Tell Your Members & Audience About Your Community

After you’ve put in the work to build your community and set a strong foundation, it’s time to launch. 

For launch, you’re going to want to strategically share your community with your members first, and then your entire audience. This helps make the community feel special and exclusive to your members. 

Then you can start to leverage the extra perks of your community in your marketing! 

To prepare for launch, you need to confirm your launch timeline. We recommend setting a launch time frame of 2 weeks to build momentum as you announce your community. 

It’s important to know though that despite your launch period coming to an end, you can and should still mention your community in your member-specific communications. 

You’re going to want to write at least 2 emails to send to your member base about your community. 

The first email is going to be an official launch email that will go to ALL of your members. This will introduce the community, why you created it, and what your members will get from joining.

You can add screenshots of what the community looks like or even a video walkthrough to give your members a glimpse into the full experience that they’ll have once they’re inside! 

Download your Community Playbook Resources here to see some examples.

You’re also going to want to include clear instructions on how to access the community platform, ensuring that your members will feel welcomed and supported right from the start.

In the next email, you’re going to focus on what your members can expect in the community. What events are coming up? What exclusive resources do you plan on sharing? Highlight these things! Then reiterate how they can join. 

You could even incentivize your members to join by offering a free gift or giving each new member a public shout-out when they join in the community. People, by nature, love to be recognized, so get creative with how you acknowledge and celebrate them! 

Community can also be an excellent tool for conversion, too. During free trials or before potential members become paying members, tease them with glimpses of what’s happening within your community.

Showcase the value your potential member can expect, and emphasize the exclusive content and engagement opportunities available to them from both your membership catalog and the community. 

You can even share sneak peeks of discussions and events happening in the community, which can help build anticipation and encourage that conversion.

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