Niche video streaming service gets a boost after moving to Uscreen

Learn how the STAGE network closed a painful and frustrating chapter by migrated their streaming service to Uscreen

Theater and performing arts

New York City, NY

Global theater aficionados

The STAGE Network is a streaming service dedicated to all things theater based in New York City. Their VOD service was initially hosted with a well-known VOD and OTT service provider. When their original vendor repeatedly failed to deliver on their agreement, STAGE made the decision to migrate their service to Uscreen.

“Moving our VOD service to Uscreen was the best business decision we could’ve made. After the painful experience with our original vendor, Uscreen came as a breath of fresh air. Simple as that.“

Bobby Traversa

Co-Founder, Chief Content Officer

@The Stage Network

The challenge

The STAGE Network was formed by a group of individuals with a shared passion. Early on, the STAGE team was pointed towards VHX, a well-known SVOD / OTT platform that was eventually acquired by an industry giant. After signing a contract, their experience quickly turned sour.

The strategy

Deciding to move to Uscreen was simple and the setup process was a breeze. It took about a month and a half for Uscreen to create and publish STAGE’s streaming apps, and the bulk upload feature made it simple to migrate content. However, their old provider wasn’t about to let them go so easily.

The results

Since moving to Uscreen, STAGE saw immediate improvements: direct payments to their Stripe account, a fully transparent billing process and client information. Uscreen’s robust marketing and sales tools and their new stunning apps all come under a fixed monthly fee.

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Uscreen offered features that STAGE always knew they needed but didn’t have with their old provider, including the option to offer free content to visitors, advanced marketing tools and direct control of their billing process. The fact that there are no long-term contracts was a huge plus, considering their recent experience. To top it all off, everyone they talked to at Uscreen was extremely prompt and helpful.

Now that they have a beautiful and easy-to-use streaming service that allows them to distribute their content to any device, STAGE is looking to the future of the network. What’s next? The team is excited to add more original content, as well as branch out into other performance arts and mediums.