A YouTube channel turned into a $4k+/month video-streaming business

Learn how Your Book of Memories went from generating $380/month on YouTube to over $4k/month in just 4 months with Uscreen.

DIY Arts and Crafts

San Francisco, CA

98% Women, ages 35-65 year

After years of hard work and no return, Your Book of Memories (YBM) joined Uscreen to transform its 17k-subscriber YouTube channel into a profitable video streaming platform, using videos and viewers they already had.

Frances Long founder of Your Book Of Memories

“I made $13k in my first 4 months! I’ve never made more than $380 a month in YouTube Ad Revenue. Uscreen changed my business and my life forever. These people are really here to help me.“

Frances Long

Founder @YourBookOfMemories

The opportunity

YBM had dozens of free, high-quality DIY videos and 17k subscribers on YouTube waiting to be monetized. Even though YouTube helped create a sense of community, the revenue from the channel wasn’t even close to justifying the time and effort invested into creating the videos.

The strategy

After researching numerous video monetization platforms, Frances made a life-changing decision to create an independent online video-streaming service using Uscreen. The ultimate goal: convert YBM YouTube subscribers into paying video streamers and nurture the community.

The results

YBM saw an 885% increase in monthly revenue in just 4 months, without the need to produce any new videos. 3.7% of YBM’s YouTube subscribers converted to the paid streaming service. YBM YouTube channel remains lively, active community and continues to convert leads into paying viewers.

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Your Book of Memories (YBM) is a video streaming service that teaches thorough DIY memory album instructional tutorials in high-quality sound and light.

Frances Long, founder of YBM, originally started the YouTube channel in 2017, and quickly experienced the limited potential of YouTube monetization. In January of 2019, Frances joined Uscreen to transform YBM into a highly profitable private video streaming service.