You bring the content, we do everything else.

Content Management

Upload Any Content

Upload Videos, Documents, PDFs, Text, Images, Presentations, Webinars, Live Streaming and
much more.

Multiple Upload Methods

Upload using a bulk web uploader, or connect using FTP, Dropbox, or even Google Drive. You can also connect to Vimeo, Wistia and YouTube for bulk uploads.

Bulk Uploading

No need to upload each file individually, bulk upload using a built-in bulk uploader to quickly transfer your files to our servers.

File Downloads

You can easily set up any file - from videos to documents - to be downloadable through the backend interface.

Secure Streaming / No Buffering

Uscreen uses a global CDN called Akamai, allowing us to stream to any location in the world. We guarantee no buffering.

Live Streaming & Webinars

Easily implement a live streaming player within Uscreen, then sell your live streams as VOD. You can also implement webinars within Uscreen easily.

Learning Tools

Chapters Menu

Organize your content with a chapters menu. Chapters can include videos, audio, documents, and any other type of content. The Menu Builder is a useful tool that almost all of our customers take advantage of.

Set up a Course Track

Using the Menu Builder, you can create a course track to enable your users to follow a specific workflow of content while viewing your courses.

Progress Tracking

Easily track your users progress every step of the way - you'll know if they watched a video till its end or where they stopped. View specific demographics of each user and analyze their behavior.

Content Scheduling

Schedule content to be released at a specific time. Use this feature isto drip content to users over time.

Quizzes & Tests

Add a quiz to make sure your viewers digested the material you're offering. You can implement a multiple choice quiz at any point of the user's viewing experience.

Build a Community

Build a community where your viewers can come to collaborate, post comments and have an experience which brings them back for more.

Teacher & Author Profiles

Set up a an author profile for each one of your authors. You can add photos, descriptions and related content for each author.

Sales & Marketing

Create Powerful Offers

Create powerful offers using our one of a kind offers engine. You can offer free content, subscriptions, rentals, one-time and even package bundles.

Sell Subscriptions

80% of Uscreen customers sell video subscriptions and they do very well. The sky is the limit as to what you can do with subscriptions. We give you a lot of flexibility.

Sell Rentals & One-Time Sales

Sell your content as a rental/pay-per-view, or one-time sale. You have the option to mix and match different offer types.

Coupons & Promotions

Set up coupons and promotions for various offers. Customize them however you'd like - with trial periods, expiration dates, and much more.

Upsell Products

The upsell feature is a great way to get users to upgrade to other offerings you have available. We have upsell features that have high conversion rates to help increase your revenues.

Generate Leads

No other VOD platform gives you the ability to generate leads using various funnels and integrations with marketing tools that will bring leads to your video site and convert them into customers.

Robust Marketing Integrations

We integrate with powerful tools that enable you to build powerful funnels and drive leads to your sales pages.

Built-in Affiliate Tools

Build your affiliate network using the built-in Uscreen affiliate manager. Track leads from specific sources and set up payouts.

Set up Marketing Funnels

The Uscreen platform integrates with various marketing engines to help you build a sales funnel to bring in more purchases & members.

Set up Email Automations

The built-in email system will automatically send email automations to your users for various actions.

Social Media Integrations

Connect with the biggest social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Disqus, in order to promote social sharing and traffic.

Design & Customization

Point & Click Themes

Out of the box, our themes work perfectly on all devices, including mobile. That's because they are designed specifically for video driven websites.

Fully Customizable

Uscreen is the only VOD platform that is 100% white label. Our brand will not appear anywhere on your website or footer. It's your brand and colors through and through.

Built-in Blog

Use our built-in blog to manage posts, generate collaboration and post your latest and greatest blog posts right on your website.

Custom Domains

Set up custom white label domains for your own domain and URL easily in the backend.

Web & Mobile Friendly

The complete platform works on all devices including web and mobile for all devices. Our bug-free themes are fully responsive.

Advanced CSS/HTML Editing

If you're looking to get under the hood and customize even further, you can modify all aspects of the platform using your own HTML and CSS.

Build Landing Pages

Build high-converting landing pages using our landing page builder to drive and generate leads for your sales pages.

Product Catalog

Built in to all themes is a product catalog which you can use to organize and monetize your content.

Input Disclaimers

Input terms and conditions on appropriate pages, including checkout pages, and even add an optional agree to terms checkbox on your checkout page.

End User Experience

User Profiles & Avatars

Build a community with your users by enabling them to upload avatars, bios and manage their own profile.

Rich User Environment

We have beautiful themes that are years in the making. Your users will be able to easily navigate your website and have a great experience.

View on All Devices

Allow your users to view your content on all devices, including web, mobile and even smart TVs.

Easy Navigation

Based on lots of A/B testing, the complete user experience within the platform will be delighful for your end users.

Favorites & Watch Later

Enable your users to have a favorites or watch later list to save certain videos. This is an option you can enable and disable easily in the backend.

