Is the Future of Fitness Online?

A report on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the industry and the future of fitness.

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State Of Fitness Industry

The pandemic has shaken up the entire world. As marketers and business owners everywhere struggle to understand the long-term impact of COVID-19 on the health and fitness industry, survey results are not encouraging.

A recent survey shows that in the US, over 46% of people feel very uncomfortable going back to the gyms and studios post-COVID.

Less than 10% of these surveyed individuals reported feeling confident about going back to their regular workout routines at gyms and studios.

At the same time, stats show that people use more online exercise videos than ever before. People are no longer just coping with the current situation. They are adjusting to a new reality by developing new habits and routines.

Feel very uncomfortable to go back to gyms and studios.

Are confident they’ll go back.

Jackie Alexander Cofounder at Humming Puppy

“COVID-19 was devastating. We had to shut all three of our studios, which led to some really difficult conversations with our staff. It’s hard to see everything you’ve worked so hard on being pushed to its limits.”

Jackie Alexander
Co-Founder @HummingPuppy

The reality

People Are Hungry for at-home exercises

Even early into the pandemic, it was apparent that people are looking for ways to keep their workout routine at home. In March alone, “home workout” related search terms on Google increase 6 times, and over 14 million fitness apps were downloaded globally. These numbers still continue to increase.

Uscreen data shows that health and fitness businesses and individual instructors that had a presence online previous to COVID-19, saw an increase in their streaming service monthly recurring revenue (MRR) by 30% average growth every month.

On the other hand, brick and mortar businesses that took their classes and workouts online with Uscreen, with no previous online presence, earned an average of $50k in their first month. And this growth isn’t slowing down: Uscreen customers cumulatively added 300k new users in just May, 2020. And Uscreen customers are not the only one experiencing this growth.



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Added to Uscreen



MOM Growth

The majority of fitness studios plan to continue offering virtual fitness classes after they re-open their studios and many of these studios plan to offer hybrid memberships that include virtual and in-person classes.

Now more than ever, studios have adapted online training into their packages. This opens up massive potential because you can cast a significantly wider net to attract a target audience to train online and never set foot in your physical, brick and mortar space.

Video streaming is not always about acquiring new customers. Oftentimes, and especially in the case of gyms and studios, video streaming proves to be an amazing retention tool.

COVID-19 isn’t going away anytime soon.

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