Uscreen vs. Patreon

Why creators choose Uscreen over Patreon

Unlike Patreon, Uscreen provides an all-in-one membership experience. That's why creators including Estudios Neverland choose Uscreen to create premium memberships with stunning branded apps, top-notch support, and complete control of their audience, content, and data.

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An image of Estudios Neverland's membership experience. Specifically a horizontal image of a video and a mobile screen shot of thier app experience.

What sets Uscreen apart from Patreon?

Uscreen equips you with the tools you need to create an immersive membership experience. Our platform offers a Netflix-style video catalog, beautifully branded mobile and TV apps, robust live streaming features with integrated chat, and more!



Key Features

Netflix-style video catalog

Custom playlists

Optional offline viewing

Built-in live streaming & chat

Built-in Community feed with channels

Mobile calendar

Customizable Website & Landing pages

Using our Landing page builder you can build out custom homepage & website pages.

Content, people, & membership analytics

Lead gen, acquisition, and retention marketing tools

Push notifications

Youtube lead generator

Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)

TV Apps (Apple, Android, Fire, Roku)

Creators trust Uscreen when building their Memberships

A Netflix-style video catalog, public and private Community channels, reliable live streaming, and powerful analytics are just a few reasons why these thriving creators joined Uscreen and never looked back.

An image of Prince Ea's Life Youniversity Mobile and Desktop Membership experience.
Life Youniversity App Logo

Life Youniversity

An image of OnlyPaige's Membership Experience across a TV and Mobile screen.
An image of OnlyPaige's Logo

Only Paige

An image of Find What Feels Good, also known as Yoga with Adriene, Membership Experience
Find What Feels Good Mobile App Icon

Find What Feels Good

Why creators choose
Uscreen over Patreon

Premium experience

The better the product experience the greater earning potential. That’s why Uscreen focuses on a premium platform experience with features that will wow your audience and grow your business.

Complete control

Unlike Patreon, Uscreen helps you create something that’s truly yours. Take complete control of your content, your audience, and your platform and membership data with Uscreen.

Proven reliable

Uscreen is invested in your success and will do everything in our power to help you scale your business. This includes 24/7 support and access to powerful marketing tools to help you grow.

Partner with Uscreen & launch your dream membership

Uscreen's technology is built and maintained by a team of expert software developers. Our dedication to user experience ensures a seamless and user-friendly platform for you and your members, freeing you to focus on content creation and business growth.

Netflix-style catalog and native video player

Uscreen’s native video player offers a crisp viewing experience on all devices. Impress members and increase your impact by organizing your videos into categories or course-style collections, allowing fans to easily watch and engage with your content.

Kabuki Edu+' video membership information
An image of 'Kabuki Edu+' video experience, showcasing their catalog's content discover system, filters, and videos.

Full-featured apps, launched in 30 days

Connect to your audience across iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Fire TV, and even Apple Watch. Broad accessibility ensures you’re where your audience needs you, enhancing your engagement and reach.

An image of The Practice's membership information and migration date.
An image of "The Practice's" Membership experience across a tv, a tablet, an iphone, and an Apple Watch.

Hassle-free, native live streaming & chat

Level up your live streams! Reach your audience directly and create a dynamic experience in real-time. Uscreen doesn't stop at just live streaming. Uscreen's integrated live chat lets you engage with your viewers in the moment, fostering stronger connections and addressing their needs instantly.

Momma Strong video membership information
Smartphone screen displaying 'Momma Strong' education and entertainment app, along with user testimonials and reminders for upcoming live classes.

An embedded community experience

Uscreen has been perfecting Community for much longer than other platforms. In fact, Uscreen creators see 50% higher member retention with our intuitive community features, such as polls, challenges, and public and private channels.

An image of Studio Blooms membership information
An image showcasing a community app interface  on a laptop and mobile phone.

Powerful analytics and 24/7 support

Unlike with Patreon, maintain full ownership over your Uscreen user data and apps. Get your questions and technical issues addressed quickly and easily with Uscreen’s 24/7, knowledgeable support team. Get complimentary migration support plus a Dedicated Success Manager to free you from technical hurdles and give you insights you can’t google.

A mobile phone showing a woman live streaming a cooking class, and three charts that show including 'revenue growth', 'growth rate', and 'watch time'.

Discover what else you can do with Uscreen

See what other features have helped creators decide to make the switch from Vimeo to Uscreen.

Mobile + TV Apps

Launch your own Mobile + TV Apps, no coding skills required.

Live Streaming

The five-star live viewing experience your audience deserves.

Video Experience

Upload, organize and distribute your videos all in one place.

Video Monetization

Earn recurring revenue from your content.

Membership Tools

Unlock the true potential of your videos.


Forge a strong bond with your audience using community features.

Learn more about the possibilities of a Uscreen membership

Still on the fence? Our creator membership nerds at have spent hundreds of hours creating and compiling the best resources around running a membership business, available for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Uscreen help with migrations from other platforms?

Worried about switching platforms? Don't be. Our experienced Migration Team has successfully moved hundreds of users from various platforms (including Kajabi, Vimeo OTT, and Arketa) to Uscreen with no interruption to their business.

Focus on what you do best, we've got your migration covered.

Does Uscreen support supplemental content (PDFs)?

Absolutely! Uscreen understands the power of enriching your video content with additional resources, allowing you to create a more comprehensive and engaging learning experience for your viewers. With Uscreen, you can seamlessly add various supplemental files alongside your main videos. These files can include PDFs, images, Word Docs, and more.

By adding supplemental content, you can significantly increase the value of your video catalog or courses. Viewers will appreciate the extra resources that help them learn more effectively and retain the information better.

How can I make my courses more engaging and interactive?

Go live! Engage with your audience where ever they are, with hassle-free, native live streaming, across all devices. Create a vibrant and interactive streaming experience between you and your members with integrated live chat. And market your live stream content with calendar.

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