Multi-Language Support

Allow your website to be viewed in various languages, welcoming users worldwide.

Custom User Emails

Set up email templates that are automatically sent out when a user signs up, cancels, or renews.

Create Action Items

An action item is an optional feature which you can enable or disable, allowing a user to set up action items while viewing your content for a specific task or a note.

Set up Discussions

Connect with various social networks and enable commenting on your videos a la YouTube.

Reporting & Analytics

Comprehensive Dashboard

A beautiful dashboard designed to give you a quick re-cap on what your viewers are watching and how many sales were made during a specific period of time.

Own & Export Your Data

It's your data and your content. You own it and you can export it at anytime.

Financial Reports

Our reporting features give you the ability to sort your sales and offers and view exactly how they are performing with various filters.

Video Analytics & Heatmaps

See exactly how your viewers are watching your content. Video analytics give you a detailed look at how your videos are performing.

Engagement Tracking

Track if your users are engaged. We track every second of video watched, so we can give you exact insights as to whether your users are engaged or not.

3rd Party Analytics Integrations

Connect to over 300 apps with Uscreen, including reporting, marketing, payments, and much more.

Sales Tracking Pixel Support

Input a tracking pixel on checkout and landing pages in order to track specific sales and conversions.

Checkout & Payments

Instant Access to your Funds

Keep 100% of your revenue, as we charge no revenue shares, and get instant access to your money and instant payouts.

Accept All Payment Types

Accept PayPal and all credit card types, as well as Bitcoin and other currencies.

Built-in Payment System

An all in one system, Uscreen includes a full billing and payment system which only requires you to connect your payment system to Uscreen. We will do the rest.

Customizable Order Form

We are the only platform that allows you to fully customize your checkout pages with your own text, color, look and feel.

Custom Checkout Fields

Set up custom fields to collect additional information from your users. For example, an address, church name, or who referred them.

SSL Secured Checkout

A free SSL is included with your package, so your customers get your own branded, SSL-secured checkout pages.

Accept International Payments

Set up your store to collect international payments and currencies from all around the world.

Branded Native Apps

Your Brand on Native Apps

Get your brand, colors, look and feel on your native branded apps, launched, maintained and updated by us on the app stores.

We Launch

We launch and maintain your apps. All you need to do is order the apps with us.

We Customize & Maintain Your Apps

We fully customize and maintain the apps for you in your own developer account on the app store.

Support for iOS

Get your app on the Apple Store. We support apps for iPhone and iPad.

Android, Apple TV

We fully launch and support apps on the Android Google Play Store for you as well as AppleTV.


Set up your channel on Roku and get your own branded network there, built and branded just for your channel.

Amazon Fire Stick

We are now launching Amazon Fire Stick so you can have your own channel on Amazon Fire TV, enabling your users to view your content on this platform.

Chromecast & SmartTVs

We can publish your app on various SmartTVs as well as Chromecast. Our Android app has the ability to broadcast to Chromecast by default.

Security & Support

Secure Streaming

Streaming is secured using HLS protocols so no one can steal, download your stream or share it.

Cloud Hosting & Backups

Rest assured your data is in good hands. We backup all your content every hour.

Secured Checkout

We offer an SSL free for each account so your customers experience a secured checkout branded for you on your payment and sign in pages.

100% Uptime Guarantee

We guarantee a 100% uptime with our platform and have maintained this since 2012.

Secured Payment Data

Your payment details are kept secure by PCI compliant payment providers.

Great 24/7 Support

Ask our customers, we provide 24/7 customer support with very fast response times, and we stand by our support guarantee.

Robust Knowledge-base & Training

Ranging from videos to help articles and FAQs, our knowledge base is full of content and help guides so you can get set up quickly and easily.


Easy User Management

The backend will give you full access to your users, activity and full management rights, so you can reset passwords, provide refunds, and much more.

Bulk User Import

Have a large list of users to import? No worries, we can easily help import a mass number of users to your account.

Multi-Admin Support

Set up admins and limit or control what part of the platform they have access to.

Embeddable Player

Want to embed the player on other websites? Simply copy the embed code and paste it on any other website for easy playback.

Live Streaming Support

We easily integrate with other live streaming vendors, so you can embed the live player into your programs and control access.

Code Editor

Get under the hood and customize the complete website and platform using HTML, CSS and Liquid templates.

SEO Optimization

Our complete platform is 100% SEO-friendly. You can input your own URLs, tags, descriptions and much more, so all your pages will rank if you want them to.

Advanced Integrations

We integrate with over 300 apps. We can connect to email and marketing tools, content management systems, analytics reporting, and much more.


We give you the proper API documentation in order for you to connect our system to yours.


Single Sign On gives you the ability to have one login for all aspects of the platform.


We have both WebHooks and Zapier integration available, allowing you to send and receive notifications to and from various systems.

Multi-Site Reseller Solution

Ready to take things to the next level? We provide a white label reseller solution, enabling you to have many channels and sites branded under you so your customers see you as the platform. Click here to learn more.

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