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Lead generation drip campaign

Leadzen is an all-in-one lead generation tool.


Set up automated sequences

Easily set up a free giveaway funnel or a flash sale funnel and nurture your leads into paying customers.

setup automations to generate more leads
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generate more leads using Leadzen

Generate leads

Instantly generate new leads by collecting contact information in exchange for a free content giveaway.

email list

Build your email list

Set up email automations and nurture leads into paying customers. Collected emails are stored in Leadzen and can be downloaded at any time.

build your email list from scratch
get insights and analytics

Get the insights you need to grow

Leadzen’s built-in analytics will tell you everything you need to know to confidently optimize every aspect of your automation.


Connect with the best tools to grow your business

Integrate with the platform of your choice. For best results, connect Leadzen directly to your current membership platform.

Integration with over 100 other platforms
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An all-in-one lead generation tool
all-in-one lead gen

One tool that does it all

Your one stop shop: set up a complete marketing funnel with a single powerful all-in-one tool.

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