Uscreen vs Vimeo OTT: An honest comparison

The Vimeo OTT alternative that charges you less for way more

Uscreen is a Vimeo OTT alternative for anyone who wants to scale their video-on-demand business with a platform that enables them to grow and doesn’t charge revenue-share. With Uscreen, you can launch your video-streaming website and OTT apps, manage your audience and market your video service all in one platform.

Uscreen logoVimeo OTT
Extra or hidden feesNoYes
PayoutInstant30 days
Fully white-labeled
OTT themes and
8+ fully customizable themes 4 non-customizable themes
Flexible categorizing
and custom filtering
Checkout Page
Add chapters and
Live streamingYesYes
100% no-buffering
Built-in PaymentsAccept Credit Cards

Accept PayPal

Secure checkout

Royalty tracker

Smart payment retries
Accept Credit Cards

Secure checkout

No PayPal
Audience ownershipYes – you own your audience

Audience export CSV available
No – Vimeo owns your audience

No audience CSV export
AnalyticsNative analytics

Google Analytics integration
Native analytics
Built-in marketing
educe churn tools

Smart retries


Affiliate Programs

Marketing integrations

Abandoned cart emails


Abandoned cart emails
Third-party integrationConnect to 1000+ apps via ZapierNo
Free migrationYesYes
Support24/7 email support

Phone support
24/7 email support

Own your audience

Owning your audience is your right, not a privilege. At Uscreen, we’ve made it a point to give you full access and ownership of the valuable audience you work so hard to convert, nurture, and engage.And yes, that does mean we make it easy for you to leave us if you want to, but we think you’ll want to stick around.

You own your audience with Uscreen
robust marketing and analytics features

Robust marketing tools and integrations

A video monetization platform is nothing without its marketing tools—so we built you an entire marketing suit full of very effective and easy-to-use tools to help you increase conversions, engage your audience, reduce your churn and, well, make more money. And if you need a tool that you can’t find in our platform, you can connect to it in a matter of minutes.


Browse Marketing Features

Fully customize your site and apps

When it comes to designing your video streaming website and apps, our brand takes a back-seat so yours can shine. Our beautiful and customizable templates were designed and built in-house with the single goal of helping you sell more videos and enhance viewer-experience. They are also SEO-friendly and conversion-optimized.

OTT mobile and TV apps
get money instantly via stripe and paypal

Get your money instantly

Why wait to get your own money? With Uscreen, you get the money your members pay you right when they pay it. No waiting around or chasing down your money.


*Only applicable to Stripe Payouts

Frances Long founder of Your Book Of Memories

“Uscreen has shown me that I can continue to do what I love while actually getting a fair return on all my hard work. I’ve made $13k in my first 4 months, and I only pay a flat monthly $99! These people are really here to help me.“

Frances Long

Founder @YourBookOfMemories

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We’re often asked…

Is Uscreen here to stay?

It sure is! Uscreen was founded in 2015 in Washington, D.C., and is now a 20-person-strong company of incredibly talented and caring individuals, joining forces from around the world to help you become and stay successful in the video-monitization space. So yes, Uscreen is definitely here to stay. Learn more about Uscreen and the team

How long does it take to launch my OTT apps?

Uscreen fully develops and publishes the apps for you in your own app developer account within 3 to 4 weeks from the day you place your order. That’s the fastest launch time on the market! We’ll also take care of all required updates and maintenance afterward at no extra cost to you. We’ll even send you a preview of the app before we publish it.

Do I own all of my content and data?

Yes! In addition to owning your audience, you also own 100% of your assets, content, and data. Uscreen is simply a means to your end of monetizing your video content.

What’s your guarantee policy?

Uscreen is free to try for 14 days – no strings attached. You can cancel any time you like.

Uscreen works in magical ways

Watch our on-demand demo to learn more about our platform and how Uscreen will help you monetize your videos.