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Content and community are the 2 core pillars of any successful membership site. 

Of the 2, creating content is likely to be the most time-consuming. Digital products—be that online courses, eBooks, or worksheets—take time and effort to create. 

There’s a misconception that live streaming is more complicated and time-consuming than digital products. But the truth is: compared to creating other types of content, live streaming can be surprisingly straightforward and time-saving. 

Instead of guessing what kind of content your members want, they’re able to tell you directly, and you get to respond in real-time. 

Let’s put that into practice and say you run a membership for aspiring artists. One of your most popular weekly events is a live demonstration and Q&A session, where your members can ask questions while you paint. 

All you need to do before going live is prepare your art supplies and set up your camera. You don’t need a script or lesson plan—your members will bring the questions and topics they want to hear you discuss. 

An image shows how video creators can directly link to their video catalog on community posts.

The simplicity doesn’t stop once the stream is over. 

Unlike recorded videos that often demand hours of editing, people expect the live stream format to be raw and unfiltered. Your stream replay can go straight to your content catalog, where it will contribute to your library and provide value for those who missed the stream—or even members who join months later.

“When we look at our analytics, I mean, the numbers are really high on the live streams, so people are really enjoying them. They’re engaging. Our instructors enjoy doing it too, which is really good.”Tyler Muto, founder of the dog training membership Consider the Dog

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