of signing up to your mailing list. If your trailer’s that good there’s no reason you can’t make them an offer they can’t refuse.


4. Include Good Reviews

Keep in mind that your trailer doesn’t have to stay the same once your movie’s gone live. What this means is that for every good review you get, you can update your trailer with the most recent reviews of what you’re offering. People like things that other people like. This is why there are ratings for pretty much everything.From the movies you watch to the things you purchase, you’re looking for five stars right? So is everyone else. When they see other people are giving your movie two thumbs up and gushing about how great it is, they’re going to want to see what all the buzz is about. Don’t have any reviews yet? Quote your fans. I’m sure someone somewhere has something good to say about what you’ve put together.

Whatever review you’re including on the screen, be sure to make it stand out. Don’t put it in when someone on the screen is talking. All this will do is confuse viewers. Let it stand alone, keep it simple, and make it quick.


Trailers are more popular than ever and when you do it right you’re bound to meet more audience than you would without them. A recent report in the Los Angeles Times showed that so far in 2015, more than 35 million hours have been spent on YouTube in watching movie trailers. This is up 90 percent from the same time last year. Still think you can’t benefit from making a movie trailer? Didn’t think so.

Making a great trailer can assuredly get you more sales, but you’ve got to make sure it’s top of the line. Trailers these days can be bashed just as hard as the movie itself and there is a lot at stake in the 2-2 ½ minutes your trailer runs. According to Evelyn Brady-Watters who started the Golden Trailer Awards (yes such a thing exists) in 1999, “People’s attention spans are shrinking. You can’t waste a second of the time you have in front of people.”

While you might not be looking to win an award at the next Golden Trailer awards, it’s wise to be aware of what people want and exactly what they’re looking for. Trailers are big business, so much so that some big names are willing to pay anywhere from $50,000-$500,000 for companies to put their trailers together for them. While this may not be in your budget, it can certainly help you see just how important making a good trailer is for the success of your film and your business.

Movie trailers themselves have become somewhat of an art form. Creating a great trailer that draws the attention of your audience is one of the best ways for you to create more sales for your company. When you put together a great trailer you’re making yourself stand out and if your audience likes what they see, they’re going to want to buy it. Look at your trailer as a form of art – one that holds the potential to make you more money.

No matter what kind of movie or video you offer, a trailer has the potential to significantly increase the number of people interested in your product. Make it great and you’re pretty much guaranteed to make an impact with the masterpiece you’ve created. Make it mediocre and… well, you get the idea. The whole idea is to make your trailer engaging and people interested in what you’ve got to offer.

Don’t forget to think about what makes for a great trailer and what makes for a dud. It’s all about the quick intrigue that leaves your audience wanting more, done in the most creative way possible. You’ve got this. Now go fine tune your filmmaking skills and create the trailer your audience wants to see.

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