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Case Study: How Prodigies Scaled to Over $40k a Month with Apps

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Meet Prodigies

In 2014, founder Rob Young was teaching music in a classroom setting. Managing large groups of young children wasn’t easy, and he wanted a way to fulfill his passion for teaching that also provided enough time and income to enjoy life outside the classroom. So he took his real-world skills and made them digital, and started filming music courses to sell online.

They were so successful that Rob launched a subscription music education platform and signed up for Uscreen’s native live streaming feature, which opened up a whole new way to reach customers.

Now, Prodigies has over 7,000 subscribers, including families, educators, and even entire school districts.

Rob’s High-Converting Business Plan Covers Every Angle

Using live streaming as a multi-purpose membership marketing tool.

Rob wanted to engage and convert 3 different audience segments and needed a universal marketing strategy to reach all of them. Live streaming was the answer – not only is it easy for everyone to access, but it also gives him the perfect way to showcase his courses. As he puts it, “It’s a way they can see all our best concepts in one place.”

He hosts live free training classes, where families, teachers, and school representatives can get a feel for his teaching style and what his courses can offer. He also adds extra value with free downloadable worksheets for viewers.

“The free live streams are like community events – even our paying members show up to say hi. Everyone else who’s considering enrolling gets a feel for the community, and they can see people praising it in real time.”

Apps make it easier to access courses from anywhere.

To make Prodigies more appealing to busy parents and teachers, Rob needed to make his courses accessible at home, at school, or on the go – which meant he needed apps. His first app provider came with a huge price tag – but now, he has 6 fully customized white-label Uscreen apps for an affordable cost.

Creating multiple streams of income.

Along with his subscription plans, Rob brings offers lifetime membership packages and bundles. Having these big-ticket items means he earns recurring revenue from monthly, quarterly, and annual plans, as well as large payouts from those one-time purchases that he can invest back into the business. He also sells merch, music equipment, and downloadables on his Uscreen site. He created multiple revenue streams, all from one membership business.

The Results

With Uscreen, Rob Young has scaled Prodigies to $40k+ a month and redefined success as a niche educator.

He leveraged live streaming as a way to generate leads and build community at the same time, and it’s paid off. The “free live training for email addresses” model is his longest running and most effective marketing funnel.

Plus, Prodigies has incredibly high retention rates, including 3000 long term subscribers and 3000 lifetime members. These loyal subscribers are a marketing asset on their own – the community Rob created helps bring in new members with word-of-mouth recommendations and testimonials.

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